Gajim - 2016-07-06

  1. Link Mauve cippaciong, nice. :)
  2. Link Mauve cippaciong, although, you may want to use OrderedDict instead of dict, like it is for other emoticon sets.
  3. Link Mauve That way it will stay in order.
  4. Link Mauve noon, yes.
  5. cippaciong Link Mauve: yeah, it's pretty messy this way. I'll have a look at it
  6. noon is it then usefull to review/change the python 2 branch?
  7. Link Mauve cippaciong, do it that way:
  8. Link Mauve noon, there might be a 0.16.6 release before 1.0, I don’t know.
  9. cippaciong 👍
  10. Link Mauve Asterix doesn’t seem to have a lot of time, so the default branch still isn’t very usable. :/
  11. noon ok
  12. Link Mauve noon, but if you want to make things progress, definitely aim for default.
  13. noon Link Mauve, can you look in the python2 branch an check if there is a "--" in on line 231?
  14. Link Mauve noon, yes, I can see it.
  15. Link Mauve This function has been entirely removed in default it seems.
  16. noon yes, it is
  17. noon on the python 2 branch it is used in with the hint that this is a hack
  18. cippaciong Link Mauve, wow, with the OrderedDict it's great
  19. Link Mauve \o/
  20. cippaciong
  21. Link Mauve Awesome!
  22. cippaciong and there are also more emojis, some were missing before (I don't know why)
  23. cippaciong thanks!
  24. Link Mauve Maybe the window was too small?
  25. cippaciong do you think that they can be included in the plugin? (is it you maintaining it or someone else?)
  26. cippaciong I don't know, seems to be the same size as before
  27. Link Mauve Definitely, you should just send a patch to Asterix with it.
  28. cippaciong I think there was something wrong before, the emoji windows was enldess, i could scroll forever
  29. noon so. good night
  30. cippaciong I don't know how to send a patch, is there any reference online?
  31. Link Mauve lists the mailing list as the primary way to contribute.
  32. cippaciong 👍🏻
  33. Link Mauve Oh nice, that changes the color of the hand.
  34. cippaciong yes, many emoji come in different colors
  35. Link Mauve I knew about that feature, but this is the first time I see it in use.
  36. tmolitor link mauve, cippaciong: that was me, but it wasn't because I didn't bother to fix this but because I didn't have the time to fix the resizing I did the resized pack to "fix" the problem at least temporarily until I or someone else would have the time to do a proper resizing...
  37. tmolitor cippaciong: you can send the patch to me, I'll include it in the plugin if you want :)
  38. tmolitor cippaciong: just send me a private message :)
  39. sol Link Mauve: Just out of curiosity, do you use Gajim or poezio?
  40. SouL Both
  41. castro mathieui: where asterix
  42. mathieui not here
  43. castro mathieui: When he comes
  44. mathieui no idea
  45. castro mathieui: okay tnx dude
  46. noon hello
  47. noon I think I found an error in the python2 branch, file common/ on line 2724.
  48. noon There is following code: obj.correction_msg.setXHTML(xhtml) should this not be: obj.correction_msg.setXHTML(obj.xhtml)
  49. Link Mauve sol, poezio pretty much exclusively, Gajim only when I’m developing since it has multi-account support, a very nice disco dialog, multiple windows to keep an eye on the XML console for example, and many other niceties I don’t see coming to poezio anytime soon.
  50. lovetox does anyone have a clue how i can convert github commits into hg commits?
  51. spicewiesel hey all. After months of working fine Gajim just stopped to wo work with my pgp-agent. It's running but Gajim tells me it's not. What can I do now?
  52. lovetox did you update anything?
  53. Link Mauve Asterix: with, I can reproduce the wrong “adding” of the MUC to the roster on invite, making it subsequently impossible to join if I don’t first remove it from my roster.
  54. Asterix spicewiesel: #8355
  55. Asterix #8355
  56. Asterix ho, bot !
  57. Asterix #8355
  58. bot Asterix: (Does not recognize gpg-agent)
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  61. Asterix Link Mauve: ha, interesting. Could you explain how to repro?
  62. Link Mauve Asterix, then set your status to chat, and write something to the bot.
  63. Asterix what is this randomchat service?what is it supposed to do?
  64. Link Mauve It’s explained here:
  65. Link Mauve for those who don’t speak French. :)
  66. Link Mauve Asterix, there, do you see it in your roster now?
  67. Asterix yes
  68. Link Mauve And if you accept the join, it will fail because “this room doesn’t exist”.
  69. Link Mauve So there are two bugs in one. :)
  70. Asterix of course ...
  71. spicewiesel Asterix, thx
  72. Asterix Link Mauve: I think it's because of the FROM of the invite message. It shouldn't be the MUC jid but the contact JID
  73. Asterix a no, not in case of mdiated invitation ...
  74. Link Mauve Right.
  75. Link Mauve So that may be why a poezio invite also triggered that.
  76. Asterix ok so problem is with mediated invitation.But in this case, how can we show it in roster?
  77. Asterix maybe adding a groupchat entry (like bookmarks) instead of a contact entry
  78. Link Mauve Why would you want to show it in the roster?
  79. Link Mauve It’s just an invitation, you don’t want to keep it in the roster in any case.
  80. Asterix in case Gajim is configured to show notifications in roster
  81. Link Mauve If the user deny the invite they don’t want to hear about it again, if the user accepts it they want to come into the room.
  82. Asterix if we deny we remove the entry in the roster
  83. noon hello
  84. noon I finally got the exception in the gajim otr plugin
  85. noon sometimes, in the python2 branch, in the, function get_jid_from_fjid is the parameter fjid not a string oder unicode but a nbxmpp.protocol.JID instance
  86. noon the easiest fix seems to be to check if fjid is the instance of nbxmpp.protocol.JID and convert it to a string with str: if isinstance(fjid, nbxmpp.protocol.JID): fjid = str(fjid)
  87. noon on the otherhand would it also be posible to define the split function that the string has...
  88. lovetox yeah i get that error everyday
  89. lovetox make a patch and post it on the trac-plugin tracker
  90. lovetox hopefully asterix will pick it up :)
  91. noon elrond had an interessing idea: instead of the if isinstance: if not hasattr(fjig, "split"):
  92. tmolitor asterix: could you enable proper unicode support for the windows build of gajim?
  93. tmolitor asterix: here is how to do that:
  94. tmolitor without this, emojis will not work under windows...
  95. Link Mauve What tmolitor said is “please compile python2 with --enable-unicode=ucs4”.
  96. Link Mauve Oh, your link said that already. :)
  97. tmolitor yes :D I wanted to make clear what to do exactly, so I searched for a good description of it ;) :)
  98. Asterix hmm no I won't compile python myself
  99. tmolitor asterix: where did you get the python version for the windows package, then?
  100. tmolitor *where from
  101. Asterix
  102. Link Mauve Ugh, and they don’t compile it in UCS4 mode?!
  103. Link Mauve Wth, are they expecting that people will never use anything above the BMP?
  104. tmolitor Link Mauve, asterix: that's strange, indeed...
  105. tmolitor asterix: which version did you use?
  106. tmolitor asterix: 2.7.12 is the newest...
  107. Asterix it's 2.7.9
  108. Link Mauve tmolitor, could you check sys.maxunicode on 2.7.12 and 2.7.9?
  109. tmolitor Link Mauve, I'm already on it...but my windows vm is slow :/
  110. Link Mauve (Or maybe just look at the release notes, they would probably say that there.)
  111. tmolitor Link Mauve, I did not find anything there, maybe I overlooked something...
  112. Link Mauve Ok.
  113. tmolitor asterix: one other thing: would it be possible to make nightly builds of the default branch?
  114. tmolitor that would probably speed up developement on this branch...
  115. tmolitor (because more people using it are probably more people contributing to it)
  116. cippaciong tmolitor, I'll send you a patch for Noto, thanks. I just need to solve a minor issue before, I don't know why but numbers are displayed as emoji 😅
  117. tmolitor cippaciong, okay, thanks :)
  118. Marzanna If I send an image using http_upload with OMEMO turned on, why can't I see neither preview nor image itself?
  119. lovetox newest version?
  120. lovetox of http upload?
  121. lovetox because its encrypted now if omemo is turned on
  122. Marzanna version 0.4.0
  123. Marzanna So, how to decrypt images?
  124. lovetox most conftable way right now is using this java
  125. lovetox
  126. cippaciong Or (if you prefer python)
  127. lovetox and adding it as a browser in the gajim settings
  128. cippaciong They both work pretty well imho
  129. Marzanna Wow, thanks
  130. Marzanna But will it open regular URLs in default browser?
  131. lovetox it will open all urls in a browser
  132. lovetox just decrypt the encrypted ones before opening them
  133. tmolitor And the url_Image_preview plugin should bei able to decrypt and Show encrypted Images, too :)
  134. lovetox though not in a useable timeframe :)
  135. tmolitor My Laptop just froze while I was using my Windows vm :((
  136. Marzanna IMO it would be cool to show all images in a separate window with options to download, copy URL and open in browser.
  137. lovetox yeah marzanna im working on it
  138. lovetox but it will need some time :)
  139. Marzanna lovetox, whoa! cool
  140. lovetox the plan is to show a download/open button instead of the link
  141. lovetox and to allow for automatic download
  142. tmolitor Not exactly a separate window but nearly the Same Intention as you had behind our ui Design...
  143. Marzanna BTW, does anyone suffer from this ( bug?
  144. lovetox hm no
  145. lovetox but im on windows
  146. tmolitor Marzanna‎: yes, I have this too, but I didn't had the time to fix that though :(
  147. tmolitor and I don't have a clue why this happens to be honest :(
  148. Marzanna tmolitor, what distributive do you use?
  149. tmolitor Debian jessie
  150. tmolitor Marzanna, with Python 2.7.9
  151. Marzanna I wonder whether it happens on non-debian based distros.
  152. Marzanna tmolitor, Python 2.7.11+
  153. lovetox ubuntu is also debian based or not?
  154. Marzanna Ubuntu is debian based
  155. Marzanna I'm using Xubuntu
  156. tmolitor Marzanna, sometimes I get a small piece of the image in the upper part of the grey rectangle...
  157. Marzanna tmolitor, same for me
  158. tmolitor sometimes the complete image is if the load was aboirted in the middle of the picture (but I don't think that is the case and with the last version of the plugin I also increased the load timeouts)...
  159. tmolitor very strange bug...
  160. Marzanna tmolitor, I mentioned in the bug report that I loaded image stored locally. Probably it's not a bug in preview plugin.
  161. tmolitor Marzanna, oh I laptop is still booting up (400 firefox tabs take some time to load ;) )
  162. tmolitor Marzanna, maybe I know a workaround...
  163. tmolitor we could use pillow to decode the image and feed that to the pixbuf directly...
  164. tmolitor something I did in the default branch to allow for webp encoded images in avatars....
  165. Link Mauve Just checked, 651 tabs here… I should make them sign a treaty of non-proliferation really…
  166. tmolitor well, would be good for my tabs, too :D
  167. tmolitor but since a few month I started to organize them into different windows depending on the one window for gajim/prosody/xmpp and one for other developement things and so on...
  168. tmolitor that makes it a bit better...
  169. Link Mauve tmolitor, try Tree Style Tabs.
  170. Link Mauve It made it a lot less painful for me to organise per topic, and especially to close them all at once once I’m done with a particular tree.
  171. tmolitor Link Mauve, oh, that sounds like a good idea, too! :)