Gajim - 2016-07-05

  1. d44 hello guys, I'm curious.. what changes did you make to Gajim in the last nightly updates? Or where can I check them out?
  2. lovetox d44:
  3. noon hello
  4. noon is this channel only for gajim or also for nbxmpp?
  5. cippaciong Link Mauve, I was looking at Twemoji and was wondering if you have some ready-made script to convert image filenames in unicode sequences
  6. cippaciong I'd like to add Noto to the list of emoji sets
  7. Link Mauve I probably wrote a oneliner in some random language and then threw it away, sorry. :(
  8. Link Mauve But isn’t Noto a simple font?
  9. Link Mauve Yep, extra/noto-fonts-emoji in ArchLinux.
  10. cippaciong No, is a 475MB font if you take all the variants
  11. cippaciong :)
  12. cippaciong It's the default set of emoji in android
  13. cippaciong they have a repo on github with svg and png as well
  14. Link Mauve I’m not sure what the benefits would be over simply recommending the user to install the font package from their distribution.
  15. cippaciong Uhm, if I install the font then can I use them like I do with Twemoji?
  16. cippaciong I mean, with a handy graphical selector in Gajim
  17. Link Mauve Ah no, right.
  18. Link Mauve Then it’s indeed useful. :)
  19. cippaciong :)
  20. cippaciong should I use png or svg?
  21. Link Mauve I personally prefer SVG, that way it will render fine on any kind of resolution.
  22. Link Mauve But note that Gajim’s text widget doesn’t support resizing yet, so you may have to implement that depending on the default size it infers the SVG at.
  23. cippaciong Ok, I'll give it a try then. Today a made some test adding only emojis with "simple" filenames (4 or 5 bytes) and it worked pretty well, I'll just have to add the others now
  24. Link Mauve :)
  25. Link Mauve Actually I just had a look at the Twemoji repository, the filenames were already named correctly, so it was trivial to sed that into the Python dict Gajim expects.
  26. cippaciong Yeah, I saw that you had to create the resized version for Twemoji (I use that one actually)
  27. cippaciong Got it, thanks :)
  28. Link Mauve I didn’t do this one, it was someone else who was bothered by the default size of Gajim and didn’t want to put any time fixing the core issue.
  29. Link Mauve I don’t remember who it was. :/
  30. noon in the file on line 231 is a if statement with "-- " should this be a "=="?
  31. Link Mauve noon, I don’t see that in the default branch, it may have been fixed since your version.
  32. noon hmm. ok, i will update my branch
  33. noon are you using the default branch or the HEAD branch?
  34. Link Mauve HEAD isn’t a branch, AFAIK it’s a git concept.
  35. Link Mauve The default branch is the python3 one, gajim_0.16 the python2 one.
  36. cippaciong
  37. cippaciong Seems good
  38. noon then I'm on the gajim_0.16 branch
  39. noon that i understand this: the main development is on the default branch with python3?