Gajim - 2016-07-03

  1. try hi, is there a way to tell gajim to not try DNS SRV lookups? (I specified the hostname manually via in the connection tab)
  2. try in wireshark I see DNS SRV lookup attempts (that will never work, so I'd like to tell gajim about it)
  3. try these DNS request attempts are also a problem for Tor users expect gajim to not leak DNS requests after selecting the Tor SOCKS proxy in account Connection settings.
  4. try also: is it ok to ask such end-user question on the gajim-devel mailing list? (since there is no gajim-users list and I'm probably not long enough online to see replies here in the MUC (haven't been lucky with getting any so far)
  5. noon hello
  6. noon i'm trying to make a new event. is there any documentation how to make one?
  7. noon or is the code the docu?
  8. Elrond Does support + in mailaddresses? It really should.
  9. tmolitor does anyone have problems with emoji characters under windows?
  10. tmolitor ich only get rectangles with the unicode codepoint inside them instead of the emojis I want to send (twemoji resized) linux everything just works...but not with gajim 0.16.5 in windows :(
  11. tmolitor is there any special font I have to use to make it work?
  12. Link Mauve tmolitor, you have to have python2 compiled with support for wide Unicode chars, otherwise it’s limited to the BMP.
  13. Link Mauve And Asterix didn’t enable that in the Windows build.
  14. tmolitor oh...that's bad :(
  15. arune tmolitor: it didn't work for me in windows
  16. tmolitor is there any reason that asterix didn't enable it?
  17. tmolitor *that=why
  18. Link Mauve tmolitor, probably he didn’t know about it, and nobody complained.
  19. tmolitor okay, lets wait for asterix and complain then ;)
  20. tmolitor thanks fpr your help :)
  21. catern wow the gajim dbus interface is terrible :(
  22. catern the signals all carry an Array<Variant>... the worst type possible
  23. Elrond catern: Do you happen to know, whether one can subscribe to history thingies there?
  24. catern Elrond: what are "history thingies"?
  25. catern if you want to know, you can just check it out with d-feet
  26. Elrond catern: Like new entry being added to history (like this senttence).
  27. catern or: gdbus monitor --session --dest org.gajim.dbus
  28. Elrond Okay, will try.
  29. catern Elrond: well, it doesn't look like there are history events. but you do get events for new messages and sent messages
  30. Elrond Hmmm.
  31. catern (but the annoying thing is that the type of the events is barely specified so i just have to reverse engineer it or check the source...)
  32. Elrond The other important question then is: How stable is the dbus interface?
  33. catern yeah, no idea
  34. catern since the types are barely specified it's difficult to tell...
  35. Link Mauve Elrond, I think it’s not been changed since about forever.
  36. Elrond Link Mauve: Okay, that's already a hint.