Gajim - 2016-06-30

  1. catern hey guys, I would like to write a very simple (no curses, no terminal interface) command-line XMPP client
  2. catern to get the best support for XMPP XEPs, I think ideally I should use the gajim protocol implementation, since gajim is always really good at supporting the latest stuff
  3. catern and I think probably the best way to do that is to use the Gajim D-Bus interface
  4. catern so, do you think the gajim d-bus interface is capable enough to write a full chat client?
  5. catern since it can send messages and receive messages
  6. lovetox i cant really answer your question, but to write the 1000th xmpp client, seems not such a good idea
  7. lovetox why not work on an existing project?
  8. catern that is why I would use the Gajim protocol implementation instead of doing it myself :)
  9. catern also, is it possible to run Gajim headless? that is, without connecting to an X server?
  10. catern how hard would it be to add that capability if not already present?
  11. catern (since I'm only interested in running gajim through dbus)
  12. lovetox actually i think this i possible
  13. lovetox i dont own a linux system but there is a command line feature
  14. catern can you tell me more information? i haven't seen it
  15. lovetox if you go under help -> features
  16. lovetox there it stands
  17. lovetox but i dont know how to activate
  18. catern that's just the dbus client
  19. catern i would use the dbus interface directly
  20. Tobi in what file do i find Gajims Jingle file-transfer code?
  21. lovetox probably in
  22. Tobi the common folder
  23. qeep i have a good idia a projict
  24. lovetox catern: maybe wait for asterix to ask him these questions, he is usually online late
  25. qeep ppl in 2016 thay never know what is jabber
  26. catern okay, I'll be here whenever he comes on
  27. qeep and thay love uploud ther concts to tha chat client
  28. qeep I have a project
  29. qeep There are thousands of networks of xmpp
  30. qeep And still use the traditional method in the account register bla bla bla
  31. Tobi dozens
  32. qeep I am talking about the incubator network using one registration protocol
  33. qeep Example
  34. qeep 0968888888@jabber/ Web 0968245584@jajim/
  35. qeep 0968888888@jabber/ 0968245584@jajim/
  36. qeep eny one get tha idia؟
  37. catern (i do not get the idea)
  38. qeep catern: its like a big server 2 all chat servers that use old way
  39. qeep :-S
  40. arune qeep: so everybody should hand out their jid to a single server?
  41. qeep arune: i meen y have a jid (fhon nember) on y server and i have one on anather server
  42. qeep y servep4p exp may server is y have a jid like whats up nember id and me haw 2 make y id aoto uploud 2 may chat clint
  43. qeep :-S may english is bad
  44. qeep and on a big host makd y id show up on may clint
  45. qeep do y get that
  46. qeep exp
  47. qeep y have id nember on a server xmpp
  48. qeep and me have id nember on a xmpp server
  49. qeep tha gool is make y id show up on may clint like whats up