Gajim - 2016-06-28

  1. _-khaled-_ test
  2. _-khaled-_ #test
  3. _-khaled-_ تست
  4. ciblia When Gajim tells about invalid fingerprint, why it doesn't say "Certificate is valid: yes" instead of requiring me to open and understand the certificate details (which I don't understand) like Claws Mail does?
  5. lovetox Holger, i have trouble connecting with over ssl
  6. Holger lovetox: What happens?
  7. Holger lovetox: Though note that I'm not a admin, so you might want to ask in instead.
  8. Holger I just work as a consultant for them, occasionally ;-)
  9. lovetox i know, it complains about unsecure connection
  10. lovetox than it works for 2 minutes, then i get dropped from everything and offline again
  11. lovetox maybe they changed certificates because of
  12. lovetox
  13. Holger Oh heh, seems they're having trouble right now (I got another consultant job offer this very second).
  14. Holger lovetox: The issue should be solved by now.
  15. lovetox thanks for your consulting ^^
  16. lovetox i feared it was due to this MITM attacks :/
  17. Holger Nah, seems they attacked themselves with some tests :-)
  18. lovetox haha :D
  19. foo3 hi, whenever I try to address a contact via its JID, gajim sends it to JID/resource, only after removing that contact from my roaster and using Actions -> Start Chat.. gajim will send it to the JID (without /resource); I've enable_message_carbons activated (default)
  20. foo3 How do I send the message to a raw JID if the contact is in the roaster? (so all resources of that JID get my message)
  21. foo3 (I'm using 0.16.5)
  22. foo3 Is that possible in gajim?
  23. noon hello
  24. noon I have a question to the file src/common/
  25. noon in the function uris is the function fset defined
  26. noon with the parameters self and value
  27. noon but in the for two lines below the variable values is used
  28. noon is this intentional?
  29. noon or should be the parameter renamed to values?