Gajim - 2016-06-27

  1. tmolitor I put my recently announced http upload component on github:
  2. tmolitor in case anyone wants to try this out :)
  3. tmolitor it does handle files of arbitrary size without consuming much ram as the prosody httpupload module does...
  4. arune tmolitor: ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  5. arune tmolitor: and it's not python as the original HttpUploadComponent
  6. tmolitor No, it's php as this is already installed on Most Webservers :)
  7. arune tmolitor: xmpp != Web โ˜บ
  8. tmolitor Arune: I know, but the other upload component suggests to use a Website Server for serving files anyway (for security reasons if I remember correctly) ;)
  9. tmolitor And of course IT is always better to require a Standard Setup anyways :)
  10. tmolitor Instead of some weird things...and php on Apache is such a Standard Setup :)
  11. tmolitor Btw: I'm using my upload component on my private xmpp server for about 6 weeks now and IT works like a charm :)
  12. de-facto Anyone knows why i always get tens of tracebacks storming in on me when gajim deleted its ~/.cache/gajim for some obscure reason? this is VERY annoying
  13. de-facto ping
  14. de-facto hmm and why it takes minutes to post in this muc?
  15. de-facto can i completely disable the cache somehow?
  16. lovetox de-facto
  17. lovetox you could try to start gajim in portable mode
  18. lovetox maybe the cache is in the app dir then
  19. lovetox i only know how to do it in windows, but maybe its the same for linux
  20. lovetox gajim.exe -p portable -c ..\DataDir
  21. de-facto thanks i will try that. weird thing is that the cache dir does exist and gets deleted by gajim while its running
  22. de-facto then all those tracebacks storm in on me
  23. vorner Is it gajim that deletes it, or possibly some โ€žDisk cleanup utilityโ€œ something?
  24. de-facto i have bleachbit, but i havent configured it to delete gajim
  25. de-facto i will have to investigate that, good idea
  26. vorner I think that one deleted gajim's cache for me too, without me being aware of it.
  27. de-facto ooh shoot me, it seems it wants to touch that dir indeed
  28. de-facto vorner, thank you very much, havent thought of that automatically deleting gajim cache
  29. vorner You're welcome. It was just a guess, though ;-)
  30. de-facto havent thought of that but it seems "Cache" checkbox nukes them all
  31. de-facto still would be nice if gajim could heal itself from such a scenario simply by recreating those directories instead of displaying tracebacks
  32. de-facto ;)
  33. vorner I think it'll recover, after a while. But deleting it while it is running might be considered rude.
  34. lovetox if i would choose a problem to fix in gajim, i would not tfix the one where the user arbitrarely deletes files :D
  35. de-facto of course its rude of bleachbit to delete those when gajim is still running, and yes it recovers once killed and restarted, but since it seems cache files are considered to be deleted without bad side effects it would be nice if gajim could recover from it even when still alive :)
  36. de-facto i mean bleachbit nuked the whole cache and no other progam running showed any hickups from it except gajim
  37. vorner Maybe gajim was just using the files.
  38. NihilUnum Hi
  39. NihilUnum I hope someone can help me. Is it possible to use gajim with gnupg portable? I tried to run gajim with "gajim.exe -p portable -c ..\DataDir" this works excellent. But i cant choose my keys without install gnupg. Is there some possibility to set a path to gpg.exe and my keys?
  40. mpt74
  41. JKing snorts.
  42. spicewiesel hi all. My Gajim 0.16.5-8f80f0e56f0d stopped working with PGP. It was fine for years but for some days now I get an error while connecting that my gpg agent is missing or my passphrase is wrong. But the agent is running and works with thunderbird and other tools. If I disable agent support in Gajim the passphrase is not accepted by Gajim, too. Any ideas?