Gajim - 2016-06-26

  1. Roi Hello everybody... Are there known problem with message carbons? I'm just trying out Gajim (together with Conversations) and I noticed that sometimes Gajim does not get the messages I send and receive via Conversations. I tried a lot of things, also put all clients to priority 0. Nothing helped. Any idea?
  2. sol Roi: Is OMEMO on in Conversations?
  3. Roi sol, how can I turn OMEMO in Conversations off? The single chats themselves are either unencrypted or OpenPGP.
  4. sol Roi: I don't know about OpenPGP but if it is OMEMO-encrypted and the other client doesn't support it then carbons ignores the message.
  5. sol (As it rightly should, imho)
  6. sol OMEMO is only on if you enable it, or have the OMEMO-if-possible setting on.
  7. Flow sol: "carbons ignores the message"?
  8. Flow how a xep280 message carbons affected by the ability of the receiver to support OMEMO
  9. sol The client ignores the message, I guess, would be the correct way of putting it.
  10. Flow yes that makes sense
  11. sol I don't receive OMEMO messages in poezio.
  12. Flow I was just irritated that you mentioned carbons
  13. sol Despite poezio supporting carbons.
  14. sol Sorry, my error.
  15. Roi sol, Flow, then, OMEMO is not turned on. I tested it once, but for these chats where I tested message carbons with Gajim and Conversations it is/was not turned on. Only unencrypted and OpenPGP.
  16. lovetox Roi: did you turn on message carbons in gajim
  17. lovetox its in advanced config editor
  18. lovetox aslo whats you devices?
  19. lovetox conversations, gajim and?
  20. lovetox conversations will automatically switch to omemo, if one device supports omemo, even when there is another one that doesnt
  21. lovetox say you have to conversations devices and one gajim
  22. lovetox at least it will when you add the contact
  23. lovetox if you turn omemo off manual after that it will not switch back
  24. Roi lovetox, Yes, it is turned on by default and I also checked it in the advanced config editor. Also, it works, but not always. Pretty strange.
  25. Roi The devices are Gajim and Conversations.
  26. lovetox so 3 devices?
  27. Roi Two Conversations and one Gajim. The other people use Gajim and/or Pidgin.
  28. Roi If OMEMO would turn on I would see it. Did not happen.
  29. lovetox find out if it only happens if you receive messages
  30. lovetox or if it happens also if you send
  31. Roi No both.
  32. lovetox reproduceable?
  33. Roi I had the situation that I chatted in Conversations and nothing made it through to Gajim.
  34. Roi No sometimes. That is the reason why I have no idea. First I thought maybe the OTR plugin is the reason. I turned it off and restarted Gajim. The messages came through again. But then later the same problem again.
  35. Roi I altered the priority in Gajim to 0 as well, another test. Unsuccessful as well.
  36. lovetox that has nothing to do with it
  37. lovetox you know message carbons only work if all devices are online at the same time?
  38. lovetox clients that are offline dont receive carbons even after they come online
  39. Roi Yes I know that and also I know that the priority is not a issue/reason here. I just wanted to test.
  40. Roi Hm so if a clients gets online it does not receive message carbons? Until when? I don't understand...
  41. lovetox only clients that are online when the message is sent, receive carbons
  42. lovetox what you want is MAM
  43. lovetox Message Archive
  44. Roi Ok sure. If the client is online, it receives the message. Understood.
  45. lovetox you have to have support from your server for that
  46. lovetox whats your jabber server?
  47. Roi So if a client comes online during a conversation I am having from another client with a chat partner, it receives everything of this conversion after it comes online?
  48. Roi If yes, something does not work as it should, here. Or at least not always.
  49. lovetox only if you have MAM support
  50. lovetox carbons is not for syncing messages
  51. lovetox that are sent when you were offline
  52. Roi - which I run as admin. ;-)
  53. Roi Yes I understood.
  54. lovetox so which jabber server software do you use?
  55. Roi But after the second client comes online it should receive all messages that are sent after it got online?
  56. Roi Prosody 0.9. No MAM support. But Message Carbons.
  57. lovetox yes as soon as a third device comes online
  58. lovetox it will receive all messages that are sent from that point on
  59. lovetox but not the ones sent when it was offline
  60. lovetox to get the ones when you were offline
  61. lovetox you need MAM
  62. lovetox so get the MAM module and i think you will be happy :)
  63. Roi It would be nice, but no, not for this problem.
  64. Roi So again: The third client (Gajim) comes online and does not receive messages sent from this point on. Or Gajim suddenly stops receiving messages.
  65. Roi That is the problem I am having from time to time.
  66. lovetox is the gajim client on a laptop?
  67. lovetox maybe with a mobile internet connection?
  68. Roi No desktop.
  69. Roi Always online.
  70. Roi The fun thing is that I can send a message via Gajim. It appears in Conversations, the chat partner also receives it.
  71. Roi He answers, and the answer then only is visible in Conversations.
  72. lovetox maybe because he writes encrypted
  73. lovetox only cause you write unencrypted
  74. lovetox doesnt mean he does this also
  75. Roi Sure but why should message carbons then stop working?
  76. Roi Encryption in my case means OpenPGP only, btw.
  77. lovetox it doesnt, but a encrypted stanza is invalid to gajim
  78. lovetox it drops it
  79. lovetox you will not get a message
  80. Roi Message Carbons does not work with OpenPGP?
  81. lovetox yes, but we talked about unencrypted messages
  82. lovetox you can mix everything up when you search for a problem
  83. lovetox cant
  84. lovetox when you dont get a pgp encrypted message
  85. lovetox this could again have a million reason
  86. Roi No we talked about unencrypted and encrypted (with OpenPGP) messages. ;-)
  87. lovetox you have to narrow it down
  88. lovetox or else you will not find the problem
  89. Roi So to be sure everything works both partner have to write unencrypted for all the time. Or always encrypted.
  90. Roi ?
  91. Roi Yeah sure!
  92. lovetox nooo
  93. lovetox you say message carbons is not working
  94. lovetox so to test this
  95. Roi Sometimes. ;-)
  96. lovetox you do the simplest case
  97. Roi I will.
  98. lovetox everybody writes unencrypted
  99. Roi I will. Unencrypted for a start, then OpenPGP encrypted.
  100. lovetox every device is online at the same time
  101. lovetox yes
  102. lovetox so then we can narrow it down, it could also be a problem with openpgp..
  103. Roi I will be back here.
  104. lovetox =)
  105. Roi My first intention was to know if there might be a known issue.
  106. Roi It seems that this is not the case.
  107. lovetox no there are no issues
  108. Roi Allright
  109. sol Roi: No client knows to "ignore" OTR. So they show gibberish if carbons is set and multiple devices are used.
  110. sol Roi: Carbons should theoretically work with OpenPGP/OMEMO if all clients support OpenPGP/OMEMO (that is, the situation with those two is different from OTR, which doesn't have multi-device capabilities). But test carbons without encryption first.
  111. de-facto where can i disable those annoying tracebacks in gajim?
  112. lovetox i dont think you can disable a traceback
  113. lovetox what is the problem?