Gajim - 2016-06-23

  1. helmut hi. I was looking into doing xmpp/jingle calls with gajim on Debian. Unfortunately, the current gajim release 0.16.5 does not work on Debian, because it requires farstream 0.1 and gstreamer 0.10, both of which were removed from Debian. In mercurial, gajim is already ported to farstream 0.2 (by accessing it via gir). Is there any chance to slice a release to make xmpp/jingle work again?
  2. Link Mauve helmut, the default branch of Gajim isn’t in a very usable state yet, particularly Gstreamer interactions don’t work so you can’t use Jingle for voice/video. :/
  3. Link Mauve And a ton of usability issues, due to the move to Gtk3/Python3.
  4. helmut ok. :-/
  5. helmut I fear I'm not gonne be able to help here as my past experience with gir involved a lot of cursing
  6. Link Mauve I don’t think gir is the problem, most of the libraries are working just fine.
  7. Link Mauve It’s mostly a lot of testing and fixing all of the small details.
  8. helmut maybe you can make a rc1 release then? that usually prompts testing
  9. Link Mauve helmut, I’m not part of the development team, it’s just Asterix mostly and he doesn’t have much (if any) time for it currently. :/
  10. helmut yeah, the release pace seems to have gone done