Gajim - 2016-06-19

  1. krt Is there a way to scroll in a muc using pgup/pgdown?
  2. RH Wc master
  3. RH Have a seat plz.
  4. Asterix krt: ctrl+PageUp/Down
  5. krt Asterix: that does scroll through different muc and message windows oO
  6. Asterix that scrolls in the tab that have focus
  7. mister isn't that shift+pgup/pgdown ? (that works for me)
  8. krt shift works, thanks mister
  9. tmolitor Asterix: are you aware of opendnssec? IT does automatic dnssec signing/resigning and can even be extended via a simple bash script to upload a changed ds record to your registrar...
  10. tmolitor I'm using this with zero user interaction for 1 1/2 years now :)
  11. tmolitor I even migrated the keys to a New Server in between with almost zero downtime :)