Gajim - 2016-06-18

  1. de-facto Why do i always get such tracebacks? should I create all those directories myself?
  2. de-facto or maybe create that directory and deny gajim access to it? how can i prevent those?
  3. de-facto can i somehow configure gajim to not report any errors?
  4. de-facto i think it happens when gajim is open and my public ip changed in the background. then this directory is not present (~/.cache/gajim/....)
  5. ciblia Will there be Gajim snap?
  6. ciblia I had to rejoin to send that for some reason, otherwosew Conversations said "message delivery failed"
  7. matze Hi there! Did anybody noticed the downtime of yesterday?
  8. Asterix de-facto: do you have ~/.cache/gajim/vcard folder? is gajim@conf in it? is it a file or a folder?
  9. Asterix matze: it was not down, but DNSSEC was expired
  10. Asterix I resigned it
  11. Asterix downtime for 1-2 hours.