Gajim - 2016-06-17

  1. 007 Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 4162, in on_roster_treeview_row_activated File "src\", line 4155, in on_row_activated File "src\", line 2270, in on_open_chat_window File "src\", line 2211, in new_chat File "src\", line 1679, in __init__ File "src\", line 3040, in restore_conversation File "src\", line 934, in print_conversation_line File "src\", line 1295, in print_conversation_line File "src\", line 1400, in get_time_to_show ValueError: Invalid format string
  2. 007 Got an offline message, and Gajim start bugging, even I cant check now that message .
  3. pep. hi there
  4. pep. Is there anybody who can help me setup a video call between two machines, I'm getting a traceback on the windows side. I have Archlinux running gajim-hg from AUR (16061.d03d48f0083c) and Windows running 0.16.5 (via the installer)
  5. pep. And the error is
  6. pep. Maybe the two are not related I'm not sure
  7. Link Mauve pep., 404.
  8. pep. err,
  9. pep. Link Mauve, ^
  10. Link Mauve pep., I don’t think the Windows build supports video.
  11. pep. hmm
  12. pep. well it's better than nothing I guess, I already have audio
  13. Link Mauve I once tried to gather information about that from my multimedia colleagues, but my care level was already way too low for that OS.
  14. Link Mauve And they basically told me not to bother on 0.10.
  15. Link Mauve (Gstreamer 0.10.)
  16. Elrond I would like to create a plugin to change/augment history handling. Is that possible?
  17. kalkin Elrond: yes
  18. Elrond kalkin: Can you give me a little guidance?
  19. kalkin Have a look at omemo and otr Plugins. They both intercept specific kind of xmpp messages and inject them in the history
  20. Elrond I am more interested in the other side of things: I want to use my own history storage.
  21. Hiker Hi there - I have a question about GnuPG setup
  22. Elrond kalkin: It's okay for me to start by just getting all messages and storing them in away in my storage in addition to the default storage.
  23. kalkin Elrond: just read the gajim code
  24. Hiker Where does gajim search for the gpg.exe on Windows?
  25. Elrond kalkin: Okay, I'll try again. I got the impression, that there are no hooks for that. I'll come back, if I'm more sure on that.
  26. Link Mauve Elrond, which storage are you targetting btw?
  27. Link Mauve Hiker, probably in the PATH.
  28. Elrond Link Mauve: For starters: Plain files. I like that for "grep" and for much easier syncing between boxes.
  29. Link Mauve \o/
  30. Hiker In the setup I can choose the key. But later when I have to give the keyphrase gaijm crashes
  31. Elrond Link Mauve: yeah?
  32. Link Mauve Elrond, nothing, I like it.
  33. Hiker Other question: Which gpg version for gpg is needed? V1 or V2? Or does it run with V2?
  34. Elrond Link Mauve: I considered to do a cron job to export from the DB, but due to #7368 the local account is missing. And I am one of those guys having some contacts on different accounts. So it's better for me to hook directly into the history creation.
  35. Hiker See you later
  36. Hiker Does Gajim run with GnuPG v2?
  37. Hiker Did someone thest Gajim with new GnuPG version 2.1.13 ?
  38. Hiker /test