Gajim - 2016-06-16

  1. de-facto hmm got quite some errors popping up about ~/.cache/gajim/{vcards,avatars}/<whatever> not existing.
  2. de-facto so i created those, arent they supposed to be created by gajim itself?
  3. de-facto which other directories should i create in ~/.cache/gajim ?
  4. Link Mauve Are you sure those are errors?
  5. Link Mauve Given the path, I’d say it’s just a cache miss and it will put stuff there by itself.
  6. de-facto well those are popups with python tracebacks about them not existing
  7. Link Mauve Oh. ^^'
  8. Link Mauve That one is definitely a bug then. :)
  9. de-facto those gnome messages with a python traceback in it
  10. Link Mauve I’ve never encountered an error with caching, you should report a proper bug report.
  11. Link Mauve I’m going to sleep, it’s already 6am here…
  12. de-facto yup here too :P
  13. de-facto gn8
  14. RH WOW
  15. lovetox why does gajim hang itself if any import on windows fails
  16. lovetox or better, doesnt even start
  17. lovetox how can i debug this
  18. RH Lovetox@Ctrl+Alt+Del = kill Gajim and Start again *I know this way to debug when Gajim hang*.
  19. RH _It works fine for me_ taskmanager
  20. RH Wc Asterix. I was waiting for you.
  21. Asterix Hi
  22. RH Gajim sumper menu and advanced menu is not working on ubuntu16.10 ,
  23. RH Super*
  24. Asterix yes ... Report to ubuntu ... They invented some strange things ...
  25. RH Ow
  26. RH Are the gonna fix it ever ? Coz i Had This problem with ubuntu12Lts too
  27. RH Well one more thing
  28. RH I am using 2timer, paraller time interval. But i want to start my 2nd timer with 1second delay than 1st timer.
  29. Asterix has it been reported there? If no, they can't fix it
  30. Asterix timer?
  31. RH I didn't reportd it yet, sir. Thought its gajims own bug.
  32. Asterix no, Gajim never put menus on top of screen
  33. RH Yep. Timer. Like a timer to send automessage and change room subject
  34. Asterix how is it related to Gajim?
  35. RH I am working on an app, so need to fix my timer
  36. RH Like i have two difrnt msg. And running a loop. So 2nd timer start after 1st timer with 1second delay.
  37. RH And my msgs would be seprate
  38. RH Hmm
  39. Link Mauve Asterix, on default I don’t get the DESC element of a vcard-temp to display anywhere, should it be in the About tab in the vCard viewer?
  40. Link Mauve I see every other field of that particular component.
  41. Asterix wow I don't remember that
  42. Link Mauve Also that dialog has quite a few alignment issues, the first four tabs have their text displayed higher than the Comments one, and basically every label seems to be displayed higher than they should.
  43. Asterix Link Mauve: yes it's in the about tab
  44. Link Mauve Oh, might be related to my other issue: /usr/share/gajim/src/ DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Button.set_alignment is deprecated widget.set_alignment(0, 0)
  45. Asterix Link Mauve: GTK3?
  46. Link Mauve Yes.
  47. Asterix yes indeed I see that
  48. Link Mauve I don’t see any error about the DESC element in the log, trying again in verbose.
  49. Asterix Link Mauve: you're right ...
  50. Asterix DESC is not printed
  51. Link Mauve I wonder if it’s a regression or if it was that way since forever and just nobody noticed. ^^
  52. Link Mauve No, I do remember reading a vCard’s description, long ago.
  53. Asterix it's working in 0.16 branch
  54. Link Mauve Ah.
  55. Link Mauve Oh btw, another issue I noticed is that every shortcut became a printed underscore in the discovery dialog.
  56. Link Mauve And you can’t press enter to click “go”.
  57. Asterix ok
  58. Asterix Link Mauve: DESC fixed
  59. Link Mauve Great, thanks. :)
  60. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16062:245eea8097ec]: fix about tab in vcard fix about tab in vcard
  61. Link Mauve Asterix, not entirely fixed, the last two characters of the DESC didn’t make it.
  62. Asterix ha, it works in my test
  63. Asterix unicode chars?
  64. Link Mauve Try with (you currently need a JID on or, thanks broken DNS…).
  65. Link Mauve Right, two of them exactly. :p
  66. Asterix few !!! len(the_string) is not enough ! Thanks you gobject!!
  67. Link Mauve glib only works in UTF-8 AFAIK.
  68. Link Mauve The popup when someone connects and you don’t have a libnotify daemon running is super annoying, it pops anywhere on the screen and steals the focus.
  69. Asterix Link Mauve: re-fixed
  70. Link Mauve \o/
  71. Asterix probably because you don't use X
  72. Link Mauve Sure, but it’s still annoying.
  73. Link Mauve Actually, can I disable notifications altogether?
  74. Asterix pref window
  75. Asterix notifications
  76. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  77. Link Mauve “Assertion 'c' failed at pulse/introspect.c:2043, function pa_context_move_source_output_by_name(). Aborting.” while clicking on Preferences. <3
  78. Link Mauve I don’t have any pulseaudio daemon running.
  79. Link Mauve (Thankfully.)
  80. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16063:8f80f0e56f0d]: fix length of printed string in about tab of vcard window fix length of printed string in about tab of vcard window