Gajim - 2016-06-15

  1. RH .a.
  2. voctot hello there!
  3. Dr. Watson
  4. voctot I have a problem with the omemo plugin for gajim
  5. voctot it doesn't show up after installing
  6. voctot I've already installed axolotl
  7. voctot what's wrong?
  8. voctot does anybody have faced this issue before and successfully solved it?
  9. ciblia which OS?
  10. markus.kaindl Hi, I found the bug 7364 about XEP-0313 (MAM).. in the end there was some short discussion about presenting messages from the archive as new or putting them in the history silently.. was there some more discussion about that in here or elswhere? I'd like to read through already discussed points before starting a new discussion about it ;)
  11. 007 .a.
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