Gajim - 2016-06-14

  1. RH Wb
  2. Nothing4You hey there
  3. Nothing4You i'm trying to get spectrum2 running using it as irc gateway connected to my prosody
  4. Nothing4You i can't seem to find out how to configure it though
  5. Nothing4You it doesn't show up in discover services
  6. Nothing4You when I put in the correct address in the box it tells me The service is not browsable: This type of service does not contain any items to browse.
  7. Dr. Watson I haven't used gateways but it sounds like your server doesn't know how to irc yet
  8. Nothing4You also, another problem i ran into is that i accidently hit some key combo in one gajim chat window and i entered compact mode, what's the shortcut to disable that?
  9. Nothing4You i see, it might be related to the kind of setup i'm trying to build
  10. Nothing4You i'm trying to use gajim -> prosody -> spectrum (irc transport) -> znc (irc bouncer) -> irc server
  11. Nothing4You i should probably try it against a normal irc server first
  12. Link Mauve Nothing4You, I don’t know about Spectrum, but biboumi can’t handle znc due to some difference between IRC and XMPP.
  13. Link Mauve Mostly because you can’t have a force join in MUC, only invites the user could ignore or deny.
  14. Nothing4You good to know
  15. Nothing4You i looked at biboumi first but it doesn't quite work for me
  16. Link Mauve So I doubt it will work in Spectrum either.
  17. Nothing4You lacks support for private messages
  18. Link Mauve znc is intrinsically incompatible with the concept of an XMPP gateway.
  19. Link Mauve Huh, no, it does support them just fine.
  20. Nothing4You docs say otherwise
  21. Nothing4You hm
  22. Nothing4You weird
  23. Link Mauve says it’s totally supported.
  24. Nothing4You pretty sure i saw that earlier
  25. Nothing4You weird
  26. Link Mauve At least that’s been working here for the past few years. :)
  27. Nothing4You probably mixing it up with another one then
  28. Nothing4You looked at a few gateways today
  29. Nothing4You the main reason i want to use it through znc is that i want to reuse an existing irc connection
  30. Nothing4You so i can use a single nick for all conversations
  31. Nothing4You it's just 2 channels and occasional private messages, which would nicely integrate into conversations on android
  32. Nothing4You if you have any alternative ideas please let me know
  33. Link Mauve biboumi supports multi-session nicks, fyi.
  34. Link Mauve
  35. Nothing4You can it also serve as a bouncer?
  36. Link Mauve That’s very recent, and still experimental, but it’s AFAIK the only IRC gateway to support that feature.
  37. Link Mauve It doesn’t do MAM yet, no.
  38. Nothing4You mhm
  39. Link Mauve That’s planned for after the release of 3.0.
  40. Nothing4You it disconnects when there's no client requesting the gateway and reconnects as soon as a client connects?
  41. Link Mauve Yes.
  42. Nothing4You at the moment i have a weechat instance running in a tmux for all irc networks, which are accessed through ZNC instances
  43. louiz’ Yes, since a few days, biboumi lets you join an IRC server from multiple XMPP client, behind one single nick. However it doesn’t work yet like a znc (it doesn’t record the channel while you’re offline, doesn’t send the conversation history etc), but that’s planned for the future
  44. Nothing4You does it mirror messages between clients?
  45. louiz’ yes
  46. Nothing4You okay, thanks for the input
  47. Nothing4You i'll give it a try later
  48. louiz’ don’t hesitate to come talk on if you have more questions (I’m biboumi’s developer, so I can probably help :P)
  49. Nothing4You yeah i saw your name in the domain :P
  50. Nothing4You ‎[14:30:47] ‎Nothing4You‎: also, another problem i ran into is that i accidently hit some key combo in one gajim chat window and i entered compact mode, what's the shortcut to disable that?
  51. Zash Ctrl-I if memory serves
  52. Nothing4You ctrl+L = clear
  53. Nothing4You ctrl+i does nothing
  54. Zash c ?
  55. Nothing4You nope
  56. louiz’ alt+c ?
  57. Nothing4You ah
  58. Nothing4You that's it
  59. Nothing4You thx
  60. louiz’ :)
  61. Nothing4You oh there even is in the help menu
  62. Nothing4You is there any way to change the shortcuts?
  63. louiz’ (Nothing4You, when you said biboumi doesn’t support private messages, maybe you saw “Notices are received exactly like private messages. It is not possible to send a notice.” and got confused?)
  64. Nothing4You i don't think i ever intentionally use ctrl+L
  65. Nothing4You louiz’, i think i mixed it up with another service
  66. Nothing4You i definitely read on one of them that it only supports muc
  67. louiz’ ok
  68. kimsehic3 Nothing4You: i guess the only way is modifying the source
  69. Nothing4You that's unfortunate
  70. Nothing4You every now and then when i think my browser has focus i press ctrl+l to select the address bar
  71. Nothing4You and it clears my chat window
  72. louiz’ That also happens with me and ncmpcpp, Ctrl+l splits the window in two, that’s annoying ;(. But at least I can change the shortcut :P
  73. Asterix Nothing4You: change the shortcut in your browser then :)
  74. Asterix Link Mauve: Do you have XML of the poezio MUC invite problem?
  75. Link Mauve Asterix, I think it was an user interaction issue.
  76. Link Mauve He probably added the MUC to his roster in some way.
  77. Asterix Ho ok
  78. Link Mauve Let me try with you.
  79. Link Mauve (Tell me when you have your XML console open.)
  80. Asterix which JID?
  81. Link Mauve Your lagaule one.
  82. Asterix ok go
  83. Asterix_ seems to work well
  84. Link Mauve Hmm, no, it seems fine here.
  85. Link Mauve It only sent a <message><x xmlns=""><invite to=""><reason>Coucou, test.</reason></invite></x></message>.
  86. Link Mauve So it’s definitely a user issue.
  87. Link Mauve Oh btw, do you see the MUC in your roster now?
  88. Link Mauve Even as a “not in the roster” way.
  89. Link Mauve “observer”?
  90. Asterix arg ... my JID ...
  91. Link Mauve Oops, sorry. >_<
  92. Asterix no, MUC is not in my roster
  93. Link Mauve It’s at the bottom of every page, though. :p
  94. Asterix yes I know
  95. Asterix de-facto: in case you come back, there is restored_messages_color in ACE