Gajim - 2016-06-13

  1. kalkin FYI: Fingerprint UI is merged in to OMEMO
  2. kalkin Official release through proper Gajim channels, will be next week (when I'm back from a trip), but you can run it from git and give some feedback if you find any bugs.
  3. kalkin Thanks lovetox for his great work
  4. kalkin Thanks to lovetox for his great work
  5. cippaciong Thanks lovetox \o/
  6. lovetox :)
  7. de-facto how can i modify the color of history text in chat windows of gajim? im using dark gnome theme and dark gray text is not so readable on dark background...
  8. 007 You cant.
  9. de-facto hmm thats unfortunate, i hoped for an easy setting for a custom history text color (e.g. when i enter a muc and get the past conversation displayed) in some config file or such
  10. RH You don't have an option to change the color of chat history. Just in muc you can do this .
  11. de-facto how can i change that in MUCs?