Gajim - 2016-06-11

  1. Dr. Watson I'm on Win10 as well and don't have any client side issues. Two of the servers I use can't speak to each other (not Gajim's fault) but besides that no complaints.
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8277 (Random old messages appear in open chat windows on reconnect (without …) updated I runned Gajim on with your command, and some minuted later got 2 messages. One of them is (this conversation was not encrypted): You […] • Gajim_logs_2016-06-11_send.log attached to Ticket #8277[]
  3. Link Mauve I just got a report that a MUC invite sent from poezio automatically added the MUC as a contact in Gajim, subsequently making the invitation acceptation fail because “<MUC JID> isn’t a valid group chat name” (approximative translation from French).
  4. ciblia Link Mauve, that is Prosody (or whatever used) flood protection which I trigger all the time thanks to having 4 clients (which I dropped to 3 today as I lost my nerves with BitlBee)
  5. Link Mauve ciblia, you mean the “isn’t a valid group chat name” message?
  6. Link Mauve I’m 100% sure it comes from Gajim “knowing” it’s a contact, because it is in the roster, and thus refusing the user from joining said MUC.
  7. Link Mauve How it managed to end up in the roster just from a simple invite, I don’t know.
  8. Link Mauve But Gajim should at least have an option in that “isn’t a valid group chat name” dialog to remove that contact from the roster.
  9. ciblia Link Mauve, yes or so was said here when I asked why does my Gajim always on Windows get it (and on Linux when restarting Gajim quickly)
  10. Daniel Hi. Uhm. What does “Available (desynced)” mean?