Gajim - 2016-06-10

  1. ciblia Does Gajim support somehow or is there an issue somewhere?
  2. cortex If I receive a carbon copied and OMEMO encrypted image on Gajim via http file upload, which was meant for Conversation, I am not able to view it?
  3. cortex forget about the CC ... my phone was offline
  4. kalkin cortex: no
  5. kalkin cortex: there are people working on it
  6. kalkin In the meantime you could use this
  7. cortex I will give it a try.
  8. cortex @kalkin: Did not work: could not connect to host java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not generate DH keypair :-(
  9. 007 Gajim is not working proper on Windows10, I cant login my ID Invisible while using and when I join any chatroom Gajim ID gets Disconnected and Error some times Its Blocked my Nimbuzz server for 1 hour.