Gajim - 2016-06-08

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  2. ciblia Asterix: thanks :)
  3. markwaters greetings everyone , i am running a prosody server along with gajim on desktop linux and conversations on android , when my wife and i are chatting 1-to-1 i can see her messages and mine in conversations on both my phone and tablet but with gajim i only see her posts not mine from the android devices , any ideas ?
  4. cippaciong markwaters: do you use omemo on conversation?
  5. markwaters its available but i dont use it , just ssl , enabled by default
  6. JKing markwaters: Carbons are not enabled by default on Gajim.
  7. jubalh JKing, who really? I dont see a plubin enabled here
  8. jubalh how does it get enabled?
  9. JKing jubalh: It's a checkbox in the preferences, as I recall. I don't have it in front of me. On Conversations at the moment. ;)
  10. jubalh does not find it
  11. jubalh for me carbons worked but i installed gajim a long time ago so maybe i forgot i set this..would still be interesting to know where i set it hehe
  12. JKing Then perhaps I'm wrong! Maybe it's different on Linux.
  13. Marzanna Where can I find my OMEMO fingerprint?
  14. cippaciong Marzanna: I don't think you can atm
  15. cippaciong You can do that if you use gajim-omemo from lovetox repository
  16. Marzanna cippaciong, thanks
  17. cippaciong Or you can send a message and look for the fingerprint from conversations
  18. cippaciong np
  19. lovetox Marzanna, if you use my repo, after starting gajim, go to the plugin config menu for omemo, and set all fingerprints on trusted or not
  20. lovetox otherwise you will lose messages
  21. Marzanna lovetox, can you give me a link?
  22. lovetox
  23. arune JKing: I think carbons are enabled by default in recent versions. Before you had to change a setting in the advanced config editor
  24. JKing arune: k.
  25. Marzanna lovetox, thanks
  26. cippaciong In case anybody needs it, I made a PKGBUILD for Arch to install gajim from lovetox repo. I won't publish it on AUR since it's only a temporary solution until his changes are merged in the official repo but if you want you can download it from here:
  27. markwaters ok , thanks guys , i found carbons in the advanced preferences section , enabled it , i will tell you how it goes , thanks for the help today JKing