Gajim - 2016-06-07

  1. Mikaela Can I hide those leaving and joining messages somehow?
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  3. Asterix Mikaela: look for print_status_* in advanced configuration editor
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  5. Link Mauve Asterix, I don’t remember which bug report it is, but I got more and more reports of users resending all of their previous chat on a Stream Management reconnect.
  6. mathieui could be with MAM too
  7. Asterix ha .. tmolitor was te last one commiting something about SM;node=8c4514e0a423
  8. Link Mauve Is that in 0.16.5?
  9. mathieui Link Mauve, SM doesn’t look like it’s the cause of the issue; you may have duplicate resends on a failing implementation, but duplicate receives are harder
  10. mathieui (I think prosody asks for acks for every message sent by the server)
  11. Link Mauve Ok.
  12. Link Mauve mathieui, oh, but it’s a resend from the client, isn’t it?
  13. mathieui ah?
  14. mathieui I thought it was a resend from the server
  15. Link Mauve Since it only does it with Gajim I was expecting it to be the client, but I haven’t seen any log from either end.
  16. mathieui well, if it’s a resend from the client, the previous version of that diff looks like a culprit
  17. mathieui with a resend of every unacked stanza on resume
  18. jubalh I am still getting this error:
  19. jubalh though it sais its fixed for 0.16.5
  20. jubalh :(
  21. jubalh any idea?
  22. jubalh after i install python gstreamer its gone, but as i understand it they message shouldnt even come up if its not installed
  23. jubalh right?
  24. jubalh would be cool if somebody could coment on that
  25. jubalh Here is the spec file being used:
  26. jubalh Asterix, maybe?
  27. Asterix mathieui: the mentionned ocmmit is not released yet, only in nightly.
  28. Asterix jubalh: what do you have in the demandimport.ignore list in src/, line 95/
  29. jubalh Asterix, this
  30. jubalh which looks like whats in the last patch i tihnk
  31. Asterix yep, looks good.
  32. jubalh Asterix, I double checked this so often, I dont get why I still get the error message
  33. jubalh only installing pysthon gstreamer thing helps. but why?
  34. Asterix jubalh: I don't have this problem on my distribution, even when I remove python gstreamer
  35. jubalh It's very strange. Do you have any idea what could cause it?
  36. Asterix and this error can be completly ignored
  37. jubalh Sure, but its annoying still
  38. jubalh and I dont get why it occurs if it doesnt occur on other distros
  39. jubalh probably it still has something to do with some package which is not installed
  40. jubalh despite of python gstreamer
  41. jubalh Asterix, which distro are you on? I would like to compare the packages installed at vs your distro
  42. Asterix Debian
  43. jubalh ok, i will take a look at it tomorrow
  44. jubalh Asterix, you yourself dont have any idea what could cause it right?
  45. Asterix really no. michich said in the ticket that the patch fixes the printed error
  46. jubalh yeah i read it
  47. jubalh thats what confuses me :)
  48. Asterix as a workarrount, just comment the line demandimport.enable() and that should work
  49. jubalh okay, i will call it a night. and look at the debian package tomorrow
  50. jubalh Asterix, probably i shouldnt upload the package like this then?
  51. Asterix jubalh: you can do the same debug as described in the ticket to see what causes that
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  53. arune Asterix: I got the impression it was in 0.16.5 in
  54. Asterix arune: the part in Gajim, yes, but the part in nbxmpp is not related to gajim 0.16.5
  55. kalkin Asterix: when will 0.16.6 be released? Especially the windows version. Or did you already released it and I missed it?
  56. arune OK Asterix
  57. Asterix kalkin: no it's not ... I should do it ... I don't think there are things pending ...
  58. arune Could the gajim part have made the problem worse?
  59. jubalh funny enough onw the gst message doesnt come up anymore
  60. Asterix arune: I don't think so
  61. jubalh i have to try agan tomorrow in a clean VM..
  62. Asterix kalkin: maybe the carbon thing: #8005
  63. kalkin Asterix: I'm thinking about perhaps adding a column to the message log db, for saving a state of a message (plain, enc, enc + auth)
  64. Asterix kalkin: I SAw discussions about that, but why is it usefull?
  65. Asterix it's not plaintext in logs anyway
  66. Asterix it's now plaintext in logs anyway
  67. kalkin There is no way in gajim to indicate that the received massage was unencrypted if the chatlog is not open
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  69. Asterix kalkin: yes, true, but is that really usefull to know that once it's already received
  70. kalkin Of course some one might inject this message.