Gajim - 2016-06-06

  1. apollo13 hi there, is there any way to configure gajim to send notifications for open chats? I must be missing an option somewhere
  2. apollo13 I only get the notification for a new message if the chat is not open yet
  3. mister apollo13, notification (blinking icon/popup notification) is displayed when the chat window is not active (not in focus)... so for focused chat windows the notification is not displayed, but when sound notification is set, it is played... if that is what you mean... ?
  4. mister (at least that is how my client behaves/is set)
  5. apollo13 mister: I disable sound usually, I basically want desktop notification (no systray icon since on gnome3) if the window is unfocused/hidden
  6. apollo13 oh sweet, I can fix that with the triggers plugin, juhu
  7. mister ;-)
  8. apollo13 the only thing missing is that the shown notification does not bring the window to the front
  9. apollo13 also why do carbon copied messages cause notifications oO
  10. lovetox was always like this
  11. lovetox i think the chatstate xep fixes that
  12. lovetox but its not implemented i think
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8005 (Do not announce when getting carbon messages) updated Cc changed What ralf said, if someone from the devs can tell me where roughly one would hook into this to fix it, I'll happily take a look.
  14. apollo13 lovetox: I do not think chat state notification would fix that
  15. lovetox you mean you get a notification, when you send yourself something
  16. apollo13 yes
  17. lovetox thats right, this sucks a bit
  18. lovetox :)
  19. apollo13 well even when not
  20. lovetox i thought you dont want to get message on CLient A, when you already read message on Client B
  21. apollo13 no that is fine
  22. apollo13 I just don't want to get the notification
  23. apollo13 if I send you a message from my device A, I get a CC on my device B + notification
  24. apollo13 which is well, just wrong :D
  25. lovetox later maybe i can take a look, maybe i find the line in the source
  26. lovetox are you on linux?
  27. apollo13 yes
  28. apollo13 I am currently in src/common/ in _on_continue_message, where I think the neccessary logic could get put
  29. apollo13 let me patch that, brb :D
  30. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8346 (Mark messages as private as per xep-0280 when sending to yourself) created Bug description Messages sent to a different resource on the same account while xep-0280 is active show up twice. If those were marked private, it would give a nicer result. Steps to reproduce Send another resource you own a message while cc are active.
  31. apollo13 okay, marking your own messages as private only makes sense if you just have two devices :/
  32. apollo13 ok, this is weird, I am sending a msg to a second resource and while typing the target resource changes from my second resource to my own oO
  33. apollo13 hihi, gajim source is really hard to read if you are used to pep 008, also my editor shows violations in red everywhere E_NOT_HELPING
  34. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8346 (Mark messages as private as per xep-0280 when sending to […] • Ticket #8346 (Mark messages as private as per xep-0280 when sending to yourself) updated Okay, I was wrong about the carbon copies apparently, if I try sending a message to another resource of mine, this is the output (I am currently on resourc[…]
  35. Mikaela Does Gajim have the information which XEPs it supports and which of those the server supports hidden somewhere like Conversations?
  36. mathieui
  37. Mikaela I see, I take that as no, thanks
  38. mathieui oh, I misread
  39. mathieui sorry,
  40. mathieui I don’t think so
  41. Mikaela I see, it would be a nice feature, but not needed so often and Conversations can probably tell the most important ones and their support status.
  42. Mikaela I can join this MUC ( using Conversations on two phones, Gajim on Windows and BitlBee. However with Gajim on Arch Linux I always get " is not the name of the MUC" or something like that and in the discussion windows it's full of "error while sending message ( The room is currently overactive, please try again later )". What could cause this or is it
  43. Mikaela just coincidence that it works on Windows, but not Arch?
  44. Marzanna Mikaela, have you tried to use other servers?
  45. Mikaela For the XMPP account where I connect from? No, but all these clients use the same ciblia at joindiaspora dot com which has reasonable XEP support according to Conversations and I can join other MUCs ~5 just fine
  46. Marzanna Mikaela, yes. I recommend to try another server. Just to make sure.
  47. Mikaela ok, I will try that later
  48. Zash "The room is currently overactive" would be Prosodys anti-flooding kicking in
  49. Zash "gajim@conference... is not the name of the MUC" ... could this be beacuse it wants the hostname part in a separate field? Where does it appear?
  50. Mikaela in error message pop up after Gajim has started
  51. Marzanna I remember, I faced similar problem once. Connecting with another jid helped.
  52. Mikaela I would imagine the anti-flood to kick in with excessive amount of clients, but as WIndows and Linux Gajim are on the same host, when I shut down Windows, the Windows precense should disappear in eyes of Prosody when I poweroff WIndows?
  53. Zash Yes, eventually. Might be delayed if it doesn't cleanly shut down the connection
  54. ciblia I see
  55. ciblia So flood limit is that I am allowed to have maximum of three clients at a time?
  56. linus can anyone access ?
  57. Zash wfm
  58. linus ooh, is it possible that I can't connect because I don't have a trusted server cert?
  59. Zash I can reach the conference server from a server that does not have a trusted cert
  60. linus strange
  61. Zash Do you get an error?
  62. linus "Remote server not found"
  63. Zash If you have server logs, check those
  64. linus yeah
  65. linus I run ejabberd and it said... <0.3598.10>@ejabberd_s2s_out:wait_for_validation:474 wait for validation: -> (xmlstreamend)
  66. Zash Assuming it is the domain you have in your vCard, I'm guessing IPv6 issues
  67. linus Aaah that's possible
  68. linus doesn't have any IPv6 addresses on DNS though
  69. Zash Hm
  70. linus I can communicate with from the container where I'm running ejabberd (using nc) as well
  71. linus Is there a way to use the password-setting command from Register (XEP-0077) in gajim?
  72. Zash Hm, have you checked the account manager?
  73. linus ah yes, there it is, under "Administraion operations". Thanks!
  74. Marzanna Is this correct that OMEMO encrypted messages can't be stored with MAM?
  75. kalkin Marzanna: no
  76. kalkin Marzanna: they can only be decrypted ones,
  77. kalkin But offline device will use mam to catch up
  78. kalkin If you have trusted their fingerprint
  79. Marzanna kalkin, thanks for clarification.
  80. Marzanna I've just noticed that if my network connection hangs, Gajim UI completely blocks.
  81. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • expand_collapse.diff attached to Ticket #8342