Gajim - 2016-05-31

  1. arune tmolitor: there's a httpupload component by iNPUTmice...?
  2. tmolitor Arune: I know...but IT had other Problems For me...and my component is even capable of uploading files bigger than 2gb without 2gb RAM usage (IT only needs a few MB even for those big files)...
  3. arune ☺☺☺
  4. euan Hi
  5. 3amunyk hey
  6. 3amunyk russian ?
  7. 3amunyk help
  8. JKing 3amunyk: I don't speak Russian, but perhaps we can try in English?
  9. 3amunyk Tabs dialog too much, I'm not comfortable flipping them, how to build them in two rows?
  10. Link Mauve 3amunyk, I don’t think that’s possible, but you can put them vertically on the left or on the right of the window.
  11. Link Mauve Go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Advanced Configuration Editor, and search for something set to "top" and set it to "left", and restart Gajim.
  12. 3amunyk mb any body make plugin ? )
  13. Link Mauve No idea.
  14. 3amunyk (
  15. aurelien hi
  16. aurelien gajim is not logging my MUC chats
  17. aurelien its only logging my 1on1 chats
  18. aurelien freakin sqlite logs *sigh*
  19. kalkin you can enable it
  20. kalkin not sure where, but the advanced config editor should have it
  21. arune tmolitor: wasn't there a bug in stream resumption that made it resend a lot of messages on resumption?
  22. arune I think I recall such, and didn't you fix it? ☺
  23. tmolitor Arune: yes and yes :)
  24. tmolitor See the corresponding nbxmpp commit :)
  25. arune Needs 0.16.6 to be fixed?
  26. arune I have that at work very often when going from LAN to WiFi with my laptop
  27. tmolitor Arune: IT really depends on your Version of the nbxmpp lib...
  28. tmolitor See if my changes are in your lib...if they are then you are encountering a different Bug...if Not you just need to Update your copy of nbxmpp :)
  29. arune tmolitor: we're on windows at work
  30. strombo is there any possibility to encrypt group chat?
  31. strombo (using gajim or any other client)
  32. tmolitor arune: but there should be a copy of nbxmpp on windows, too...
  33. tmolitor I'm not sure how it is packaged for windows, though...maybe ask asterix about that...
  34. tmolitor strombo: yes, just use the omemo plugin for gajim and/or conversations for android :)
  35. arune tmolitor: this rev?
  36. tmolitor arune: yes, I think so...
  37. lovetox tmolitor you cant encrypt group chat with the OMEMO plugin for gajim :)
  38. tmolitor arune: you can search for "self.old_uqueue" in every file in the gajim directory...
  39. tmolitor I introduced this variable with my patch...
  40. lovetox at least not now :)
  41. arune Seems to be this yes
  42. tmolitor lovetox: oh, I didn't know...but omemo is capable of groupchat encryption, so conversations is still an option :)
  43. lovetox indeed :)
  44. arune But hm, that should be in 0.16.5, maybe that wasn't an improvement
  45. tmolitor arune: I don't can create a debug log and open a ticket...I'll take a look at the log, then :)
  46. tmolitor arune: but I added several safety traps to prevent such a smacks bug from reoccuring, even if the server misbehaves...
  47. tmolitor (don't forget to activate the debug output of nbxmpp when you create te log)
  48. arune Hm strange
  49. tmolitor you can also send me a xmpp log and the debug log in a private chat if you want...