Gajim - 2016-05-30

  1. andrey.utkin anybody else has this artifact of chat log rendering?
  2. Link Mauve andrey.utkin, probably specific to the default branch; do you reproduce it always?
  3. Link Mauve At which time does it get refreshed?
  4. andrey.utkin yes, i see this quite usually
  5. andrey.utkin looks it gets refreshed when i get to other windows and then back to gajim
  6. andrey.utkin then, if gajim chat stays on foreground, it
  7. andrey.utkin it becomes this
  8. andrey.utkin and then there's an issue with bottom line - new messages are overlaid over last one
  9. Link Mauve Seems like a basic damage tracking issue.
  10. kalkin lovetog & Asterix: We could add a column to the chat database containing a boolean indicating if the message was received encrypted or not
  11. kalkin Or may be not a boolean but enum consisting of (PLAIN, ENC, ENC+AUTH)
  12. kalkin may be tmolitor can add something?
  13. kalkin may be tmolitor can add something to this discussion?
  14. tmolitor Kalkin, asterix: well...I want to add a New database field to save the message state once the rewrite of this is done...the encrypted/unencrypted flag would be one offen this saved state flags :)
  15. tmolitor Other flags would be the xep 184 message receipt flag...and a new "message displayed on remote end" flag and a flag for messages acked by smacks...
  16. kalkin Asterix: While Gajim does support message correction, it doesn't support it when rejoining the MUC. I currently see both of my messages, after rejoining
  17. LordVan hi
  18. LordVan anyone else having this sort of errors?:
  19. LordVan Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 1806, in _compareIters UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode bytes in position 8-9: invalid continuation byte
  20. LordVan 0.16.5 windows
  21. LordVan (I seem to mostly have this in combination with spectrum2's facebook transport)
  22. lovetox kalkin: thats exactly what i think would be good. additional columns :)
  23. kalkin lovetox: you can carefully add some migrations which add collumns
  24. kalkin just use the same naming scheme as tmolitor plans to use
  25. lovetox and where do i see how and what tmolitor plans?
  26. kalkin just ping him like this: tmolitor PING ☺
  27. kalkin lovetox: tmolitor works a unifying encryption api/hooks
  28. kalkin lovetox: tmolitor works on a unifying encryption api/hooks
  29. lovetox ah kk, i thought there was already something to look at, i will talk to him, thx
  30. lovetox why do i have everything doubled sometimes tripled in my history
  31. lovetox
  32. Zash That reminds me of an old ejabberd bug, where if you join a room from multiple clients and one client does an unclean shutdown, it would redirect any groupchat messages to the other client, duplicating them.
  33. louiz’ “old”? I think some people in the poezio room experience this issue every other day
  34. Holger It reminded me of that bug as well, but yes that's fixed.
  35. lovetox but i have this with single chat also
  36. Link Mauve I think it’s been fixed a few years ago.
  37. Link Mauve Not like distribution maintainers care about that category of bugs.
  38. lovetox i think it has something to do with MAM
  39. Link Mauve Or system administrators, fwiw.
  40. Zash MAM + offline messages perhaps?
  41. lovetox for example: i posted this link with the picture
  42. lovetox after that i closed the window
  43. lovetox shut down gajim
  44. lovetox started new, join chatroom
  45. lovetox and i reiceived the same message my own with the link
  46. lovetox again in the logs
  47. lovetox but not only in logs
  48. lovetox it also was the first thing i saw in the chat
  49. lovetox so i looked at the xml, and the server sends me that message again
  50. mathieui lovetox, do you want me to kick you, and see if the issue persists?
  51. lovetox go
  52. mathieui better?
  53. lovetox yeah nothing got doubled
  54. lovetox so why is this happening
  55. lovetox and why does it happen in single chat?
  56. mathieui well, it’s a bug, I wouldn’t expect it to be rational
  57. lovetox i thought you had an idea maybe where to look for the problem :)
  58. Lukc wat
  59. Zash smells like that ejabberd bug
  60. lovetox its odd, that nobody else seems to expierience this
  61. lovetox test
  62. mathieui some other people do
  63. lovetox is this normal look, that i see messages before the topic of the room etc
  64. lovetox
  65. Zash That's the room history sent when you join
  66. lovetox yeah and that seems to double my local history
  67. lovetox maybe gajim thinks its not the same message like in my local history?
  68. lovetox i think i have something to do for the weekend :)
  69. Lukc Hey, I get highlighted by those uploads!
  70. Lukc Don’t steal people’s nicknames.
  71. mathieui that’s because of poezio
  72. mathieui which is downloading the images to a local cache and displaying file:/// urls
  73. Zash huh
  74. mathieui Zash, only the ones in base64 xhtml-im
  75. Link Mauve Zash, the previous alternative was to display the base64 inline.
  76. Link Mauve Which wasn’t super pleasant.
  77. Zash Base64???
  78. Link Mauve Zash, Gajim encodes its thumbnails as data: URIs, that’s terrible but IIRC the justification was that too few clients were supporting XEP-0231 at that time.
  79. tmolitor does anyone, too, experience problems with the httpupload module of prosody?
  80. tmolitor for a simple file of 10MB size my prosody server uses about 1,5GB ram for the lua process (which is imho *way* to much for a small 10MB file)...
  81. Link Mauve Not with httpupload, but I had the same behaviour with the proxy65 module, IIRC.
  82. Link Mauve tmolitor, the prosody room is though.
  83. Link Mauve tmolitor, the prosody room is though.
  84. tmolitor Link Mauve, I know, I only wanted a quick opinion...nothing special :)
  85. tmolitor I wrote my own implementation of an external httpupload component because of this (which has a very low memory footprint, especially a memory footprint completely unrelated to file sizes)...
  86. Link Mauve Oh, nice.
  87. Link Mauve You should open a bug at Prosody’s bugtracker too.
  88. tmolitor Good idea :)
  89. tmolitor And I'll publish my external component AT github :)
  90. mt tmolitor: there is
  91. tmolitor mt: ah, thanks!