Gajim - 2016-05-26

  1. lovetox is there a tool with that i can draw dialogs and windows with buttons for python?
  2. lovetox i see these XML files other plugins use
  3. lovetox i guess a tool creates them
  4. Link Mauve lovetox, Gajim uses Glade for that.
  5. lovetox thx
  6. lovetox im doing that OMEMO show Fingerprint Dialog now for the plugin
  7. lovetox though i have no clue what im doing, i can copy the most from the OTR plugin ^^
  8. kalkin ?OTRv2?
  9. kalkin lol
  10. kalkin It's always great fun with Gajim ☺
  11. kalkin lovetox: You need a pretty old glade for doing it properly in XML
  12. kalkin I would just do it pro grammatically in python
  13. lovetox its already done :) glade worked ok
  14. lovetox i didnt do it new, only adjusted a existing xml
  15. kalkin lovetox: ok, my fedora glade refused to work, because it was to old
  16. kalkin lovetox: when you are done, do a proper PR not just a push. I will review it
  17. lovetox ok