Gajim - 2016-05-24

  1. sol andrey.utkin: Why don't you uninstall the OTR plugin?
  2. sol Wouldn't that fix it?
  3. andrey.utkin sol, is OTR a plugin? oh shit
  4. andrey.utkin maybe, but it is not listed in plugins
  5. Holger But OTR encryption works for you in Gajim?
  6. andrey.utkin yes but i don't want it to work, because it breaks MAM
  7. andrey.utkin i.e. history
  8. Holger It can't really work without the plugin being installed.
  9. Holger Maybe you're talking about the e2e encryption built into Gajim?
  10. Holger That can be controlled with 'autonegotiate_essesions' and 'enable_essesions' in the ACE.
  11. Holger Er, 'autonegotiate_esessions' and 'enable_esessions'.
  12. andrey.utkin yes, E2E. Isn't that OTR?
  13. andrey.utkin what's that then?
  14. mathieui no.
  15. mathieui it’s an old thing
  16. Holger andrey.utkin:
  17. andrey.utkin cool, thanks
  18. m so anyone around who could ask my question from last night about ?
  19. sol andrey.utkin: You got that fixed?
  20. andrey.utkin i hope so
  21. mive anybody?
  22. andrey.utkin by Holger's suggestion
  23. mive could someone please comment about
  24. mive if i have gstreamer0.10-python installed all is fine if i dont, then still the error message appears. if i understand the bug comments right it shouldnt appear correct?
  25. b_b hey
  26. b_b jsut a small message to thx asteric for the new yerllow highlight on search result in history window
  27. b_b \o/ it's really more easy to use now :)
  28. b_b thx again ++
  29. lovetox i need help, how can i determine why my MAM is not working with
  30. lovetox what can i do to test if its the server or gajim?
  31. Holger It's the server. They're working on it.
  32. lovetox ok thanks haha
  33. lovetox im sitting here analysing xml, reading xeps lol
  34. Holger Heh.
  35. Holger The admins are in BTW.
  36. Asterix How could you imagine it could be Gajim ;)
  37. lovetox :D