Gajim - 2016-05-23

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  2. TRex Hi, I'd like to install this plugin: which looks like kind of experiment to me, but otherwise functional... putting it into a zip file make plugin manager complain about a malformed archive.
  3. TRex Is there a description of a "well formed" plugin archive?
  4. TRex looks rather outdated, pre-plugin system doc..
  5. lovetox how can i test if MAM is working at
  6. lovetox my Gajim sends a MAM query but gets no response
  7. stp supports MAM in case that's what you wanted to know.
  8. mive hi
  9. mive i am getting the ' Not importing gst ' error which according to should be solved in 0.16.5 (which i have)
  10. mive am i missing something here?
  11. mive hmm i checked the code my distro uses and it even includes the patches mentioned why do i get this still?
  12. mive if i install python-gstreamer-0_10 then it works, but as i understand the comments in the bug that error shouldnt be shown anyway
  13. mive right?
  14. m i have no idea why this error message pops up then
  15. m please ping me if you know anything about it
  16. zak Hi there. I am having problems with the OMEMO plugin. I am using Debian stable, with python-axolotl (version 0.1.7-1~bpo8+1) and gajim 0.16.5-1. The Plugin 0.5.1 is of course installed and activated using the integrated plugin installer. It seems to work, I get the message "OMEMO encryption enabled" when someone writes me using OMEMO, but I cannot answer. The thing is: I do not have any buttons to "Clear devices" or "get keys" or ANY OMEMO settings. I saw a screenshot with a button-bar below the text-entry line at the bottom. The complete button-bar is missing!
  17. zak Well, I just solved my own riddle.
  18. zak There is an option in the Gajim settings to show a compact message window. I had activated this. After disabling the option, the button-bar appeared and after clicking some buttons it seems to work.
  19. zak This is really bad UI! The OMEMO options should appear in the right-click-context-menu as well! (Like the OTR settings)
  20. zak And there should be explanations somewhere what the buttons actually do and mean.
  21. zak But thanks anyway! I am happy nevertheless for the existence of the plugin.
  22. mt kalkin: do i need the python2 version of python axolotl ?
  23. mt cause pip install gives me a lot of errors
  24. Asterix yes, gajim 0.16 is py2
  25. Holger If I mark multiple contacts and then right-click -> "Send Group Message", Gajim will (sometimes?) use full JIDs as the recipient addresses of the type='normal' message. Even if those full JIDs are unavailable.
  26. Holger According to 6121 those messages won't be delivered, so I think Gajim should always send type='normal' messages to bare JIDs.
  27. Asterix Holger: indeed, something isn't nice. Sending a normal message to a single contact correctly send to bare JID
  28. Holger Yes, that worked for me as well.
  29. andrey.utkin how can I disable OTR completely, so that opportunistic OTR of my peers doesn't work?
  30. andrey.utkin hg default branch
  31. Asterix Holger: indeed we put full JID: jid = ', '.join( [i[0].get_full_jid() for i in to])
  32. Asterix Holger: quick fix:
  33. Asterix andrey.utkin: if you mean how to tell your contacts not to try using OTR with you, then I don't think it's possible. There is no discovery of this feature AFAIK
  34. Holger Asterix: Awesome, thanks a lot.
  35. andrey.utkin Asterix, i mean to avoid OTR being chosen. I.e. to make my peers' useragents' opportunistic OTR enablement to fail. So that I don't need to go to options menu to disable it manually, and that I don't have issues with accessing chat history thru MAM on my other useragents.