Gajim - 2016-05-18

  1. julian Did someone mess up the DNSSEC for and bind also refuses to verify the signatures
  2. Ján Stibila hello, does anyone know why gajim website is down? looks like DNS record is missing
  3. lovetox works for me?
  4. lovetox
  5. Ján Stibila not for me and not for
  6. lovetox
  7. lovetox works
  8. lovetox i think its on your end
  9. Ján Stibila nslookup
  10. Ján Stibila this is not my end
  11. Ján Stibila ** server can't find SERVFAIL
  12. Ján Stibila i think its your end it's working, you have dns record in cache, so it works for you (for now)
  13. vorner Servfail might mean broken resolver. It's the DNS equivalent of 500 out of the resolver.
  14. vorner Also, I just tried it from 3 different places and all of them work.
  15. Ján Stibila damn, looks like it's google dns... i use those :/
  16. lovetox maybe it is a problem with google dns
  17. Mikaela It's not a problem with Google DNS, someone at Gajim has broken DNSSEC and resolvers like Google DNS which support DNSSEC notice that it's messed up and protect the user by giving SERVFAIL instead of letting them resolve possibly compromised domain. 2016-05-18 03:13:05+0300 < julian> Did someone mess up the DNSSEC for and bind also refuses to verify the
  18. Mikaela signatures
  19. Mikaela which has apparently been fixed in these hours as now it works and resolves for me and DNSSEC Validator extension shows green. I run DNSSEC-Trigger.
  20. Asterix yes signature expired. I resigned it and it's ok now