Gajim - 2016-05-15

  1. lovetox Group chat does not exist.
  2. lovetox wtf
  3. lovetox what happend
  4. Zash "Connecting failed: No route to host"
  5. JKing Strange.
  6. lovetox is the server down?
  7. Zash lovetox, what server are you using?
  8. lovetox
  9. Zash k, nm
  10. lovetox Holger: do you know why i cant join the conversations conference?
  11. lovetox Group chat does not exist.
  12. Holger lovetox: The server seems to be down. I'll ping Daniel.
  13. Zash He said he had ISP issues
  14. Holger Ah.
  15. lovetox ok
  16. phase приветстую
  17. phase нужен хелп
  18. phase как сохранить всю переписку с контактом за год в файл
  19. Luciferus phase: тут по английски надо говорить
  20. phase ok then..
  21. phase tell me pls. give me advice - how can i save all my history at gajim this one member in a file
  22. Luciferus export to html or txt file
  23. Luciferus phase: уточнять надо, а то они щас насоветуют))
  24. phase что уточнять
  25. Luciferus phase: я выше написал
  26. phase так что уточнять т. я все же подробно кажется написал
  27. phase yes. i need an export
  28. Luciferus phase: ну наконец то
  29. Luciferus понял))
  30. phase history chat only with one contact to file
  31. phase how
  32. Luciferus are you sleeping here?
  33. Kergma Your English is fine, fellows.
  34. Kergma :)
  35. Kergma It's so cyrillic...
  36. phase Kergma, how can i do it
  37. Kergma I talking about russian part :)
  38. phase history chat only with one contact to file tell me pls. give me advice - how can i save all my history at gajim this one member in a file [23:54:39] Luciferus : export to html or txt file
  39. phase i need it
  40. lovetox haha :D
  41. lovetox great conversation
  42. Luciferus lovetox: what i told wrong?
  43. lovetox no, i dont know, just found it funny how he repeats what he needs over and over :)
  44. phase i just tell it for clearly understand
  45. Luciferus oke, there is a plugin for conversion of logs?
  46. Kergma Hmmm, bad news: I cannot see how you can do it.
  47. Luciferus lovetox: he needs your help...
  48. phase yea really need it
  49. lovetox you wrote cyrillic i thought you told him how to do it
  50. lovetox i actually dont know
  51. phase no we dont knows
  52. Luciferus lovetox: I told him how and what should be here right thing to do
  53. lovetox i dont see a plugin in the plugin list which can do this
  54. phase and where can i ask about it? maybe otjer ppls know?
  55. phase other
  56. lovetox yeah just wait here
  57. lovetox maybe Asterix can help you if he comes online
  58. lovetox or try tomorrow here
  59. Luciferus phase: короче - не знают они нифига))
  60. phase ну вон сказал же астерикс какойто поможет
  61. phase пойду пока искать как скулем пользоваться
  62. Kergma or see logs by eyes -- maybe there are human-readable
  63. Luciferus phase: может быть он сказал))
  64. phase i cant save all year day by day. its too much
  65. phase and too hard
  66. lovetox no its easier than that
  67. lovetox Logs.db
  68. lovetox is a sqlite database
  69. lovetox if you have a programm which can read sqlite databases
  70. lovetox or query them
  71. Luciferus yeah, but not txt
  72. phase yea i see it. how can i read sql file
  73. lovetox it should be not to hard to get what you want
  74. lovetox for example there is a plugin in firefox
  75. lovetox SQLite Manager
  76. phase plugin for sql file?
  77. lovetox no a plugin for firefox
  78. lovetox the browser
  79. lovetox its called SQLite Manager
  80. lovetox with this plugin in firefox
  81. Luciferus phase: успехов в общем, никогда гаджим не считал путевым клиентом... рекомендую пересмотреть взгляды на ПО
  82. lovetox you can conncet to the Logs.db
  83. lovetox from that you can select a table
  84. lovetox and export it
  85. Luciferus гемор))
  86. Luciferus all good night, people
  87. phase i installed SQLite plugin. and how can i use it?
  88. phase with Logs.db file
  89. lovetox start it
  90. lovetox and connect to the file
  91. phase how
  92. phase how can i start it
  93. lovetox yeah its a bit tricky one moment
  94. lovetox go to the left settings icon top left corner
  95. lovetox then on the bottom click customize
  96. lovetox then pull the sqlite icon out to the toolbar
  97. lovetox do you have it?
  98. phase no
  99. phase
  100. phase where is no icon on top left
  101. lovetox sorry
  102. lovetox im an idiot top right
  103. lovetox menu icon
  104. lovetox 3 bars
  105. phase top right corner
  106. lovetox wow is that linux?
  107. lovetox seems like it does look different from windows
  108. phase linux yeas. mint
  109. lovetox what version?
  110. phase 17
  111. lovetox yeah.. im on 46
  112. lovetox why is this so behind
  113. lovetox try to find the addon
  114. lovetox tools menu or whatever i dont know, or install new firefox version
  115. phase oh i found it
  116. lovetox nice :)
  117. lovetox so now Database -> connect
  118. lovetox then open Logs.db
  119. lovetox hope its called that on linux
  120. lovetox found it?
  121. phase sec
  122. phase i press Export to file and get on result this
  123. phase but i need a history
  124. lovetox yes
  125. lovetox cause you exportet
  126. lovetox the wrong table
  127. lovetox this is the table with all your contacts
  128. lovetox you have to select the table called "logs"
  129. phase цфше
  130. phase wait
  131. phase hm...i can export only by one table. only for logs or only for jids. but i need both of them
  132. lovetox what why?
  133. lovetox what do you want to achieve
  134. lovetox just export the logs
  135. lovetox filter for one jid_id
  136. lovetox for example number 5
  137. lovetox you have the DB you have tool to connect to it, you can even make SQL searches with the "Execute SQL" tab
  138. phase what query should i write? i need history only with one contsct (hunter - exmp) for all time
  139. lovetox ok mom
  140. lovetox first go
  141. lovetox to the jid table
  142. lovetox and get the jid_id from the contact
  143. lovetox you want
  144. lovetox then go back to the "logs" table go to Execute SQL
  145. lovetox and type
  146. lovetox SELECT * FROM logs WHERE jid_id=xx
  147. tmolitor xx should be 'my-contact-jid' (note the ' )
  148. lovetox yes =)
  149. lovetox this works for me, but i wonder that nobody wrote a plugin for that already :)
  150. phase really? no plugin?
  151. lovetox seems so :/
  152. lovetox so does this work for you?
  153. phase and what should i write if i need history from 2 contacts?
  154. phase just one by one? or maybe can i do both ib one file?
  155. lovetox you can both in one file
  156. lovetox try
  157. phase just "," ?
  158. lovetox SELECT * FROM logs WHERE jid_id=xx OR jid_id=xx
  159. phase jid_id=52, 93
  160. phase ?
  161. phase yea?
  162. lovetox maybe there are other ways, this is basic SQL
  163. lovetox you find guides on the net how to query a SQL database
  164. lovetox im no expert on that
  165. lovetox you can achieve very complicated querys with SQL
  166. lovetox you could even sort the results after some column or with some criteria
  167. lovetox but you would have to dive into some SQL learning :)
  168. lovetox or you export it to open office and do the sorting with excel
  169. lovetox or calc or whatever its called there
  170. lovetox :)
  171. phase wait..i think its trouble here