Gajim - 2016-05-13

  1. Marzanna How can I check whether server supports MAM using Gajim?
  2. arune Marzanna: why gajim?
  3. Marzanna arune, because I use Gajim
  4. JKing Er... If you're using a Prosody server there should be an ad hoc command for archive settings.
  5. JKing Or at worst you can turn on the XML console before connecting and read the server capabilities after TLS negotiation. I don't have Gajim on hand, alas.
  6. Marzanna JKing, I got this: <feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:0'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:tmp'/> <feature var=''/> Does it mean that MAM is supported?
  7. JKing Looks like it.
  8. Marzanna JKing, thanks. But I can get MAM working in Gajim and Conversations. Don't have any idea why...
  9. JKing Can't, you mean? I wish I could help, but I have very little experience with it.
  10. mt Marzanna: is it actuall enabled ? by default the prosody modules do nothing, you have to opt in to use archiving
  11. Marzanna mt, server admin says that mam is enabled. There is no option to opt in. Also, I tried movim client: I see logs, but they are not recent.
  12. mt Marzanna: in conversations, click the hamburger menu, account settings, select your account, click the hamburger menu again, select server info
  13. mt Marzanna: is mam shown there ?
  14. mt Marzanna: and below the server info thing, is a setting that is called archive settings
  15. mt Marzanna: there you can select what messages to log
  16. Marzanna mt, thanks. I switched it to Always.
  17. mt Marzanna: what was selected ?
  18. Marzanna mt, "Never" was selected. I selected "Always"
  19. mt Marzanna: ok, like i thought :) maybe tell your admin to enable:
  20. mt Marzanna: this allows mam management from your desktop client, and also lets you allow/disallow specific jids
  21. Marzanna mt, thank you!
  22. mt Marzanna: your welcome!