Gajim - 2016-04-30

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  2. kalkin Something is very fishy in the mercurial world. I'm pretty sure the developers of mercurial, were half drunk during design of the UI, their goal was: ”Annoy the hell out of all advanced git users and let them feel like a Noob” :-D
  3. kalkin I'm trying to find the regression in Gajim which breaks OMEMO. I want to use the hg bisect to find the commit which introduced the regression
  4. kalkin Last good commit is the 1592 (working on gajim_0.16 branch)
  5. kalkin so I do hg bisect --good 1592
  6. kalkin hg bisect --bad 15974 (the last commit)
  7. kalkin but i get the error: starting revisions are not directly related
  8. kalkin what does the error mean? Because for me it looks like the revisions are related. I checked hg log -b gajim_0.16, they are definitely on the same branch. Do I misunderstand something very basic to mercurial?
  9. Asterix kalkin: 1592, can't be the correct number
  10. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8334 (Add option to hide status messages in message window) closed duplicate: look for "print_status_in_"* in advanced configuration editor
  11. Asterix kalkin: when you'll tell me what's wrong, I can look at fixing it and then 0.16.6 is quite ready
  12. Link Mauve kalkin, % hg log -r1592 changeset: 1592:b9ad43a2e4b8 user: nk date: Thu Jun 02 16:29:32 2005 +0000 summary: remove a comment, and previous bugfix thanks to rohan
  13. Link Mauve I’m pretty sure you don’t mean this one. :p
  14. Asterix probably 15902, which it the 0.16.5 release
  15. kalkin 15922 is the last good
  16. kalkin amd 15974 last bad ( 15974 is a commit made by me)
  17. Asterix kalkin: 15922 is not in 0.16 branch
  18. kalkin Asterix: but hg log -b gajim_0.16 is showing me 15922 as part of the history
  19. Asterix id 15974 is a commit made by you, we probably are not looking at the same repository.
  20. Asterix $ hg log -r15974 changeset: 15974:ac352597e14a branch: gajim_0.16 user: Yann Leboulanger <> date: Mon Mar 28 20:52:24 2016 +0200 summary: fix error reply when S5B cannot be established. Fixes #8315
  21. kalkin Yes
  22. Asterix then use the hash name 159xx names are local names and we may have different one
  23. Asterix $ hg log -r15922 changeset: 15922:bf2bc1530719 user: Yann Leboulanger <> date: Tue Jan 05 21:09:40 2016 +0100 summary: fix feature window
  24. Asterix the is no branch:, which means it's in default
  25. Asterix $ hg log -b gajim_0.16 | grep 1592 $
  26. kalkin Let me try with the hash
  27. kalkin so this is the last working b1cbebaee03d hash
  28. kalkin my current head is on a broken commit, doesn't matter which one
  29. kalkin if i do hg bisect --bad, it succeeds. but if i doo hg bisect --good b1cbebaee03d, it says starting revisions are not directly related
  30. kalkin so last good would be b1cbebaee03d and last bad would be the current HEAD of gajim_0.16 branch
  31. Asterix $ hg log -rb1cbebaee03d abort: unknown revision 'b1cbebaee03d'!
  32. kalkin the only explanation is, and this is just educated guessing, my gajim_0.16 branch diverged from the origin/gajim_0.16, but when i do update, mercurial does something like git pull origin master and merges stuff
  33. Asterix I don't know why you pass through git to clone a mercurial repos, but it seems you'll have to give me the log message to find the commit you talk about
  34. Link Mauve kalkin, hg heads might show you heads that aren’t there upstream.
  35. Zash pro-tip: hg summary --remote
  36. kalkin Asterix: My problem is that I don't use git. I try to use straight hg. In git this would be as simple as two commands.
  37. kalkin It's a funny "VCS" where it's not obvious how to compare you branches with the remote branch. At least git is the devil you know *sigh*
  38. Asterix kalkin: I was confused because you just talked about git ...
  39. kalkin Asterix: may be typo..
  40. Asterix kalkin: if you have local commits that re not in my repository, it's because you did local commits.
  41. kalkin Is there an equivalent of git log gajim_0.16..origin/gajim_0.16 in hg?
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  43. Link Mauve kalkin, `hg in` and `hg out`?
  44. Zash Actually, how do you even do that with git?
  45. Zash Without fetching?
  46. Link Mauve I don’t think you can.
  47. kalkin Zash: it compares with the last fetched version
  48. kalkin Link Mauve: yes thanks!
  49. Zash kalkin: and like I said earlier, `hg summary --remote` is great
  50. Link Mauve Yeah.
  51. kalkin Zash: I guess it's ok if you understand the output format.
  52. kalkin But hg should have some generic way to compare two branches/tags/bookmarks/commits with each other? Does the git pattern exists at all there?
  53. Zash hg diff -r should work
  54. kalkin nice thanks
  55. Zash For something unrelated: In a room where I'm not allowed to change subject, Gajim lets me try anyways, and doesn't show the 'forbidden' error reply.
  56. Zash So is the bug that it lets me or that it doesn't display the error?
  57. Zash Or both?
  58. Asterix not sure we grey the button when it's forbidden. So I think the bug is not showing the error
  59. Zash Trying to find anything in xep45 about discovering if you are allowed to
  60. kalkin Asterix: bisect says to me the commit which introduced regression is: f626afbd5747
  61. kalkin add new event after message stanza is built so it can be modified by plugins. Fixes #8150
  62. kalkin hmm this makes no sense
  63. kalkin it's a commit from Sep23
  64. Zash Hm, extended disco form stuff can contain it
  65. Asterix kalkin: indeed, and it's the one that introduce the stanza-message-outgoing event that you use
  66. Asterix ho .. a password reset ... I feel a ticket arriving :)
  67. Zash Why even have passwords :)
  68. Asterix why even are there spmmer bots ...
  69. Zash We haven't had any successful spam on our (prosodys) issue tracker yet.
  70. kalkin did rm -rf ~/gajim && hg clone && hg update gajim-0.16 && PLAY_BISECT_GAME. Result: first good revision is, the same one for Sep 23
  71. Zash They don't seem to click the link that's emailed to them... or even put in valid email addresses
  72. Asterix Zash: I have some days several hundreds attempts
  73. Zash Asterix: But can you sign up without a valid working email address?
  74. Asterix Zash: yes, no email verification
  75. Asterix I can't enable it, that doesn't work
  76. Asterix maybe because of another plugin I use
  77. kalkin According to my hg guessing, it's the last commit which introduced the regression
  78. kalkin 721dea033597
  79. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8335 (Error reply to subject change attempt not shown) created Bug description If the client does not know if the user is allowed to perform an action (changing the room subject in this case) and allows them to try, it would be nice to show them some hint of failure in case the service returns an error. Steps to reproduce Enter a MUC room where you are not allowed to change the sub[…]
  80. kalkin because the commit preceeding it, the c8fb88f45185 seems to work, but now idea if c8fb88f45185 is really a parent of 721dea033597, because hg is a stinking peace of shit
  81. Asterix 721dea033597 is 5minutes old ...
  82. kalkin you, see this makes no sense at all
  83. Asterix and it's only related to gnupg, so no way it changes anything about omemo
  84. Asterix see
  85. kalkin Asterix: do you have the commit c8fb88f45185 ?
  86. Zash Have you described the bug?
  87. Asterix yes it's the one before the last one
  88. Zash Is OMEMO in a plugin?
  89. kalkin Zash: yes
  90. Zash Have you tried running bisect on the plugin repo?
  91. Asterix he is the plugin author
  92. kalkin Zash: there is nothing wrong with the plugin
  93. Zash k
  94. kalkin how come if i update from c8fb88f45185 to gajim_0.16 tip hg tells me there're 108 files updated?
  95. kalkin There is no way there're 108 files updated. I must be doing something inherently wrong.
  96. Asterix you're probably not updating to tip or not from c8fb88f45185
  97. Zash If you ran bisect then you probably had the last commit from that checked out
  98. Asterix tip != default
  99. Zash Try running `hg identify` or `hg parents`
  100. kalkin Ok. My issue was that hg update gajim-0.16 is an update to the label gajim-0.16 while i needed hg update gajim_0.16 , which is a branch
  101. kalkin now gajim_0.16 tip works with OMEMO plugin
  102. kalkin Asterix, Link Mauve & Zash: thank you for your patience and help
  103. kalkin Asterix: If you add 'google.protobuf' to the demandimport.ignore you can shipout 0.16.6 i think
  104. Asterix nice, I commit that now
  105. kalkin I think i'm going to sort my screws collection. I need to calm down :)
  106. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16046:36cecfcc49f3]: add 'google.protobuf' to demandimport ignore list for OMEMO plugin add 'google.protobuf' to demandimport ignore list for OMEMO plugin
  107. lovetox so is there an ETA for 0.16.6? and will the omemo dependency installer be included?
  108. Asterix I have an installer with them, but I don't know if it really works. Didn't got feedback
  109. lovetox hm ok i will try it now
  110. lovetox works on win7 x64 here as it should
  111. lovetox no dependency issues :)
  112. lovetox @Asterix
  113. Asterix great
  114. mt whats the download link ?
  115. lovetox
  116. arune Are there already an issue for not storing password in clear-text under windows?
  117. mt lovetox: thx!
  118. lovetox though you have to use OMEMO plugin from github, to get it working
  119. mt im getting some tracebacks when i try to get device keys
  120. lovetox yes
  121. mt whats the correct usage ?
  122. lovetox thats expected
  123. lovetox you have to use the github version
  124. lovetox the version in gajim is broken
  125. lovetox
  126. lovetox use 0.5-rc1
  127. lovetox and after copying the files you have to copy the omemo folder from "gajim-omemo-0.5-rc1\lib\python-omemo\src\omemo"
  128. lovetox to the omemo plugin folder
  129. lovetox its a bit complicated at the moment
  130. mt just the omemo subfolder or everything ?
  131. lovetox no first, copy everything
  132. lovetox then pull the subfolder out to the plugin folder
  133. lovetox it should look like this then C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Plugins\omemo\omemo
  134. mt ok
  135. Asterix why not just put this 0.5-rc1 in gajim repository??
  136. lovetox kalkin wanted to fix something before he does that
  137. lovetox also he uses a symlink to the omemo libs, in this rc release which does not work on windows
  138. lovetox so he should change that too
  139. mt So put the content from: gajim-omemo-0.5-rc1\lib\python-omemo\src\omemo inside: C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Plugins\omemo\omemo ?
  140. lovetox yes
  141. lovetox but also
  142. lovetox everything from gajim-omemo-0.5-rc1
  143. lovetox into .. Roaming\Gajim\Plugins\omemo
  144. lovetox if it doesnt work i can provide you with a zip file that already made that adjustment
  145. mt got it, im usually not to stupid to replace some files but today :)
  146. mt also that omemo file that is inside the zip made me fail
  147. mt i think it a sysmlin
  148. mt k
  149. lovetox yes
  150. lovetox nah its way to complicated :)
  151. mt i failed at deleting that
  152. mt but i've got everything now!
  153. mt thx
  154. kalkin There're were two things I needed to figure out before release: ① If gajim HEAD breaks the plugin → it doesn't ② Symlink
  155. kalkin The symlink issue will be fixed today/tomorrow
  156. Asterix great
  157. kalkin I plan on releasing OMEMO till Monday
  158. kalkin lovetox: Need you real name if you want to be mentioned with your real name in the release notes
  159. kalkin lovetox: Need your real name if you want to be mentioned with your real name in the release notes
  160. kalkin I can just use your GitHub nick, if you prefer
  161. lovetox thx kalkin, its really not necessary to mention me, if you insist please use my github nick :)
  162. lovetox and good to hear about the release next week
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