Gajim - 2016-04-23

  1. mpan (0.16.5) Given I have a metacontact, consisting of 3 copies of the same account, from 3 different servers I use. How can I make one of them default.
  2. mpan To simplify the case, assume I have two accounts: mpan@foo and mpan@bar. The person have one account: else@bar. I have else@bar twice (from each server), joined as a metacontact. I would like to make sure that I always, by default, use one of the contacts (preferably the one at mpan@bar, as this avoid unnecessary sending data between hosts).
  3. mpan Currently it seems to be choosen pretty randomly, even if I mark one using “Make X the first contact” option. Sometimes I also receive messages through one server, but they’re sent through another.
  4. goffi hi