Gajim - 2016-04-20

  1. Awesome improvement on suppressing not-really-new-messages on reconnect (in latest mercurial version). However in one case one single msg got duplicated - last online-received mssage got duplicated in smaller grey font, which i guess indicates it was retrieved from MAM
  2. can it be off-by-one error or wrong date comparsion operator being used?
  3. Marzanna I switched OMEMO off and switched OTR on in Gajim. I can send messages to another gajim client, but get "?OTR:AA..." in Conversations. OTR is enabled in Conversations, fingerprint verified. What's wrong?
  4. lovetox OTR is not a multi device protokoll
  5. lovetox thats why omemo exists
  6. lovetox with OTR you can only talk to one device
  7. Marzanna lovetox, Thanks. But I with OMEMO I get some troubles.
  8. lovetox what troubles?
  9. Marzanna lovetox, when I write messages from gajim on my desktop PC I don't see them in Conversations, bet then I use Gajim on my laptop, everything is fine.
  10. lovetox are you using the latest version from github, or the version that you download inside gajim
  11. Marzanna downloaded with plugin manager
  12. lovetox are you on windows?
  13. Marzanna Linux
  14. lovetox you can try to download the version on github
  15. lovetox there were some changes with adding devices to your conversation
  16. lovetox maybe that fixes that
  17. Marzanna lovetox, Thanks. I'll try.
  18. lovetox if that not helps
  19. lovetox there is a issue open about that on github
  20. Marzanna Not today though. GN.
  21. lovetox gn :)
  22. Link Mauve I’d say you are not encrypting your messages for your other devices.
  23. lovetox it seems there is a bug, either in conversations or in gajim
  24. lovetox
  25. Link Mauve lovetox, “01.04.2016 11:25:00 (W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo OMEMO message does not contain our device key”
  26. Link Mauve So that means the client that sent this message didn’t encrypt for this Gajim.
  27. lovetox yes seems so, i dont know the details of the protocol, but this should happen automatically, but for some reason the key is not added to the message
  28. lovetox i cant test it cause i dont own a smartphone :/
  29. Link Mauve This “for some reason” is for you to see with your other client. :)
  30. Link Mauve Or whoever reported this bug.
  31. lovetox yeah yould be a problem of converations