Gajim - 2016-04-19

  1. tmolitor asterix: yes, that is even shorter ;)
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  3. kalkin Is some one using gajim + i3? If i close Gajim in i3, the tray icon is not displayed. In KDE 4.something it works without issues
  4. kalkin hmm no forget it, it works now
  5. Link Mauve kalkin, I don’t have a tray bar here, but Gajim still thinks it can go there so I have to close it with ^Q instead of closing the window.
  6. q55 hello guys, would it be possible to have a plugin to receive (and maybe send) pictures/videos from mobile clients such as ChatSecure or Conversations?
  7. q55 I mean in the future, with funds and time
  8. Link Mauve q55, every file transfer method used by Conversations (I don’t know about ChatSecure) and more are supported by Gajim.
  9. q55 really? I'm definitely going to test it. ChatSecure uses OTR for encrypting files on the wire
  10. Link Mauve That likely won’t work, then.
  11. Link Mauve Gajim uses XTLS for that.
  12. q55 thanks a lot :)
  13. lovetox i started to use MUCs just recently
  14. lovetox my history looks like this
  15. lovetox
  16. lovetox everything is doubled sometimes tripled
  17. Link Mauve lovetox, ugh, that’s probably because you are using an older Ejabberd as your server and it doesn’t properly answer an error when a message is sent to a non-existing resource.
  18. Link Mauve Best thing to do in this case is to ask to get kicked.
  19. lovetox i use, i think they are pretty up to date
  20. Link Mauve Here it’s quite simple, just paste a sha256 string and you’ll be good. ^^'
  21. lovetox 16.02
  22. lovetox version
  23. Link Mauve Holger, wasn’t this bug fixed already?
  24. Holger Indeed.
  25. Holger I've never seen that effect myself and have no idea.
  26. Holger lovetox: Are/were you joined to the room with multiple devices?
  27. lovetox no, i only have one device
  28. Holger Then this old bug wouldn't be triggered anyway.
  29. Holger Hmm.
  30. lovetox i just reproduced this
  31. lovetox if i quit gajim, and then start it again
  32. lovetox open the muc
  33. lovetox it shows me messeages of the last hour
  34. lovetox all these messages get doubled then in the history
  35. Holger Does this only happen in this room?
  36. lovetox no
  37. lovetox also in conversations for example
  38. lovetox i mean the conversations MUC
  39. Holger Interesting how there's multiple seconds between the duplicates.
  40. Marzanna Should I manually disable OMEMO, if the contact's client doesn't support it?
  41. Asterix Marzanna: no, it should not be available in GUI if your contact doesn't support it. At least I hope that the protocole it correctly designed
  42. Asterix I don't use it myself
  43. Asterix the plugin is not available for py3
  44. Marzanna Asterix, Hmm. Gajim says "OMEMO encryption enabled " and my messages are undelivered. I can chat after I unchecked OMEMO in chat tab.
  45. Asterix I'd say it's a bug in the plugin then
  46. q55 OMEMO and Gajim?
  47. Marzanna q55, I use OMEMO with Gajim. Other end client doesn't support OMEMO.
  48. q55 Is there a plugin I don't know about? It sounds very good
  49. lovetox yeah, the omemo gajim plugin ^^
  50. q55 I've used Gajim for a few days and I'm already in love
  51. lovetox Marzanna: the Omemo button and UI should not be available if the contact doesnt use it
  52. lovetox are you sure the contact does not have ANY device that supports omemo
  53. q55 it's just sad to keep reading the OTR plugin isn't maintained and should not be relied on :( Let me get rid of Pidgin please!!!
  54. Marzanna lovetox, they use Gajim with omemo sometimes but now it's SailfishOS xmpp client.
  55. Link Mauve Marzanna, my guess is that your contact has published OMEMO keys, but isn’t currently using a client supporting that.
  56. q55 may I ask how to use pip to install python-axolotl? What is "pip"?
  57. Link Mauve And the XEP still doesn’t mention that you should include a body mentioning that…
  58. Link Mauve Or even just a message marker, hmm…
  59. Link Mauve The message marker would allow some better discoverability.
  60. Marzanna Link Mauve, but when I use another Gajim client on my desktop I can chat with SailfishOS client with OMEMO enabled in Gajim...
  61. Link Mauve Marzanna, then this client supports it properly?
  62. Marzanna Link Mauve, SailfishOS client?
  63. Link Mauve Yes, if you encrypt your messages and it can read then, that means it supports it.
  64. lovetox q55: are you on windows?
  65. q55 Linux
  66. q55 using Gajim nightly for the first time :)
  67. Marzanna Link Mauve, but I'm in doubt that SailfishOS client supports any encryption besides c2s
  68. Marzanna Also Conversations reacts differently if I chat using Gajim on my laptop and desktop with other omemo-enabled gajim client.
  69. q55 do you guys have any news concerning the OTR plugin development? I can't find anything but bad news online, while I see it was updated to version 1.9.2 for the Gajim nightly.. it can't be a dead project
  70. lovetox it works ok
  71. lovetox i use it everyday
  72. lovetox for installing python-axolotl
  73. lovetox try in your console something like : sudo python pip install python-axolotl
  74. lovetox i believe, didnt do this for a long time
  75. q55 thanks :)
  76. q55 doesn't work but anyway, I understand that pip is a packet manager for python
  77. Asterix q55: which distro?
  78. q55 Mint, Cinnamon
  79. Asterix it's a desktop environment, not a distro. Debian?
  80. Asterix ha mint ..
  81. Asterix sorry
  82. Asterix maybe packaged in mint? it is packaged in debian
  83. lovetox Marzanna: the plugin is in beta status, i wouldnt draw conclusions from the "OMEMO encryption enabled"
  84. lovetox i would only trust the XML Console for the outgoing messages
  85. lovetox it could very well be the case that you send unencrypted messages to sailfishos client event though it says "OMEMO encryption enabled"
  86. Marzanna lovetox, oh, I see. thank you.
  87. q55 Asterix, it seems it's not there.. sudo apt-get install pip gives a not found error
  88. lovetox try python-pip
  89. Asterix apt-get install python-axolotl
  90. q55 python-pip worked :)
  91. q55 Guys? "sudo pip install python-axolotl" doesn't work, it gives this error
  92. q55 I know this isn't a room for python support, sorry if it is offtopic
  93. lovetox hm now that pip is installed try : python pip install python-axolotl
  94. lovetox ah no
  95. lovetox dont do that
  96. lovetox it seems it works with the other command
  97. lovetox but there is something missing, i had this once mom
  98. lovetox q55: sudo apt-get install python-dev
  99. lovetox then try again to install axolotl
  100. q55 right away
  101. q55 I guess it's all bundled for Windows users, is it?
  102. lovetox no its even more complicated there
  103. lovetox actually its really easy for linux users
  104. lovetox if you know the right commands its maybe 3 or 4 commands
  105. lovetox but in a future version of gajim the dependencies are hopefully included
  106. q55 hopefully, yes. It's great that we're going to have OMEMO. Really awesome
  107. q55 lovetox, thanks! It worked
  108. q55 now Gajim won't launch though XD
  109. lovetox try to turn it off and on again
  110. lovetox :D
  111. q55 can't launch it ;) can't do that
  112. lovetox hmm
  113. lovetox how did you download omemo?
  114. q55 it was downloaded through "pip install"
  115. lovetox ah no thats again dependencie problem with google protobuf
  116. q55 I don't have a clue what that is :\
  117. lovetox try : python pip install protobuf
  118. q55 "Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): protobuf in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages"
  119. Asterix for win, I built an installer is python-axolotl, but that needs tests. Plugins devs will do that
  120. lovetox asterix can you see why the init file is missing from the protobuf dependencie
  121. lovetox or maybe im reading this wrong and thats not the problem
  122. lovetox and regarding windows installer, i believe kalkin doesnt have win
  123. lovetox i would be glad to test/try it if you want
  124. Asterix no idea wht the problem is, but the next versino of Gajim won't crash anymore. It will just ignore the plugin when it can't load
  125. q55 Asterix I'm using the nightly version
  126. lovetox hm try uninstalling protobuf
  127. lovetox and reinstalling it
  128. lovetox maybe
  129. Asterix it's not yet there ...
  130. q55 "pip uninstall protobuf" gives an error.
  131. lovetox permission denied haha
  132. lovetox i dont know shit about linux sorry
  133. lovetox last thing i would try is
  134. lovetox download it from
  135. lovetox and try to install it
  136. q55 "sudo" did the trick.. I don't know much about Linux either and I use it :P
  137. lovetox always use sudo, first thing i learned using linux ^^
  138. q55 there's something going on here for sure.. I've just uninstalled and when I try to install it again it says it's already there
  139. lovetox hm ... i wish you good luck, maybe some other people can help here, thats the end of my linux knowledge :/
  140. q55 mine as well, but I think it was obvious lol
  141. q55 thanks lovetox ;)
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