Gajim - 2016-04-15

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  5. b_b hop
  6. b_b does anyone knows if there is way to set something like "join delay" with irc gateaway + gajim ?
  7. b_b my problem is, i've got some irc chan bookmarked + autojoin enbaled
  8. b_b when i launch gajim, it connect me directly to irc server, before my "cloak" is set
  9. b_b and the cloak works only after i've send identify command to nickserv
  10. b_b i've read that xhcat got a join delay option to deal with this
  11. b_b so i'm searching to something similar...
  12. erlehmann does anyone know a server where i can test the inline images in muc capability?
  13. Marzanna Which XEP?
  14. erlehmann XEP-0363
  15. arune erlehmann:
  16. erlehmann ok
  17. erlehmann arune, can you help me test it?
  18. erlehmann with the gajim http upload plugin it claims the server does not support uploads
  19. arune erlehmann: I'm not at the computer right not but I've tested it with gajim before, with
  20. erlehmann arune, in which MUC?
  21. arune You probably have to wait a few minutes after logging in
  22. arune As you are using a separate server component you can be in any muc, not just on
  23. arune If you have android, install Conversations and test
  24. erlehmann i do not have android. i have an n900 running maemo.
  25. arune Did you create an account on
  26. erlehmann no.
  27. arune And you are using gajim 0.16.5 or later?
  28. arune Your server needs support for 363...
  29. erlehmann oh, i am using Gajim 0.16.4-9633f40c8c9e
  30. erlehmann too old!
  31. erlehmann it seems
  32. arune That also works
  33. arune But you'll need an account on a server with 363 support
  34. erlehmann ah i see
  35. arune You might also need the URL image preview plugin, but not necessarily if your only chatting with friends using gajim
  36. erlehmann arune, my friends have conversations
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  38. Asterix tmolitor: Hi
  39. tmolitor asterix: hi
  40. Asterix tmolitor: about #8277, you use py2 or py3 version?
  41. tmolitor asterix: py2
  42. Asterix I don't understand how you can't have a tb printed. As soon as you open a chat window with any contact and a tb is printed here
  43. tmolitor asterix: but I'll switch to the py3 version as soon as message marking is implemented...
  44. tmolitor asterix: I have bt when I open a chat window...but not when this bug happens...
  45. tmolitor the chat window is already open when the bug is triggered...
  46. tmolitor if the chat window is closed this bug displays envelopes in the roster, as a notification is triggered...
  47. Asterix ok ok
  48. Asterix and in the logs you posted the XML is not shown
  49. tmolitor asterix: I know, but I think it is better than nothing...
  50. tmolitor asterix: I had the xml console already closed when I reported this bug...
  51. Link Mauve tmolitor, what is message marking?
  52. tmolitor (I always have the xml console open, in case a bug is triggered...but I had to restart gajim because it started to show my other resource as "contact not in roster")
  53. tmolitor Link Mauve, the green checkmark shown when using message receipts...and some more things not implemented yet...
  54. Link Mauve Oh, ok.
  55. Link Mauve I didn’t notice this was broken.
  56. tmolitor Link Mauve, no, it is not broken, just not really extendible...
  57. tmolitor I want to build this into gajim:
  58. tmolitor and I want to add support for markin messages for which an error stanza is received...
  59. Link Mauve Oh nice, we do that in poezio and that’s super helpful.
  60. tmolitor so the marking of messages has to be more generic...
  61. Link Mauve We have a tri-state variable, 0 when it’s unknown, 1 when it’s been acked, and -1 when it’s been nack’d (usually by an error).
  62. tmolitor Link Mauve, I want to build a generic "message marking" framework which is used by the message receipts implementation and the other ones I mentioned...
  63. Holger Marking messages for which an error stanza is received would be really nice.
  64. Link Mauve Other one*s*?
  65. Asterix tmolitor: that's helpfull to know that the TB did not appear when the bug occured
  66. Holger And throwing away errors that were returned for presence stanzas, for example.
  67. tmolitor Holger, I already added that in the default branch...
  68. Link Mauve Holger, it’s usually better to use them to display that information.
  69. Link Mauve Hmm…
  70. Holger Hm?
  71. Link Mauve Like, in my roster I have a red cross for every user that sent me an error presence back.
  72. Holger Link Mauve: You want to be informed if your presence stanza didn't reach the recipient?
  73. Holger I think at least in the past the error was also mentioned in the chat window and a notification was triggered.
  74. tmolitor holger: yes, that's right
  75. Link Mauve Hmm, I think it might be helpful in some cases.
  76. Link Mauve Like you are chatting with someone, change your presence, and then if they didn’t receive it they likely won’t receive your following messages for example.
  77. Holger So I started throwing them away in ejabberd basically to make Gajim users happier.
  78. Holger Link Mauve: Huh.
  79. tmolitor Link Mauve, we have xep-184 for that case...
  80. Link Mauve tmolitor, right.
  81. Holger Link Mauve: Concluding from an error stanza that sending another stanza will fail is very wrong.
  82. Link Mauve tmolitor, but 184 only lets you know whether one of the resources of the user got the message, not why it didn’t reach them.
  83. Link Mauve Holger, indeed.
  84. tmolitor holger: I agree
  85. Holger Link Mauve: In practice you often get an error after a stream management session timed out.
  86. Link Mauve Yeah.
  87. Holger Link Mauve: If you then send an message it's likely to be delivered.
  88. tmolitor the presence error doesn't tell you what is wrong either...
  89. Link Mauve In which case, an idea I’ve had (or was it someone else? I don’t remember) was to send the nack’d messages again once the user came back, as a correction.
  90. Holger Link Mauve: I think those errors just annoyed about 100% of the users.
  91. Link Mauve That way they will only see it once whether they received it or not.
  92. tmolitor holger: yes, that's why I removed them...
  93. Link Mauve tmolitor, depends on which one, really.
  94. Link Mauve Stuff like s2s errors are very useful for me to know.
  95. Holger tmolitor: Yes I wasn't aware, that's really nice.
  96. Link Mauve But then I tend to not use presence anymore.
  97. tmolitor Link Mauve, why are s2s errors useful for you?
  98. Link Mauve It caps my ADSL connection. :/
  99. tmolitor Link Mauve, oh, thats bad...what speed is your adsl line?
  100. Link Mauve tmolitor, I can know that someone from my roster might not know I’m online, and send a presence probe manually for example.
  101. Link Mauve tmolitor, it uploads at about 80 KiB/s, which is what an outgoing presence is going to be using.
  102. tmolitor Link Mauve, why is it using so much bandwith?
  103. Link Mauve Maybe I should push for XEP-0033 to help that a bit. :/
  104. Link Mauve tmolitor, probably because I have a big roster and I’m in many MUCs.
  105. tmolitor Link Mauve, ah, I see...but shouldn't the presence be duplicated by your server and not your client?
  106. tmolitor presence broadcast...
  107. Link Mauve Yeah, but they both live on the same machine anyway. :)
  108. tmolitor Link Mauve, okay...that's an argument :D
  109. tmolitor maybe you should use LTE or bond multiple ADSL lines together...
  110. tmolitor *bind using bonding ;)
  111. Link Mauve My parents already pay like 36€ per month for a single one. :/
  112. Link Mauve LTE might be better, but then I don’t know about the latency.
  113. tmolitor Link Mauve, oh, that's really much...
  114. Link Mauve What would be more useful would be to get optical fiber, but they are slow.
  115. tmolitor the latency is usually good...about the same as for ADSL...
  116. tmolitor ~60ms
  117. Link Mauve From where I am right now I have about 45ms of roundtrip, which is pretty much unnoticable for chatting.
  118. Link Mauve So 60ms wouldn’t be much worse.
  119. tmolitor Link Mauve, I have 60ms for my ADSL line...
  120. Asterix tmolitor: I added a new patch in the ticket
  121. mpan Link Mauve, isn’t there any cable or optic fibre operator where you live?
  122. mathieuii at least he has ADSL
  123. mpan ADSL line, and at such absurd price, looks like a total rip off >_>
  124. mathieuii I can’t say the same
  125. Link Mauve There is cable, but their offer is worse in many other ways, like no static IPv4 or no IPv6 at all.
  126. tmolitor asterix: okay, I'll try it out :)
  127. mpan I would say cable + VPN for static IPv4 would still be faster and cheaper :]
  128. mpan I know it’s a little bit offtopic, but it seems like your ISP is insance and you should really search for some other option.
  129. tmolitor asterix: how to start gajim so that the xml is also printed on console?
  130. tmolitor currently I use -l DEBUG
  131. Asterix tmolitor: -l .nbxmpp.client_nb=INFO
  132. tmolitor asterix: okay, restarting gajim now :)
  133. tmolitor asterix: I'll restart my server now...maybe this triggers the bug :)
  134. tmolitor asterix: yes, I think it got triggered :)
  135. tmolitor only for one chat partner, but it triggered...
  136. tmolitor ~1600 lines of debug output :D
  137. tmolitor asterix: I'll send you an email containing the trace...
  138. mpan Link Mauve: and about LTE — don’t bother if you need any stability or performance. Any wireless sux by definition. It’s great if you have no other option (like in travel, college, hospital, client’s offices, …), as a backup connection or anonymous tap into the internet, but otherwise it’s total piece of Microsoft.
  139. mathieuii hey, don’t diss LTE
  140. Asterix Link Mauve: what's the python module to print the call stack before a segault?
  141. mathieuii I have 40ms of ping on average and 2MB/s bandwidth
  142. mathieuii keeping me alive
  143. mpan mathieuii: I don’t diss. It disses itself. Also I’ve said it has its good uses. But not as a main line, if you have an option. This is purely technical limitation that can’t be overcome (until physicians will develop portals like in the game Portal, and they’ll be damn cheap to create and run).
  144. tmolitor asterix: import faulthandler faulthandler.enable()
  145. mpan mathieuii, LTE kept me in touch with the internet for over 1.5 months when I was recovering in hospital. No need to convince me that it may be useful. I’m just telling Link Mauve to not think about it as the primary solution, given he has another option (and it seems they has).
  146. Link Mauve Asterix, what tmolitor said. :)
  147. Asterix arf .. py3 only :/
  148. mpan Also: 40ms of ping, 2MB/s bandwidth. Far from acceptable, with capped transfer, and if your IP address doesn’t hop like mad each few minutes, you’re extremely luky person.
  149. Link Mauve I think it was a module back in python2.
  150. Link Mauve But I stopped doing anything with this dead language, it’s not worth it.
  151. tmolitor Asterix, what do you want to debug?
  152. Asterix
  153. tmolitor mpan, ip address hopping is not LTE's fault but your ISP's
  154. mpan mathieuii, forget to say: and for mad price ;)
  155. mathieuii it’s cheap
  156. mpan tmolitor, no, it’s normal if you have switches between BTSes because of weak signal.
  157. mpan Cheap? 2 days of using YT and installation of ArchLinux ate as much of my money as I normally spend on my yearly support of uncapped cable. And the price can’t go lower.
  158. tmolitor mpan, no, they can assign you the same ip address again...I usually can travel half germany without changing my only changes if the signal is lost completely...
  159. tmolitor mpan, yes, it costs a lot of money if you have more than, say 1GB of traffic a month...
  160. mpan tmolitor, and this is common with underdeveloped infrastructure. Depends on how lucky one is — which I have pointed out in my statement :).
  161. Link Mauve mpan, in France you get 50 GiB of data cap for 16€ per month.
  162. tmolitor mpan, okay, that's right :D
  163. tmolitor Link Mauve, 50GB for 16€? germany you get like 5GB for the same money :D
  164. mpan Ye, 50G/16€ is really cheap. Stil prohibitely expensive compared to a cable
  165. tmolitor asterix: can I help you with some new patch for #8277 ?
  166. Link Mauve I still haven’t looked at the prices here in the UK, but I’m not interested in mobile so I’m fine with optical fiber.
  167. Asterix tmolitor: send the the tracebacks for the message that should not be printed when that hjappens. And if you have the XML that goes with it, that's be nice
  168. mpan ~15€ here monthly for uncapped 60/6 Mib/s, cable. 50GiB is what I use in 2 days…
  169. mpan I mean: 50GiB upload.
  170. tmolitor asterix: I already sent you the whole debug output containing the bt and the xml output...
  171. tmolitor via email
  172. tmolitor both backtraces are induced by the bug...
  173. tmolitor asterix: just search for "print_conversation" in the debug log I sent you...
  174. mpan Any wireless connection has one physical limitation that can’t be fixed. It’s capacity is limited by available frequencies, and frequencies are 1-dimensional. Any physical medium may be laid in 3 dimensions, being limited mainly by the thickness of the cable itself.
  175. mpan And the frequencies are a very scarce resource. This is why it’s expensive, must be capped somehow and at some point the medium gets saturated and one can do nothing about that.
  176. Asterix tmolitor: this is the after the recinnect?
  177. tmolitor asterix: yes
  178. tmolitor its only the part after the reconnect...
  179. tmolitor I restarted the xmpp server, resulting in this reconnect...
  180. Asterix ok nice. and both messages should not be printed right?
  181. tmolitor yes...they are several hours old...
  182. tmolitor an I already received them, they are even shown already in the chat window...
  183. tmolitor *and
  184. Asterix ok
  185. Asterix those messages where marked an unread in the database
  186. Asterix so the bug occured when you received them and they were printed in Gajim. Gajim should have marked them as read ...
  187. tmolitor asterix: okay, should I apply a new patch to debug this further?
  188. mpan Is gajim accepting BTC or PayPal donations? Can’t find any “donate” thing on the website >_>.
  189. Asterix mpan:
  190. Asterix ha .. the flatter link isn't there ...
  191. mpan Oh, haven’t noticed the button (as an external source wasn’t displayed)
  192. mpan thx
  193. mpan EUR only? >_>
  194. Asterix hmmm yes ...
  195. tmolitor asterix: the messages where definitely read...I answered them using gajim...
  196. tmolitor so they where displayed...
  197. mpan Hmm… I just hate converting currencies unneccesserily. PayPal has mad rates ;).
  198. Asterix mpan: yes I understand :/
  199. Asterix tmolitor: I'll try to add debug print of messages that are shown later ...
  200. tmolitor asterix: okay :)