Gajim - 2016-04-12

  1. tristank kalkin: Will there be a proper key mangement interface for the omemo plugin any time soon?
  2. euan Out of curiosity, will there be any more releases of Gajim for python2 and GTK2, the continuation of 0.16.5 ?
  3. Link Mauve euan, likely not.
  4. euan OK, thanks
  5. Link Mauve Maybe bugfixes, but the goal is to get 1.0 released as soon as possible.
  6. euan Great, looking forward to it
  7. euan can somebody pointt me to the code that handles chat input?
  8. Link Mauve euan, it’s aptly named src/
  9. euan thanks, i'm being lazy
  10. euan can I edit this code on the fly and test, or do I need to rebuild Gajim
  11. Link Mauve There is no build of any kind, this is a pure Python software. :)
  12. euan great! so i just delete the pyo and pyc, restart Gajim, and it picks up my changes?
  13. Link Mauve I don’t think you even need to delete it, but maybe.
  14. Link Mauve Better clone the repository and use the, in any way.
  15. euan OK, thanks
  16. kalkin tristank: as soon as i have some time, but i will accept patches from proactiv users :)
  17. euan anybody running Gajim in KDE4?
  18. kalkin is running kde 4.11
  19. euan is that a bot?
  20. euan if so, that's awesome!
  21. kalkin ?
  22. euan I'm just wondering if there's a way to change status depending on screen lock status
  23. euan I don't like auto change status on a timer
  24. euan but my machine will sceen lock when i'm away
  25. euan wondering how well this works in KDE if at all?
  26. kalkin i'm almost positiv that kde will notify via d-bus on screen locking
  27. kalkin you could write a simple gajim-dbus plugin which will subscribe to the apropriate service and receive an event
  28. euan I notice a lot of users here use their status, but I never remember to manage my status, I forget
  29. euan OK, so it's not built in to Gajim yet?
  30. kalkin euan: I don't use status at all. It's to much of a privacy hazard
  31. euan Oh, how does it effect us badly?
  32. euan I don't really care if people see my status, what privacy concerns?
  33. kalkin well every one knows when i'm on my desktop or not and what I'm doing
  34. euan Ah OK, I'm not fussewd about that myself, but good to know others are
  35. kalkin for example you could somtimes guess if i'm codding/typing something or watching somthign with just doing movements exactly every 24 minutes
  36. euan I just want it to report that I'm away if I'm away
  37. euan on other hand, I can be logged into a few machines at differnt locations at asame time, and my phone
  38. kalkin i know of no built in method for that
  39. euan so it's probably not practical anyway
  40. kalkin but dbus is probably your best friend.
  41. euan OK, thanks
  42. kalkin euan: simple hack set in Preferences -> Status -> Away after to same amount of minutes like your screen lock ;)
  43. euan like I say, it won't work well if I use several devices
  44. euan that's true, except I screen lock manually too
  45. kalkin than you can map a script to your lock-key combination which not only locks the screen but changes gajim status
  46. kalkin the custom shortcuts in kde4 are pretty powerful
  47. kalkin the custom shortcuts in kde4 are pretty powerfull
  48. euan I need a telepathic plugin that knows when i'm mentally (away/busy/asleep etc.) LOL
  49. kalkin i think there were a remote control plugin for gajim
  50. euan that's a good idea, nice one
  51. euan well, realistically, it's best I get into habbit of seeting status myself, it's coming back 'online' that's harder to remember
  52. kalkin btw for gnome there is a GNOME SessionManager plugin
  53. euan OK, good to know
  54. kalkin euan: what do you achieve by changing your status? It's not like people can't still leave you a message.
  55. euan Anybody know if there is a 'Factory' mechanism for pushing out defaults?
  56. euan Linphone (SIP client) has one, great for mass installations
  57. kalkin euan: pretty sure all the defaults are in some file in the source code
  58. euan kalkin: true, just that's it's useful if they know why I don't reply
  59. euan OK, so I could hard code the defaults by making my own package. Nice if they're all in the same place, almost as good as a factory file.
  60. kalkin src/
  61. euan cool, thanks kalkin
  62. kalkin euan: if you ever want to do the whole dbus screen lock thing, you can have a look at the MPRIS2 plugin. The plugin listens to a dbus api which announces the currently playing song and updates the status. You probably will need just to change the dbus event address thingy
  63. kalkin I think the Xorg guys are calling it a well-known dbus address
  64. euan OK, thanks, I probably won't have time to do that, not for a while anyway
  65. euan was just wondering if anybody knew an existing way
  66. kalkin well the good thing about Gajim is it's written in python and is easily hackable even by novices. The bad thing about Gajim is it's written in python .... :D
  67. euan what's bad about Gajim?
  68. euan I mean Python?
  69. euan I loooooove python, can't see any downsides yet
  70. euan BTW, i'll be offline and online a lot, I'm debugging my emoticon issue, restarting a lot
  71. euan Aha, I found the cause, it's a function called "helpers.remove_invalid_xml_chars"
  72. euan it is run within "send_message" function inside
  73. euan diggind deeper..... :-)
  74. euan yep, if I comment it out, I can post my emoticons, PROGRESS!!
  75. euan
  76. euan
  77. euan Aha, the muc chat uses a different send_message function (I guess)
  78. euan where would I find helpers.remove_invalid_xml_chars function?
  79. euan founfd it (src/common/
  80. euan ok, so I try to post an emoticon again:
  81. euan 😀
  82. kalkin i see it fine
  83. euan yes, it works!!
  84. euan so it's this line that strips my emoticons: string = re.sub(gajim.interface.invalid_XML_chars_re, '', string)
  85. euan but it only strips out my emoticon (unicode character) when python built with ucs2
  86. kalkin so invalid_XML_chars_re is probably broken
  87. euan when python built with ucs4, it does not strip out my emoticon character
  88. euan well, broekn for users with python built without --enable-unicode=ucs4
  89. euan which includes Slackware
  90. euan So, at worse we can fix by adding an "if python.ucs_level == 2: do this instead"
  91. euan where can I find gajim.interface.invalid_XML_chars_re?
  92. euan # Invalid XML chars self.invalid_XML_chars = u'[\x00-\x08]|[\x0b-\x0c]|[\x0e-\x1f]|'\ u'[\ud800-\udfff]|[\ufffe-\uffff]'
  93. euan This is the specific range of unicode characters in invalid_XML_chars that cause my emoticons to not be sent: [\ud800-\udfff]
  94. euan Can anyone say why that range is invalid?
  95. euan it only effects python compiled without UCS-4
  96. euan OK, I fixed the bug that stops unicode emoticons working with python build with ucs-2
  97. euan but where is the 0.16.5 branch on github and where is the new python3 / pygtk3 branch? my patch only applies to python2 version (in maintainance)
  98. kalkin euan: development is going on in trac not on github
  99. euan OK, so the github is stil the place for the 0.16.5 codebase?
  100. euan if I want to submit a PR
  101. euan hmm, last commit is in 2008
  102. euan maybe I'm on wrong github project
  103. euan OK, I get it, it's all done on
  104. kalkin euan: yes
  105. euan Thanks kalkin, I'll have to look into it another day, when i have more time. If it was on github I could quickly fork it and send a PR, but I'm not as familiar with SVN or Mercurial.
  106. euan unless somebody wants to commit it for me...
  107. euan I'll discuss the bug and my fix once more devs are back online
  108. tristank Is thereva gajim nightly binary available for windows?
  109. arune tristank: no, I'd also like to test the default branch
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  111. Asterix That's why I hate ppl do clone on github. It's not maintained and confuse users. I really hate that!
  112. tmolitor asterix: who owns that github repo?
  113. Asterix no idea, not me
  114. tmolitor asterix: well, ok...
  115. tmolitor asterix: if I use to launch gajim in the default branch I have now plugin manager?
  116. tmolitor the only plugin listed is "Acronyms Expander" and there is only the "install from zip" button, but not the tabs provided by the plugin manager...
  117. Asterix yes because the plugin manager you have installed is the one for py2. If you run a gajim version that is not packaged, you don't have any plugin. Get it from gajim-plugins repos
  118. tmolitor asterix: I don't understand...why is my pluginmanager for py2? I only cloned the default branch and did not install anything src/plugins there is a, though...
  119. Asterix plugin manager is not in gajim repository, it's in gajim-plugins repository. So the one you had before is the one you got with the tarball or with your distro: the one for py2
  120. tmolitor really? I did a hg clone; cd gajim/src/plugins; ls *.py and I get this:
  121. Asterix these are the files in Gajim to handle plugins
  122. Asterix the plugin installer is a plugin:
  123. tmolitor asterix: ah okay, now I get it! :) I was under the impression the file woulde be the manager itself :)
  124. Asterix if we do that, it would not be upgradable like a plugin is
  125. tmolitor ah...but is there a way to bundle certain plugins with gajim?
  126. tmolitor like encryption ones after refacturing gpg an esession to a plugin?
  127. Asterix sure, my building script does that and it's shipped in the tarball for example
  128. tmolitor asterix: that's good :)
  129. Asterix any news about he chat marker thing? there is a plugin on github
  130. tmolitor no, I'm relatively busy at the moment...sorry...
  131. tmolitor but I have an other problem now...when I try to install the plugin manager via zip it says it is already installed and asks me if I want to overwrite it...
  132. tmolitor is it possible to run 0.16.5 and default branch in parallel?
  133. tmolitor if I klick yes I get a backtrace :/
  134. Asterix yes, just install the plugins manually in 2 different folders
  135. Asterix the zip file on trac is not for py3 version
  136. tmolitor how can I tell gajim which folder to look in?
  137. tmolitor oh, I missed that...I'm a bit confused today :D
  138. Asterix Gajim looks in all folders in ~/.config/gajim/plugins
  139. Link Mauve tmolitor, you can just set XDG_CONFIG_HOME to some other directory.
  140. tmolitor yes, I know...but how can I have gajim default branch and current stable live together in harmony?
  141. tmolitor Link Mauve, ah, that's a good idea...
  142. Link Mauve Like XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/tmp/gajim1.0 ./
  143. Link Mauve I guess you don’t need that for either data or cache, as they are compatible.
  144. Asterix wrong filder. Plugins are in ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins
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  146. Asterix all is compatible. Just the plugins are not. Just install the plugin_installer to plugin_insatller2, and install the py3 version in plugin_installer folder and each Gajim version will get the good one
  147. tmolitor I used the XDG_CONFIG_HOME workaround now and that even enabled the plugin installer out of the box :)