Gajim - 2016-04-11

  1. LordVan any devs here? - got a problem with MaM history
  2. cippaciong LordVan, "If you have something to ask, just ask"
  3. LordVan usually do, but i asked a few times already when no-one was here who could help haha
  4. LordVan anyway
  5. cippaciong 😅
  6. LordVan the problem is that my gajim (on linux and windows) sometimes likes to - more or less - randomly re-fetch the whole MAM history
  7. LordVan which takes .. well some time
  8. LordVan and then when i kill it off cuz i want to log out or whatever the next time it won't load the roster properly
  9. LordVan just a fraction of it (so i set roster version to 0 manually so it reloads it next start and then it just does the whole MAM fetching again)
  10. Link Mauve LordVan, you should report a bug on Trac.
  11. LordVan Link Mauve, yeah I was just hoping to have a little chat first as to how i best report it (ie what info,.. ) but i guess i'll just report it ^^
  12. LordVan since it is making my gajim pretty much useless on that machine
  13. LordVan (both on linux and windows)
  14. Link Mauve I’ve never heard of this specific bug though, and especially I don’t see how it could affect roster loading.
  15. LordVan no idea
  16. LordVan maybe i should just try creating a new profile, but that'll also make it fetch teh mam history again i guess
  17. vorner I had some problems with roster versioning recently. I haven't gotten to reporting it yet, though. I'll have to find out if it is a problem of the server (there are some custom patches around that part) or gajim.
  18. vorner It could be another bug, triggered by unclean shutdown, or something.
  19. LordVan vorner, the thign is i don't have the issue on this machine i am using now (@work)
  20. LordVan also no roster problems on xabber on my phone,..
  21. LordVan so meh
  22. vorner Some corrupted DB, then?
  23. Link Mauve LordVan, no other client than Gajim fetches the whole history that I know of.
  24. mpan I wonder: what auth/encryption schemes will the new Gajim support?
  25. mpan Basically I’m interested if GnuPG support will be continued, and if native libOTR support is planned?
  26. Link Mauve mpan, I think the goal would be to move OpenPGP support in a plugin.
  27. Link Mauve Why do you prefer libotr to the pure python OTR library currently used?
  28. mpan There is no pure python OTR. It has been discontinued and deprecated long time ago.
  29. Link Mauve Huh, it’s the one I’m using whenever I have to use OTR.
  30. mathieui mpan, it has not
  31. mpan mathieui, see the official repo.
  32. mathieui this one?
  33. mpan
  34. mpan But the other one too
  35. mathieui the other one is not
  36. mathieui last commit is less than 4 months ago (in the staging branch)
  37. mathieui (I happen to know the maintainer)
  38. LordVan what would be nice is if one could choose to download Mam history or not - and maybe trigger it manually later (or even on a per-contact basis)
  39. mpan Hm… did he reactivated the project? I remember it was pretty dead some time ago. Well… then it’s not that bad. Yet the message in README is well… pretty clear.
  40. LordVan that would be really useful
  41. mpan Of course libotr would be better, but if there is any OTR impl for Gajim, implementing it within the software itself isn’t the main concern indeed.
  42. LordVan just soemthign in the context menu to fetch MAM history for that one user -- or -if possible- sync it so it uploads too
  43. Link Mauve LordVan, you can’t upload anything with MAM.
  44. LordVan Link Mauve, ok then just fetch ;)
  45. LordVan but i think it would be useful if gajim asked at startup if i want to fetch or not (especially if it wants to fetch *all*)
  46. LordVan and a per-contact fetching should be possible with mam shouldn't it?
  47. LordVan - been a while since i read taht XEP
  48. Link Mauve LordVan, imo it’d be better not to retrieve everything at all, and just do it when the user accesses the history or such.
  49. LordVan Link Mauve, sure why not . user opens history for a contact and gets a button to fetch mam history
  50. LordVan just do it manually only
  51. LordVan - nothing stopping one from also putting it in the context menu for the contact - e.g. in the manage section there
  52. LordVan but afaik it is forced downloading isn't it ? - or is there some optiont o disable it?
  53. Link Mauve The MAM UI in Gajim is non-existent.
  54. Link Mauve And Asterix doesn’t have much time lately, you should probably contribute if you want that fixed someday. :)
  55. LordVan hehe i might just do that
  56. LordVan but i am not familiar with the code base at all
  57. LordVan -- although one thing should be fairly easy to implement: a config option to just disable fetching
  58. mpan Will plugin API change in the new Gajim? I was thinking few times about making libOTR-based one in free time (if I have some) and would not like to do it pointlessly just to have to throw away all the work on the major release.
  59. LordVan is there a gajim python3 version yet?
  60. mpan Not stable.
  61. Link Mauve LordVan, yes, in the default branch.
  62. LordVan k
  63. LordVan maybe i'll test it (on linux) ;)
  64. LordVan any eta when the first release with python3 is to be expected?
  65. Link Mauve When there are no regressions anymore compared to the current 0.16, I guess.
  66. Link Mauve Currently, at least voice/video and avahi support aren’t working.
  67. mpan > When there are no regressions anymore compared to the current 0.16, I guess. Link Mauve: This applies to my question on plugin API compatibility or LordVan’s?
  68. LordVan probalby both xd
  69. Link Mauve mpan, I’m not aware of any plan to change the plugin API, what and why would you change in it?
  70. mpan Well… it’s a major release of a software. API breaks happen in such cases.
  71. mpan Especially if it’s planned to move GnuPG support to a plugin, expecting a change in the API for writing such plugins wouldn’t be a surprise.
  72. Link Mauve It’s “planned”, but if nobody does it it won’t happen.
  73. LordVan hehe
  74. LordVan i think i shall poke @ the source at some point and at least write a patch to disable MAM fetching completely via a config option
  75. LordVan that should be rpetty simple
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  77. tmolitor asterix: I added the debug patch for #8277, too...I'll tell you the output as soon as the bug triggers again (could take a litte longer, though)...
  78. Asterix tmolitor: ok thanks
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  80. Marzanna I've just discovered that Conversations won't support XHTML-IM :C
  81. Marzanna They can't see my cute smiles which I send From Gajim...
  82. euan Hi mpan, hi Link Mauve, you guys busy?
  83. kalkin Marzanna: you could develop a sticker XEP and sens us cute puppy atickera
  84. kalkin Stickers
  85. Marzanna kalkin, anyway only 1.5 clients will have support for this.
  86. kalkin I get the vibe that a lot of people are interested in it
  87. kalkin And by people I mean developers
  88. kalkin 😁
  89. kalkin Mere mortals don't count 😎
  90. Link Mauve euan, I just came home, why?
  91. Link Mauve kalkin, by “sticker XEP”, you mean 231? :p
  92. euan Some news about that emoticons issue
  93. Link Mauve euan, you got your distribution to fix their broken python2?
  94. euan Link Mauve: the Slackware developer Patrick Volkerding replied himself
  95. euan there's no reason other that it's the python default
  96. euan I guess it's never been an issue before
  97. euan and he says it's too late in vev cycle to make the change now :-(
  98. euan ^dev
  99. euan make the change for Slackware 14.2 (coming very soon)
  100. euan So, I have to maintain packages myself....... unless.....
  101. euan I have an idea. I'd rather hack the plugin and/or the Twemoji emoticons instead
  102. euan is it possibel to change the encoding to UT-8 or otherwise?
  103. euan ^UTF-8
  104. euan it's strange that I can see all the emoticons posted by Converstaions in my Gajim chat window
  105. kalkin euan: this depends on your font
  106. euan but only I can't post them from Gajim
  107. euan kalkin: well, I don't think this is a font issue.
  108. kalkin Link Mauve: hmm need to have a look at this one again, I know there was some thing wrong with it
  109. euan I fixed it by compiling python with ucs4
  110. euan but it's not a NICE fix at all
  111. euan Link Mauve:
  112. Link Mauve euan, Twemoji itself needs Python support for characters higher than U+FFFF.
  113. Link Mauve You won’t be able to get around it.
  114. euan so basically UTF-8 can't reach high enough to get those emoticons?
  115. Link Mauve euan, my best suggestion if you don’t want to recompile all of your python2 modules coming with C extensions is to use python3 instead, and Gajim’s default branch.
  116. euan but then why can I see them posted by Converstaions?
  117. Link Mauve The actual encoding doesn’t matter here, python2 compiled like that can’t access higher codepoints.
  118. Link Mauve Maybe they just get copied as-is without any understanding of what the character is.
  119. euan hmmm, I doubt it comes through as an image, it must be int the xml
  120. euan and I know that Gajim isn't converting text based ( like :-) ) to image based emotes
  121. Link Mauve Anyway it’s time for me to eat, bbl. \o_
  122. euan how can I debug the XML that comes over the wire?
  123. euan then I can see what comes from Converstaions?
  124. euan OK, thanks Link Mauve, enjoy
  125. Asterix euan: actions -> advanced -> XML console
  126. euan OK, thanks Asterix
  127. euan woul dyou be able to help with this unicode issue
  128. euan I notice the emoticon I want touse is able to save in UTF-8 in kwrite
  129. euan ^to use
  130. euan so maybe converting Twemoji/plugin to use UTF-8 will be possible
  131. euan for me, it's worth the effort to maintina my own emoticon plugin fork
  132. euan OK, so in XML console I get: <body>☺</body>
  133. euan which saves fine in Kwrite in UTF-8
  134. euan So I really think I can hack the plugint o use UTF-8 encoding instead of UTF-32
  135. euan maybe I should contact the plugin developer
  136. Link Mauve euan, ☺ is U+263A, which is below U+FFFF.
  137. Link Mauve So it’s normal for it to work fine in an UCS-2 python2.
  138. euan Yes, so most of the emotes I want to use probably are...
  139. Link Mauve euan, you won’t find any other way, I can guarantee you that.
  140. euan but still they don't workin Gajim without ucs-4 pythin
  141. euan ^python
  142. euan my point is, I don't NEED UTF-32 for these emoticons
  143. Link Mauve No, you need python2 to support UCS-4.
  144. Link Mauve You won’t be able to bargain anything with that.
  145. euan but I can see them in the chat window with UCS-2
  146. euan only I can't post them
  147. euan why can I see them, but not post them?
  148. euan the characters are coming through in XML just fine from Conversations
  149. Link Mauve Because. your. python2. is. compiled. without. this. support.
  150. euan and Gjim plugin is able to interpret those to the PNG emote
  151. euan so this support is needed only for posting, not for displaying in the chat window?