Gajim - 2016-04-08

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16011:75883cda0981]: Corrected usage of GObject get_data and set_data methods (see … Corrected usage of GObject get_data and set_data methods (see ​
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8277 (Random old messages appear in open chat windows on reconnect (without …) updated There is no call stack on stderr when I open chat window. And there is no call stack when "new" messages "arrives".
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8320 (Display user icon/face in chat window button) updated I don't understand what you mean by window button icon.
  4. mt tmolitor: but webp support is not in release yet, is it ?
  5. tmolitor mt: no, it is only in the default branch...
  6. tmolitor mt: and I'm not sure I changed all parts of gajim where the avatar image is decoded...the tooltip of my account doesn't show the avatar if it is in webp for example (I think I have to change the code for this tooltip as well)...
  7. mt tmolitor: i see, will it work with windows ?
  8. tmolitor mt: I don't know how to use the default branch under windows, ask asterix for that
  9. tmolitor and I don't know if pillow is available under a windows install of gajim...pillow is needed for the image decoding...
  10. mt tmolitor: will do, but i think i should be fixed in conversations. I also nagged the swift guys about webp and they pointed out that the xep requires png.
  11. tmolitor mt: yes, I know...see this one:
  12. tmolitor mt: besides that I'm under the impression that the avatar handling in conversations is broken at other places, too...after I added my workaround and migrated all webp avatars to png avatars saved in vcards everything seemed all right (all avatars where shown in conversations AND gajim nightly)...but after two days or so the avatars started to disappear in conversations while they where still available in gajim...
  13. tmolitor mt: I already told the conversations developer about this in a private chat, but he seems to ignore my messages (at least he didn't answer for the last 5 days)...
  14. JKing tmolitor: Perhaps you should try again? He was in the Conversations MUC an hour ago...
  15. tmolitor JKing: well, I'll try it again later...thanks :)
  16. mt tmolitor: thats my issue, i came from there to chat with you :)
  17. mt tmolitor: so far the prosody module works for me, but i only have 2 png avatars so far, the rest are webp
  18. tmolitor mt: ah okay...didn't know that :D
  19. mt tmolitor: i recognised your name from this room :)
  20. mt tmolitor: we did some httpupload debugging some time ago
  21. tmolitor mt: well...webp is a very very bad joice when it comes to interoperability...and in my opinion conversations should switch to png as soon as possible...
  22. mt tmolitor: very true, i even logged a issue for converse.js before realising not even firefox supports webp
  23. tmolitor mt: ah :)
  24. mt tmolitor: then i started nagging the swift guys and they pointed out that xep-0084 mandates at least png
  25. tmolitor mt: the old days (about a year ago) conversation even used webp for image transfers :D
  26. mt tmolitor: you mean reconverting the original file to webp ?
  27. tmolitor mt: yes
  28. cuc hi guys
  29. cuc i wonder how to disable "XY has been kicked: None" messages
  30. cuc i disabled "join/leave" in muc chats already.. but those kicked ones still get printed
  31. JKing cuc: If you find out, let me know.
  32. cuc ^^