Gajim - 2016-04-06

  1. tmolitor Link Mauve: well, can always suggest better and cleaner code if you want :) I'll be happy to do it your way if you provide the code :)
  2. Hi all! Anybody interested in donating for grunt work on Gajim code? My friend is a (quite educated) Python programming beginner. I am directing her at improving Gajim for experience, but in long run she'd like to make some money. I believe Gajim is used widely and that community could crowdsource some work on bugs which are bugging us and which existing developers cannot fix immediately, because of lack of spare time.
  3. mpan did she tried patreon already?
  4. mpan, not yet. Thanks for an idea. She may like it, as she really loves contributing to FOSS. What I was currently asking about is whether Gajim users community is interested in such undertaking by anybody.
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  6. Link Mauve, imo it might work better if she started contributing normally, and only then asked money for for example doing things people want, instead of what she wants.
  7. Link Mauve tmolitor, sorry, I don’t have the time to fix every broken code in the world, I’m just telling you this code is absolutely terrible.
  8. Link Mauve When you want to display a PNG file, you don’t want to decode it, reencode it, then redecode it before returning the data to the user.
  9. Link Mauve That’s a perfectly stupid way to do it, if you don’t see why I can’t do anything for you.
  10. Link Mauve, that's my idea actually, not that she wants/demands this.
  11. mpan Is she studying in college?
  12. mpan, no
  13. mpan Oh, ’k. So the idea I had wouldn’t work :/
  14. gsoc?
  15. mpan No, using the college as the sponsor.
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  18. Link Mauve Great. :)
  19. Link Mauve Although I’d suggest using try/except/else instead, so you can use one less level of indent.
  20. Link Mauve And don’t risk going into the except branch due to something unrelated.