Gajim - 2016-04-05

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8319 (flooded by "remote-server-not-found") created The remote server of some of my contact doesn't well. The error message " Error: remote-server-not-found" popups as notification every 30 seconds! The error state should popup just once. (or again when writing an message to the contact) Steps to reproduce Software versions gaji[…] • []
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8319 (flooded by "remote-server-not-found") updated where are the logs you attached shown? In a chat window? Could you attach XML logs (from XML console in actions -> advanced menu) to see why those errors are received?
  3. mpan Upon re-connecting after a connection to server is lost, does Gajim requires re-signing status with PGP? If yes, is there a reason for that or should I fill a bug report?
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [16008:bb1902ae63e3]: Added ability to display avatars in all image formats that are … Added ability to display avatars in all image formats that are supported by pillow (if pillow is available)
  5. Asterix mpan: all presences are signes, so Gajim needs the gpg password (or at least from an agent) each time you change presence (reconnecting is a presence change)
  6. mpan Asterix, but why do it need it re-signed? I understand that the first time a presence is posted, it has to be signed — obvious. But why later?
  7. Asterix all presences are to be signed to announce your contact that you support GPG. The spec was written like that
  8. mpan But this is exactly the same data.
  9. mpan (or not?)
  10. Asterix (outdated spec BTW)
  11. Asterix Gajim doesn't store encrypted data
  12. mpan It’s signed, not encrypted.
  13. Asterix yes, that's the same, we don't store stanza that are sent
  14. mpan As far as I understand, it works like that: <>. Right? So why the 2nd presence send would need a signature?
  15. Asterix All presences are signed that's the protocole.
  16. Asterix even if we send the same data, the signed result is not stored so it's re-computed on every presence
  17. tmolitor Asterix: I added Support for webp to the hg default Branch...avatars Form conversations are now displayed correctly :)
  18. Asterix tmolitor: yep just saw that. Thanks. GTK doesn't support webp natively??
  19. mpan Would a feature request, to allow override what protocol requires, be turned down immedietly if I post it?
  20. Asterix mpan: If you really want to go there, there is already something like that in Gajim. I don't like to talk about it cause that doesn't follow the protocole: you can ask Gajim not to sign presences. In this case your contact can't know you support GPG, but if they assign you a key, that can talk to you encrypted
  21. Link Mauve tmolitor, ugh, that’s a terrible way to do it, compressing to PNG. >_<
  22. mpan Well… hidden option isn’t probably what I‘m asking for ;)
  23. mpan However, where is it?
  24. mpan Just of couriosity, as I want my presences to be signed.
  25. mpan "where”
  26. mpan “where” → “how the property is named”
  27. Asterix gpg_sign_presence in advanced configuration editor
  28. tmolitor Asterix: No...apparently Code fixed this...and IT degrades nicely if pillow is Not available :)
  29. tmolitor Link Mauve: how would you do IT? Use jpg?
  30. Link Mauve No, just don’t reencode the image to then decode it.
  31. Link Mauve A pixbuf is already an uncompressed image view.
  32. Asterix tmolitor: do you still have this problem: #8090
  33. Asterix #8090
  34. bot Asterix: (MAM message duplication)
  35. tmolitor Asterix: I don't know...when smacks is enabled this doesn't happen I think...I'll look AT IT eben I'm AT home again...
  36. Asterix tmolitor: thanks
  37. mpan Ok, so another question: is there a way to re-send [now] signed presence without reconnecting or changing the presence?
  38. mpan I can’t see anything in GUI for that purpose.
  39. Asterix middle click on the account row
  40. mpan Et me edit my status message. Already tried that.
  41. mpan Oh, wait… I’m stupid. Just noticed that the pgp agent will not ask me again for the passphrase due to caching -.-
  42. mpan nvm, thx :]
  43. mpan And I think I’ll solve the issue other way, other place: by making gajim use a special gpg agent that caches signing requests. So the case is closed I think.