Gajim - 2016-04-01

  1. could " mailing list memberships reminder" please be disabled? also why t.f. it includes a password for controlling my subscriptions? Not that I don't understand that this is common behaviour of maillist software, but that I want to stress that it is inconvenient.
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8264 (OMEMO Authentication) closed invalid: Forwarded to ​ticket:125
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #125 (OMEMO Authentication) created From ​ticket:8264 Bug description How is the OMEMO plugin supposed to work? I try to chat with Gajim and Conversations, but I always have the brown icon "OMEMO active but not authenticated". Messages I send are arriving unencrypted on Conversations Steps to reproduce Install OMEMO plugin add Conversations[…] ПыЩЩЩЩЩЩЩЩЩь!!!!!!!1111
  4. bot RSS: fEeDs fOr gAjIm • tIcKeT #8313 (oVeR ThE LiNe cPu uSaGe) UpDaTeD ThErE Is nO MoRe dEbUg iNfO ThAt rUnNiNg gAjIm -V HtTpS://TrAc.gAjIm.oRg/tIcKeT/8313#cOmMeNt:3 • tIcKeT #8317 (cRaSh aT StArT On wInDoWs7) uPdAtEd sTaTuS ChAnGeD Do yOu hAvE GtK InStAlLeD SoMeWhErE On yOuR MaChInE? iT SeEmS GaJiM CaNnOt fInD ThE GtK DlLs. HtTpS://TrAc.gAjIm.oRg/tIcKeT/8317#cOmMeNt:1
  5. bot RSS: FeEdS FoR GaJiM PlUgInS • TiCkEt #124 (cHaNgInG EnTrIe oN ThE WeBsItE) uPdAtEd iT'S NoT ReLaTeD To a gAjIm pLuGiN. tHaT ShOuLd iN On ​GaJiM TrAc. BuT DnF Is vAlId oNlY FoR NeW FeDoRa vErSiOnS I GuEsS? hTtPs://tRaC-PlUgInS.GaJiM.OrG/TiCkEt/124#cOmMeNt:1
  6. Link Mauve Haha what? :D
  7. Asterix what's that!!
  8. bot RSS: fEeDs fOr gAjIm • tIcKeT #8311 (fReEzEs wHeN OpEnInG UrL WhIlE BrOwSeR Is nOt sTaRtEd) UpDaTeD StAtUs cHaNgEd wE UsE ThE ​wEbBrOw[…] HtTpS://TrAc.gAjIm.oRg/tIcKeT/8311#cOmMeNt:1 • tIcKeT #8309 (tRaCeBaCk aFtEr sTaRtUp vIa lXqT Ui) ClOsEd wOrKsFoRmE: I ReAd pYtHoN FiLeS, aNd iT'S ClEaR ThAt gAjIm jUsT TrIeS To pRiNtE ThE TrAcEbAcK On sYs.sTdErR, nOtHiNg mOrE. i cLoSe[…] HtTpS://TrAc.gAjIm.oRg/tIcKeT/8309#cOmMeNt:4
  9. Asterix ok I disable that
  10. Asterix I feel a jock in the bot code for 1st april ...
  11. mathieui Link Mauve, :D
  12. mathieui I like it
  13. Asterix I don't see that in another year's log :/
  14. Asterix ho yes:
  15. Link Mauve Cute. ^^
  16. Asterix pfff 1400 spam tickets since yesterday ...
  17. mpan As in: spambots post tickets? What about even a simplest captcha?
  18. Link Mauve Asterix, ah, speaking about that, I have written a small daemon for XEP-0070 authentication I plan on using at JabberFR, mainly for the wiki for now, I’ll let you know how it does wrt spam and such.
  19. Link Mauve Hopefully there will be none.
  20. mpan From my experience even simple field with “please write "x" here” is sufficient to get rid of 99.99% bot traffic.
  21. Asterix mpan: they were blocked by the antispam system, fortunatly!
  22. Asterix Link Mauve: yeah that would be excellent for Gajim trac to have that. but that require also a trac plugin ...
  23. thanks Asterix
  24. Link Mauve Asterix, which is why I went with a dæmon architecture, so you can send it a simple TCP (or maybe HTTP if that doesn’t fit) query and it will answer you whether the user allowed the transaction or not.
  25. Link Mauve Putting most of the complexity in a single place.
  26. Asterix nice
  27. mpan btw, I think some strange characters are coming from the bot:
  28. mpan (retry if you had 404)
  29. Asterix april's fool of the bot :)
  30. mpan Oh, ok.
  31. Link Mauve Asterix, hmm, also looks like some double encoding.