Gajim - 2016-03-26

  1. rion Hi guys! How can I report a bug? Unfortunatelly trac thinks I'm a spammer
  2. rion Well here is contents.. = Bug description = I was trying to send file from Psi to Gajim. Unfortunately something went wrong with s5b part and connection failed. Gajim according to XEP had to send item-not-found error but instead Psi received {{{ <iq xmlns="jabber:client" to="" type="error" id="ft_116e"> <error code="404">Could not connect to given hosts</error> </iq> }}} Moreover ft_116e is not even iq id. It's file transfer stream id. = Steps to reproduce = 1. Take Gajim 0.16.5 and the latest Psi (preferable from git). 2. Try to send file from Psi to Gajim 3. Make sure s5b is in use. = Software versions = OS version: [[BR]] GTK version: [[BR]] PyGTK version:
  3. rion ok. happy fixes!
  4. rion have to go
  5. rion any dev here?
  6. rion Can anyone disable Akismet on trac? I'll report a bug.
  7. rion It seems devs don't like bug reports =)
  8. SouL Hi rion :D
  9. SouL Somne people might be enjoying their holidays :)
  10. rion for oss guys these are working days! :)
  11. SouL haha :D
  12. rion well back to fixing ft in Psi. very strange problem. look like bug in Qt-5.7
  13. rion fixed =)
  14. mpan Hello everygajimer! Is it possible to make Gajim’s conference windows to be closed without leaving the room? Just like it works with “normal” contacts? Thanks for the answer, in advance.
  15. Link Mauve mpan, kind of, it won’t behave like contacts but will reduce the tab into the roster.
  16. Link Mauve Right-click on a tab and check “minimize on close”, IIRC.
  17. Link Mauve You have to do it for every tab you want to be able to minimize that way.
  18. mpan Oh, missed that feature! Thanks. Better than nothing :)