Gajim - 2016-03-22

  1. gajim from hg fails to open dialog for contact PGP key selection
  2. Dekádě признавайтесь кто террорист!!?
  3. erik Dekádě, "Language is English" says the topic. Also, my russian is extremely bad.
  4. Dekádě erik, ватафак?
  5. Dekádě erik, Russian, English yes what's the difference if still quiet
  6. erik right. although your chances may get better when you use english in a room which is marked as such. I mean, I for one would normally just not respond at all to russian conversation, simply because I don't understand it.
  7. erik so, I get quieter whithout English, unless you want to try Dutch.
  8. Dekádě it's a no-brainer
  9. Dekádě I walked into this room for old time's sake, five years ago, it was the Russian-speaking
  10. vorner Dekádě: Could you mistake it with Psi+ room? I think this room has always been English (I might be idling here for that long)
  11. Dekádě vorner, domain can be mistaken simply, blindly typed