Gajim - 2016-03-20

  1. Dekádě hi
  2. Dekádě fi
  3. any way to "mark all as read" in gajim?
  4. Dekádě Вац?
  5. caps bon je vais faire à manger à plus tard bisou
  6. dr3lo Всем привет
  7. dr3lo ребят
  8. dr3lo что томне жить мешает .. питон пхаоду.. гаджим вылетает (
  9. dr3lo hey
  10. dr3lo who can help me ?
  11. JKing dr3lo, Depends on what you need?
  12. dr3lo my gajim shootdown
  13. dr3lo linux
  14. dr3lo
  15. dr3lo this my link on debian forum
  16. erik i'm supposed to have extensive logging turned on.
  17. erik where can I find these logs (on windows)?
  18. erik hmm. thanks for fixing the certs on