Gajim - 2016-03-19

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8306 (Broken gstreamer selection) created In would-be-released Ubuntu 16.04 LTS when both 0.1 and 1.0 gst versions are present Gajim is unable to select gst version. Removing 0.1-related packets makes it runnable, but audio/video remains broken. OS version: Ubuntu 16.04 Gajim 0.16.10 A GTK+ Jabber/XMPP client GTK+ Version: 3.19.12 PyGobject? Version: 3.18.2 python-nbxmpp Version: 0.5.3
  2. erik hi
  3. erik hmm. Asterix gone again?
  4. erik too bad.
  5. Éfrit Hello
  6. Éfrit I have a problem with the text’s color in the history of a chatroom.
  7. Éfrit The color is grey, but I am using a theme which set the background color at grey too, so it’s difficult to read
  8. Éfrit I am using Gajim 0.15.4 on Bodhi Linux, with the desktop manager Enlightenment e19.
  9. Éfrit I tried to set colors in the settings.
  10. Éfrit But I didn’t see a way to modify the color of history text (the one which is loaded when entering in a chatroom).
  11. Éfrit Here is a screenshot:
  12. erik Éfrit, 0.15.4 dates back to 2013. Maybe it's better to use something more recent? 0.16.5 is only a few months old.
  13. Éfrit mmh
  14. Éfrit I am using the update system provided by Bodhi Linux (which is derived from Ubuntu), and it doesn’t propose me any update for Gajim.
  15. Éfrit Are you sure though that this is issue is related to the version of Gajim ?
  16. erik I'm not sure about it, no, but I'm thining with a more recent version, you'd run a bigger chance of people being able to help out?
  17. erik as for a newer Gajim on Ubuntu(derivatives): here are the instructions to install 0.16.5 on Ubuntu:
  18. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8307 (erreur) created Bug description Steps to reproduce Software versions OS version: GTK version: PyGTK version: Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 3006, in on_popup_notification_window_button_press_event File "src\", line 1706, in handle_event File "src\", line 2202, in new_chat AttributeError?: 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'jid'
  19. Link Mauve erik, Asterix is pretty much only here during CET/CEST evenings.
  20. Link Mauve Or right now. :D
  21. erik Link Mauve: thanks :-)
  22. erik Asterix: on Windows, i had to change my font from "system" to
  23. Asterix thanks for the test, I'll commit that. That's nice you also use the gtk3 version. At least I have another feedback than mine :)
  24. erik "DejaVu Sans" for the checkmarks and crosses to start showing up correctly
  25. erik Asterix: in the docs, you could refer to
  26. Asterix erik: restored_message_color in ACE
  27. erik Which is what I used to find the.Right.font
  28. Asterix erik: and ok for the font. So it was indeed a font problem. Your system font doesn't have those characters
  29. Link Mauve Asterix, itym Éfrit.
  30. Asterix ha yes, autocompletion ...
  31. Asterix a FAQ entry could be nice indeed
  32. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8287 (position_menu_under_button() receives extra arguments) closed fixed: In 15977:d312d6ddc50e: prevent an error under GTK2.18+. Fixes #8287 • Changeset [15977:d312d6ddc50e]: prevent an error under GTK2.18+. Fixes #8287 prevent an error under GTK2.18+. Fixes #8287
  33. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8307 (erreur) closed duplicate: dup of #8155 • Ticket #8155 (Gajim don't want to start) updated Description changed
  34. Éfrit thanks Asterix, it worked :)
  35. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8286 (Outgoing typing notifications are not being sent) updated Status changed I'm not able to reproduce such a behaviour. even with 2 tabs opened for 2 resources of the same contact, chatstates are sent to both resources correctly. If you can reproduce that, could you precise the way you do? in which order you do things? opening chat window, sending messages, …
  36. To whoever from developers told me that gajim freezes at offline are resolved with libasyncns. Should it work with python3-ish gajim from hg? In gentoo portage, libasyncns ebuild declares that it supports only python2
  37. Asterix I haven't tested under py3 version ...
  38. is notify-python even meant to be python3 compatible? btw the site seems abandoned long time ago, also the last package submission is very outdated... what can be done about that?
  39. another question regarding gajim-hg: in plugins list i see only "acronyms expander". Is it correct, i.e. all other plugins just don't support that fresh version? Or is it a bug of latest revision?
  40. gentoo developer's comment about python2-based dependencies:
  41. actually, desktop notifications really seem to be missing with latest gajim
  42. maybe use flags of such outdated dependencies should be just dropped and features disabled
  43. gajim devs - feel free to comment in that pull request, i believe your experienced input would be valuable. Personally, I am not aware of components used etc., and I am no time Python coder
  44. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8308 ([meta-bug] Jingle calls are miserable) created Subject says it all. "Toggle video session" button randomly becomes unavailable. For example, if some of peer's resources get offline (despite jingle-capable one stays online). Somebody (or both?) must disconnect & reconnect in order to enable that button. User who has update from 0.16 to -hg will have "ffmpegcolorspace" element in video_input_device thus his video calls will fail until he fix[…] https://trac.gajim.or[…]
  45. Asterix with notification-daemon, everything is fine un py3 version
  46. Asterix, unlikely that this is true for every aspect. What about video toggle button being disabled? What about bidirectional video?
  47. Asterix notification-daemon != notify-python
  48. Asterix video is not in a working state, it's known