Gajim - 2016-03-15

  1. is there nothing like "mark all read" action in latest gajim from hg?
  2. Watson /ping
  3. Asterix it freezes when no DNS is available. I think that the only synchronous call we do is the DNS call if python-libasyncns is not installed
  4. I don't quite understand that, sorry. Any plan on this?
  5. Asterix erik: hmm strange. We indeed use a unicode character to show this check. Your system font maybe don't have this character ...
  6. Asterix install python-libasyncns package
  7. I have libasyncns-0.8-r4 installed
  8. maybe gentoo doesn't let gajim to make use of it
  9. Asterix you need the python bindings too. I don't know if it's included in this package
  10. how to check? maybe something in config.log would show it?
  11. Asterix run a python2 console, and try to type "import libasyncns"
  12. Link Mauve Asterix, for 1.0, it might be nice to move to GIO for DNS requests.
  13. Link Mauve IIRC it does it asynchronously.
  14. Asterix yes, it would be better, right
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  16. erik t
  17. erik Asterix: U+2713?