Gajim - 2016-03-12

  1. is there any utility to connect to xmpp account and to download all available MAM logs?
  2. tmolitor, I don't know of any, but you could easyly write one ;) :)
  3. SouL Guys, someone can help with videoconferences?
  4. SouL
  5. Asterix SouL: It's not working very nice.
  6. SouL Asterix, I was the one that asked this some days ago x) Is that the "current" behaviour in all distros?
  7. Zash You could take a look at for a MAM capable CLI tool. `clix archive --everything` would download all archives
  8. Asterix SouL: yes unfortunatly. I think that we use too old libraries. We need to work on the 1.0 branch to make it work with latest libs
  9. Zash It's funny. Videochats worked fine across multiple clients in 2009 and I could do Jingle calls from my phone.
  10. Zash Now nothing works
  11. Zash Can't even send files anymore
  12. SouL Ok, thank you Asterix :)
  13. SouL Haha Zash
  14. Zash Whatever happend to updating to the latest Jingle spec?
  15. rax..97 Hello
  16. rax..97 Anybody awake
  17. rax..97 Tssssssst
  18. SouL Yes we are rax..97
  19. rax..97 How r u
  20. rax..97 I think there's nobody here
  21. rax..97 :-)
  22. SouL I'm not fine, and you? :D
  23. rax..97 Actually....
  24. rax..97 Me too
  25. rax..97 :-)
  26. rax..97 My name is Mohammad and i from syria...... And you
  27. SouL Why there is a lot of people named like you? How do you know who is who?
  28. rax..97 :-D
  29. SouL I've meet like 5 or 6
  30. SouL :S
  31. rax..97 The first name Muhammad but there different at the last name
  32. rax..97 :-D
  33. SouL Ah
  34. SouL Why so?
  35. rax..97 My english not very good so maybe some word ununderstand
  36. SouL No problem
  37. rax..97 :-)
  38. SouL Although, do you need help with Gajim?
  39. rax..97 Not with gajim
  40. rax..97 But i want
  41. ehuelsmann hi. I want to run the latest development version of Gajim on Windows, in order to debug some problems I'm seeing (and maybe resolve these problems). Is there documentation somewhere how to do this and how to get the highest level of logging from Gajim (and how to make sense of those logs)?
  42. rax..97 To ask a question about conference hack
  43. ehuelsmann conference hack?
  44. rax..97 :SECRET:
  45. rax..97 Any body can speak arabic
  46. rax..97 :-D
  47. Asterix ehuelsmann: that's not an easy thing, you have to install all dependances. I could build a new installer from latest version of 0.16 branch if you want
  48. ehuelsmann Asterix, I'm a developer myself, so, it's not a problem, the only thing I don't have though is a C compiler (at the moment)
  49. rax..97 Sorry for the inconvenience......... Bye
  50. Asterix ehuelsmann: no need of that. Gajim is in python
  51. ehuelsmann Asterix, right. I was hoping it's pure python.
  52. Asterix
  53. ehuelsmann can I create a python environment using virtualenv?
  54. ehuelsmann ah!
  55. Asterix this lists all dependances to install (some are optional as stated)
  56. ehuelsmann ok. I'll try to work my way through that and come back when I have questions.
  57. ehuelsmann thanks!
  58. Asterix then you can just run launch.bat from gajim sources if you take them from mercurial repository
  59. ehuelsmann thansk.
  60. ehuelsmann duh. thanks.
  61. ehuelsmann btw, is there a known issue with 0.16.5 where remote conferences aren't being re-joined after waking up from hibernate?
  62. ehuelsmann I didn't close the connection of course.
  63. ehuelsmann before going to hibernate.
  64. Asterix hmm behaviour after hibernate isn't perfect. And nothing has changed in last dev version
  65. ehuelsmann then, when Gajim woke up, I was reconnected to the server and PMs were no problem, but connections to conferences on other servers weren't restored.
  66. Asterix Gajim reconnect to conferences that are in bookmarks and that are maked as "connect on startup"
  67. ehuelsmann ok. so, it doesn't matter that the window is still open?
  68. ehuelsmann at wake-up time.
  69. Asterix no it doesn't.
  70. Asterix but that make sens to reconnect to all opened rooms, yes ...
  71. Zash, thanks for clix
  72. ehuelsmann Asterix, when I have a checkout working, I'll see if I can get a change implemented and submitted.
  73. pity that there's no ebuild )
  74. Zash What you gonna do? :)
  75. Asterix ehuelsmann: excellent, thanks
  76. ehuelsmann another question: where do I browse the bookmarks so I can see if "auto join" is turned on?
  77. Asterix actions -> join group chat
  78. ehuelsmann ah. I overlooked the "manage bookmarks" menu item.
  79. ehuelsmann had been there a few times already :-)
  80. Asterix there are many things to discover everywhere :)
  81. ehuelsmann lol. ok. so, the conversation I was having a problem with this morning actually *is* marked as auto-join.
  82. ehuelsmann this is what happened:
  83. ehuelsmann work up my laptop which I just closed yesterday (when I closed it, Gajim was connected and I was joined in the 'ejabberd' conversation).
  84. ehuelsmann then Gajim reconnected to my server (
  85. ehuelsmann when I typed a message in 'ejabberd' half an hour later,
  86. ehuelsmann I got an error "only participants can send messages"
  87. ehuelsmann apparently, the connection with the conference wasn't restored.
  88. ehuelsmann any idea where I should start looking?
  89. Asterix ehuelsmann: hmm no ... XML logs could help understand
  90. Zash One possibility is that you were removed from the room but somehow didn't get notified of that
  91. ehuelsmann ok. can I turn on XML logging so *everything* gets logged?
  92. Asterix you can run gajim with -l .nbxmpp.client_nb=INFO to log XML
  93. Link Mauve “13:57:53 Asterix> but that make sens to reconnect to all opened rooms, yes ...”, I’d say you should keep track of which ones were willingly unjoined by the user, and which ones just disconnected.
  94. Asterix Link Mauve: opened are joined. There is no way to have an opened room window if it's not joined
  95. Link Mauve Oh?
  96. Link Mauve I misremembered then.
  97. ehuelsmann Asterix, there's no advanced setting option to enable that?
  98. ehuelsmann if not, I'll have to put that in my gajim startup somewhere.
  99. ehuelsmann maybe in launch.bat?
  100. 007 What is the size of Gajim 16.5 ?
  101. 007 Can i get it compressed ?
  102. 007 you are using Gajim 0.16.10-ed8f0555d852 :D
  103. Asterix 007: which OS?