Gajim - 2016-03-10

  1. David Can I only add a transport that my server provides? I added a yahoo transport from another server and my yahoo contacts weren't listed
  2. David (y)
  3. To developers. Could we somehow split so that it could be optional to launch autotools stuff just by this script?
  4. Flow I with you, but I think you have to wait until asterix is here
  5. Flow is also a gentoo user
  6. Flow And I used to maintain gajim-9999 in my overlay
  7. ok
  8. Flow I also suggest creating an issue in gajim's track, with a link to the gentoo github discussion
  9. Yup will possibly do. I also noticed a bunch of weird bugs with newest revision, so would be easier to report everything at once. For now, I am postponing the work on this because it is enough that i've spend whole yesterday working day on this kind of non-job things :)
  10. Flow hehe
  11. Flow welcome to the world of open source development
  12. Flow Please make sure to open separate issues for different bugs
  13. Flow (as far as you are able to determine that the bugs are "different")
  14. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #6802 (Contacts and Transports are messed-up) updated Does it help if you delete the content of the accounts -> ACCOUNT -> roster_version options in ACE and restart Gajim? • Ticket #7230 (Gajim doesn't display all groups and contacts) updated Does it help if you delete the content of the accounts -> ACCOUNT -> roster_version options in ACE and restart Gajim?
  15. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7435 (Bad systray after "Unable to decrypt message" warning) closed fixed: This problem has been fixed. Reopen if you can still reproduce. • Ticket #7797 (gajim trips over new warning output introduced in Gnupg 2.0.23) closed fixed: Gajim now uses gpg2 if available. see [ae24ac4fa716]
  16. spicewiesel tmolitor, I experienced a buggy behaviour with gajim-omemo today. When I send links to pictures (jpeg f.e.) then this message is not encrypted. And I do not mean httpuploads, just copy-pasted links to pictures.
  17. tmolitor spicewiesel, that's should talk to the omemo plugin author (kalkin) about shis issue...
  18. kalkin Lol
  19. kalkin I just send him to you.
  20. kalkin I thought you added some exceptions based on URL to gajim
  21. kalkin tmolitor: hightlight
  22. tmolitor kalkin, what exceptions?
  23. spicewiesel tmolitor, kalkin hehe :)
  24. kalkin I greped in omemo code. I definitly do not have any exception routines for handling urls with images
  25. tmolitor spiceweasel: and gajim shouldn't handle image urls shouldn't handle any url special...
  26. kalkin tmolitor: weird thing is that I myself can reproduce it
  27. tmolitor kalkin: that's indeed weird...any url or just image urls?
  28. tmolitor what file extension?
  29. kalkin tmolitor: Image urls only
  30. kalkin (png|webp|jpeg) at least from my try outs
  31. tmolitor okay...stange...I'm grepping...wait a second...
  32. spicewiesel just images, yes
  33. spicewiesel and only if the message itself only contains the link, nothing else
  34. spicewiesel put a "test" in front of the link and it's encrypted
  35. kalkin I greped in gajim code for webp but did not find anything
  36. tmolitor and webp is not encrypted?
  37. kalkin nop
  38. tmolitor what about other encription technologies? otr, or gpg, or esessions?
  39. tmolitor what can you see in the xml console?
  40. kalkin Bug in conversations
  41. kalkin It's definitely encrypted
  42. kalkin awesome I can blame iNPUTmice for it. :D
  43. tmolitor kalkin: ah...that makes more sense...especially because gajim doesn't know anything about webp...
  44. tmolitor :D :D
  45. kalkin tmolitor: exactly!
  46. tmolitor something that doen't happen often ;)
  47. kalkin spicewiesel, tmolitor: I will open an issue
  48. tmolitor spiceweasel: which conversations version are you using?
  49. tmolitor inputmice recently changed something in the oob handling of file transfers...
  50. spicewiesel kalkin, perfect, thanks!
  51. kalkin
  52. how can I remove ~100 jabber roster contacts by @domain part? I have switched from old skype transport, but all my contacts with @olddomain has left in my roster
  53. vorner Psi+ has a roster managment tool, it might help