Gajim - 2016-03-09

  1. David Hi. Anyone willing to help a non-techie install the latest version of gajim? I installed 15.4 from the Linux Mint software manager, but I'm terrified to use that terminal thing to install 16.5
  2. David I downloaded the 'tarball' from the site. But everything on the instructions after that hurts my brain
  3. David Anyone here who can hold my hand through installing gajim 16.5 on linux mint?
  4. David WTF does this mean?....
  5. David Installation Procedure tar jxvf gajim-version.tar.bz2 cd gajim ./configure make (builds translations) su -c make install To specify where to install do: ./configure --prefix=custom_path Running Gajim Just do gajim or you can run Gajim from your GNOME/Xfce/KDE/whatever menus. or if you use hg version and you didn't 'make install' you can also run from gajim folder with./
  6. David really appreciate the help :)
  7. euan Dvcid:
  8. euan David: try followinf this guide for Ubuntu (from which Mint is based on):
  9. euan David: but replace "apt-get install gajim-nightly" with "apt-get install gajim"
  10. euan David: or after adding the gajim repository in /etc/apt/sources.d reload your package manager (software installer) and it may appear in there in replacement of the standard version form Mint/Ubuntu repo
  11. euan David: Best to uninstall existing gajim first
  12. euan David: to edit system files, use the following command (from terminal): $ gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gajim
  13. euan David: unfortunately it's innevitable you'll need to learn to use command line. Just do a little at a time, following what's posted on the web, but understand not all users will post good commands, so be careful and try to follow what is happening. It's daunting at first, but you'd be surprised how fast you'll pick it up, it's psycological. If you make an effort, and stick at it, eventually you will love the command line and won't look back, I promise.
  14. euan Asterix: JKing: tmolitor: I used to enjoy Belgiums' a lot, Tripel Karmeliet and Delerium were my favourites. But now I almost exlusively drink American IPA's. Once you acquire the taste, there's nothing that comes close. They are very hoppy and thus bitter, take a bit of getting used to. Now I find Belgiums' too sweet and lambic, even a bit soapy tasting. As a Brit it pains my to admit it, but the Americans (particularly the west coast) blow British beer (even the best craft beers) out of the water, they know what they're doing alright!
  15. euan David: that install procedure is actually quite easy, just follow it line by line. The "./configure" line should be "./configure --prefix=/usr"
  16. euan David: only use the configure once, just be the "make" command.
  17. euan David: and don't enter the brackets after the "make" command
  18. euan David: replace "su -c make install" with "sudo make install"
  19. euan David: what more difficult is finding the development packages (dependencies) that allow you to build from source
  20. euan David: Not having used Debian/Ubuntu for a while, I'm a bit rusty, but I think you need to "sudo apt-get install build-essential".
  21. euan David: CORRECTION: only use the configure once, just BEFORE the "make" command.
  22. euan David: once again, if installing from source, remove existing version first; "sudo apt-get remove gajim"
  23. 007 Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 3359, in on_xml_console_window_destroy KeyError: u''
  24. 007 Account Doesn't support invisibility !
  25. 007 I am getting this error while trying to login invisible
  26. 007 before I was logging successfully , but last night format my PC and installed Gajim again, and now unable to login invisible.
  27. Any clue why I get this? ImportError: No module named 'cairo._cairo'
  28. i am working on gajim-9999 ebuild
  29. gentoo, anybody?
  30. pztrn you should force python2
  31. pztrn, for gajim and nbxmpp?
  32. pztrn yes. Gajim can't work with py3, because there is no pygtk for py3
  33. ok, i just thought some developer told be here that latest git gajim uses py3
  34. would this ever change? i am about lack of pygtk
  35. kalkin Don't want to be the rant guy, but I need this right now: This is a typical fucking python issue. Python has no deployment solution at all for apps.
  36. now I got various Syntax error messages both at installation phase and at launch
  37. Link Mauve, if you are using the default branch, you *have to* use the python3 version of pycairo as well.
  38. when I changed PYTHON_COMPAT to python2_7
  39. Link Mauve, so I should use 2.7 for nbxmpp and gajim, and 3.4 for pycairo?
  40. i already have 3.4-enabled installation of pycairo
  41. but still i'm in this situation
  42. kalkin AFAIK you can not use 2.7 for some libs and 3.4 for others
  43. this blows my mind > Gajim can't work with py3, because there is no pygtk for py3 > if you are using the default branch, you *have to* use the python3 version of pycairo as well. > AFAIK you can not use 2.7 for some libs and 3.4 for others
  44. kalkin Welcome... to the Software Developers World! :D
  45. i'm in for a long time, but this is something special
  46. kalkin are you sure that there is no nbxmpp trunk version which works with Python 3? If the default branch needs python3, they probably ported nbxmpp (at least partially) to it
  47. seems latest gajim works better with py3, at last there's no syntax errors inside of it
  48. there seem to be gajim developers in this room, does anybody know on which python it is supposed to run?
  49. kalkin Asterix: should be here in the evening, he is one of the guys who are working on gajim trunk, no idea who else ever build gajim with python3
  50. Link Mauve, kalkin, you need to use python3 for the default branch, python2 for the gajim_0.16 one, nothing more complicated than that.
  51. LordVan i didn'T know there was a way to build it wiht py3
  52. ok, my last error was solved with ln -s /usr/lib64/python3.4/site-packages/cairo/ /usr/lib64/python3.4/site-packages/cairo/
  53. new step
  54. wow, it launched
  55. with a bunch of warnings, however
  56. Ok so these ebuilds seem to work but this workaround is needed: ln -s /usr/lib64/python3.4/site-packages/cairo/ /usr/lib64/python3.4/site-packages/cairo/
  57. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8285 (PGP encrypt to self) created problem I use another Jabber client with carbons enabled. I can't see what i sent with Gajim on this client. analysis Gajim seems to encrypt only to the recipient. enhancement recommendation Please encrypt PGP messages with the key of the sender additionally.
  58. Wow, how did that guy managed to post a bugticket without being denied? is that David Copperfield?
  59. Wow, how did that guy manage to post a bugticket without being denied? is that David Copperfield?
  60. tmolitor create account, log in, write ticket, solve captcha (hint: activate javascript to get readable captchas), thats it...
  61. tmolitor, get denied because bugtracker thinks you are spammer...
  62. tmolitor no, you have to resolve the captcha when the bugtracker thinks you are a spammer...
  63. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8285 (PGP encrypt to self) closed worksforme: I don't know which version of Gajim you use, but this is already done since 0.16.2. see #7616
  64. in my case there was no more captcha
  65. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8285 (PGP encrypt to self) updated Oops, you're right. I was using 0.16.1. Sorry!
  66. according to portage, dev-python/notify-python is 2.7 only, I wonder if it would work with latest gajim which is python3-based
  67. for now I've removed [${PYTHON_USEDEP}] part from notify-python dependency in ebuild
  69. gajim from hg seems to have input field disabled for multiline input
  70. wtf is GPlugin and where from to install it?
  71. WTF pidgin says "configure: error: No SSL/TLS library available" when I have libssl-dev installed?
  72. oh sorry wrong room
  73. tmolitor, you need a plugin for multi line support (not only in the hg version)...
  74. thanks
  75. David Hey, how critical is using a server close to me? Will I have problems using a server from Germany if I'm in Canada?
  76. Asterix no reason you have problem if your internet connection is ok
  77. David Thought so, thanks :)
  78. David, I'd give a try with overseas. I believe most of time the delay would be below perception
  79. David All the cool domain names are European!
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