Gajim - 2016-03-08

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  2. kalkin Asterix: Sorry the paste is already expired.
  3. kalkin Asterix: about → I already registered my plugin there
  4. kalkin Asterix: Can you mail me your traceback and patch, I will have a look at it
  5. arune Is it possible to disable the cert fingerprint check?
  6. arune After updating cert a lot of our users were disconnected for days
  7. mt arune: i second that! with letsencrypt this will only get worse.
  8. arune mt: right!
  9. arune Most normal users don't even understand that dialog
  10. Asterix arune: patch is in your bugtracker: and tracebacks are here:
  11. Asterix tmolitor: I confirm. The problem is the lake of <thread> element.
  12. tmolitor asterix: but the thread element shouldn't matter...
  13. tmolitor asterix: the message about omemo was for kalkin and not for arune, right?
  14. Asterix it shouldn't .. I agree ...
  15. Asterix oups sure :)
  16. Asterix I'll debug that ... if I can still concentrate (my beer is quite strong ;) )
  17. tmolitor asterix: okay :D tell me if you need a about 30 minutes I have some time :)
  18. Asterix no thanks, I can still bring my beer to my mouth without your hand ;)
  19. tmolitor :D :D I talked about a coding hand ;) not a "beering" hand ;)
  20. Asterix happy you don't talk about a hand that does something else ;-)
  21. tmolitor :D
  22. JKing Which beer, I wonder?
  23. Asterix delirium
  24. JKing Why are Belgians so good at making beer?
  25. Asterix they have to drink a lot to support their weather :)
  26. tmolitor :d
  27. JKing That makes sense. I am partial to Chimay Grande Réserve, myself.
  28. Asterix I like qwak (particulaty the glass that goes with it)
  29. Asterix I like kwak (particulaty the glass that goes with it)
  30. Asterix tmolitor: fixed (in default branch)
  31. Asterix GN
  32. tmolitor asterix: very nice! :)
  33. tmolitor gn8
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