Gajim - 2016-03-07

  1. arune tmolitor: I think asterix or darlan gave me one
  2. ethoms Hi, I'm just moving our company to Gajim after deciding it's the best XMPP client for Linux. I have a question about MUC history when restoring Gajim (starting up). The settings muc_restore_lines and muc_restore_timeout don't seem to take effect. I have them set to 100 and 3600 respectively, yet only the last 20 lines (exactly) appears when I start Gajim. I don't have any per room settings in my ~/.config/gajim/config. My server is ejabberd v15.07. The regular chat history is working well, I set the restore_lines to 1000000 and I can see all my history going way back. But muc conference is only ever 20 lines.
  3. ethoms I got help from Holger in a private chat, he sent me this link (below)
  4. ethoms
  5. ethoms so that should do the trick, but I haven't tested it yet
  6. ethoms My next question: anyone have problems with viewing emoticons sent from Conversations
  7. ethoms ^?
  8. ethoms I find only the most common (very few) render as an image on Gajim
  9. ethoms Is there anything I need to do to get unicode support. Change font? A build time flag? I'm using Slackware and built Gajim from
  10. ethoms Interestingly, in the plugin for emoticon packs, when viewing legend; all packs show text correctly except for Twemoji
  11. ethoms I guess that they are all ASCII, axcept Twemoji, which is unicode.
  12. ethoms ^except Temoji
  13. ethoms So I wonder if my Gajim is built without some Unicode support.
  14. tmolitor ethoms: the unicode support of python 2.7 in windows seems a bit broken...but that souldn't matter if you just use the twemoji pack, I think. Just make sure to enable the icon pack in the settings (tab: general) after downloading them with the emoticons plugin...
  15. tmolitor arune: ah okay...I'll ask asterix then :)
  16. euan @tmolitor: I'm using 64bit Linux. Setings (tab:general)? I only enabled them in the plugins.
  17. euan Oh I see, they are available in the General tab, strangw how I didn't notice that before
  18. euan I've looked in there before, but didn't see any new ones, maybe I had to restart Gajim to see the new ones
  19. tmolitor euan, you have to download them with the emoticons plugin and THEN to enable them in the settings...thats a bit unintuitive, I know...
  20. tmolitor euan, that could have been the case...I know of some gajim versions having problems reloading the available list after changing the emoticons with the emoticons plugin...
  21. euan or maybe I just didn't look after installing AND enabling the emoticons, can't remember the order
  22. tmolitor euan, could be possible, too ;)
  23. tmolitor ๐Ÿ˜€
  24. tmolitor so you see this emoticon now? :)
  25. euan Anyways, thanks. New question: can I only use one emoticon pack at a time, they seem to be differing subsets, Conversations has many many emoticons
  26. euan yes I can see it, but I'm still on static, give me a minute to change it to Twemoji
  27. tmolitor conversations doesn't have any emoticons...that's the ones provided by your mobile phone's operating system ;)
  28. tmolitor and well: no...the twemoji icon pack should have all unicode emojis that are currently it should be rather complete, I think...
  29. tmolitor euan: which emojis aren't displayed with the twemoji pack?
  30. euan Ah yes, I probably should have known that, anyway, there are loads of them and almost all the ones my wife uses don't do anything in Gajim
  31. tmolitor could you just send me an example of such an emoji?
  32. euan I'm not sure exactly, let compare my received messages between my phone and Gajim
  33. euan well, one is a pair of lips tilited at an angle
  34. euan the other is a smiley character asleep with Zzzzzzz's
  35. tmolitor euan: could you just paste them here so that I can test if I can receive them?
  36. euan OK, well I'll do that from Conversations
  37. euan strange, when I post it myself, I can see it in Gajim
  38. euan but not when my wife posts it
  39. euan correction, that one was OK from my wife
  40. euan but this one is not:
  41. tmolitor euan, can you resend the bad one?
  42. euan that one I can't see in Gajim
  43. euan I use Message Carbons so it echoes to Gajim
  44. euan I just get the unicode numbers and letters inside a rectangle
  45. euan did you see it?
  46. euan it's supposed to be a pair of lips
  47. tmolitor well...the message doesn't contain an emoji here...not even in the xml console...
  48. euan did you see the rectangle?
  49. tmolitor no...I didn't see anything...
  50. tmolitor did you send it in an extra message or with additional text?
  51. euan Oh, I get delivery failed sending from Conversations
  52. euan strange, I added the gajim conference from Gajim, and it appears in Converstaions on my phone
  53. euan but messages from Converstaions fail to deliver
  54. tmolitor strange...just delete the chat in conversations and try to add it again using conversations this time...
  55. euan I'm going to type "bah blah" from Conversations, you tell me if you get it
  56. tmolitor okay :)
  57. euan Blah blah
  58. tmolitor yes...
  59. euan Weird
  60. tmolitor and now the emoji again?
  61. euan I closed the chat and reopened in conversations
  62. euan ๐Ÿ’‹
  63. tmolitor I see the emoji here :)
  64. euan A Baby:๐Ÿ‘ถ
  65. euan what emoticons pack are you using?
  66. tmolitor that one isn't in my emoji set (I use a self packed whatsapp set)...but my font is showing the baby...
  67. tmolitor the lips are in my emoji set...
  68. euan I'm using Gajim 0.16.5
  69. tmolitor I'm using the nightly...should be close enough...
  70. euan Well, I don't see the lips nor the baby at all
  71. euan so why is my Gajim different
  72. tmolitor well...that's strange...
  73. tmolitor wait a moment...
  74. euan it doesn't matter what emoticon pack I use
  75. tmolitor only the twemoji pack has unicode the other packs don't work...
  76. euan I'm using Slackware and it's built by
  77. euan
  78. tmolitor could you send the two emjois again? I just switched to the twiemoji pack...
  79. euan OK
  80. euan ๐Ÿ’‹
  81. euan ๐Ÿ‘ถ
  82. tmolitor can you see this one: ๐Ÿ˜‡
  83. euan And santa ๐ŸŽ…
  84. tmolitor both are displayed as icons here using the twemoji pack...
  85. euan yes
  86. tmolitor all three are displayed...
  87. euan I say it but looks like font only
  88. euan saw^
  89. tmolitor what emoticon pack do you have active at the moment?
  90. euan smiley with halo, but it's not an image, no colour
  91. tmolitor okay..that's font only...
  92. euan Twemoji resized
  93. tmolitor please activate the twemoji resized pack, and restart gajim after that...
  94. tmolitor maybe that helps...
  95. euan OK, restarting now
  96. euan AHA, BINGO!!!
  97. euan I see them now
  98. tmolitor nice :)
  99. euan needed to restart
  100. tmolitor that's the restart bug I talked about :D
  101. euan so basically, "static" doesn't show them
  102. euan is the Twemoji the most complete in your opinion?
  103. tmolitor no, all emoticon packs are only packs for old textual emoticons like ":)" and such...the only utf-8 emoji pack is the twitter one...
  104. euan I like the Kolobok animated
  105. euan but not sure if it's as complete
  106. tmolitor currently...I'm planning to bring the whatsapp smileys to gajim, but thats far future ;)
  107. euan Are you a Gajim developer?
  108. tmolitor its only for textual it won't show any emoticon you send using conversations...
  109. tmolitor yes...
  110. euan cool
  111. euan Gajim is the best, just switched from Kopete
  112. tmolitor kopete doesn't have the modern features like mam, message carbons and so on...
  113. euan I'm loving it. Just planning a migration on our Linux based rollout
  114. tmolitor sounds very nice :)
  115. euan we use Kopete ATM
  116. euan what surprises me is how well Gajim (GTK) works on KDE4
  117. tmolitor I'll implementing chat markers next :)
  118. euan even the sytem tray integration works well
  119. tmolitor * I'll implement ;)
  120. euan what are chat markers
  121. tmolitor euan, I'm using kde 4, too :D
  122. euan cool
  123. euan I use Slackware64
  124. tmolitor the thing conversation uses to display how far your chat partner has read your messages...
  125. tmolitor I'm more the debian guy :D
  126. euan That's cool, used to be
  127. tmolitor do you use the httpupload plugin?
  128. euan that's nice feature, Conversations shows how far they read up to
  129. tmolitor (if your server supports httpuploads, of course...prosody has a plugin for that)...
  130. Zash I'm convinced you can emulate most of chat markers using chat states and message receipts
  131. euan actually Gajim shows sucessful delivery, it's a green tick next to the message
  132. euan but it doesn't work in this conference
  133. tmolitor yes, I know...and the nightly curently has a bug concerning these ticks...
  134. Zash If you actually used receipts in conferences, you'd be DoSd by replies
  135. euan Debian: I once developed a distro based on Debian, called KWheezy
  136. euan the ticks work OK fdor me on ejabberd
  137. tmolitor yes...that's because what would "delivery" be in a multi user conference? is a mesage successfully delivered when all participants have got the message, or only one?
  138. tmolitor euan, what was the difference of KWheezy to plain wheezy?
  139. euan Ah true, silly me, only just playing with, didn't think it through
  140. euan DOH!
  141. tmolitor no problem ;)
  142. euan
  143. euan hmmm, I can't send emoticons now from Gajim
  144. tmolitor euan, that's an empty message?
  145. euan
  146. tmolitor yes...your messages are empty...
  147. euan can you see the smiley ^
  148. tmolitor that's strange...
  149. tmolitor only send a space character ;)
  150. euan the new emoticons appear in the list (bottom left of chat window)
  151. tmolitor the twemoji ones?
  152. tmolitor ๐Ÿšฉ
  153. euan let me try the old fashion way
  154. euan :-)
  155. euan :)
  156. tmolitor that's a textual emoticon...
  157. euan so how to do it from keyboard?
  158. euan [:-)]
  159. euan
  160. tmolitor you currently have to decide which ones you want in color: the textual ones (all emoticon packs except twemoji) or the utf-8 emojis (the twemoji pack)...
  161. euan If I hover over the icons, it shows the unicode rectangle with hex inside
  162. tmolitor copy'n paste the utf-8 ones from or similar sites...
  163. euan Ah OK, well I want it to work between Gajim and Conversations
  164. Zash What the ... <body> </body> ?
  165. tmolitor euan, that's because your font doesn't support these emojis...but that shouldn't matter...
  166. tmolitor Zash, yes...
  167. euan but at the moment it's not working
  168. euan I can see them now, but not send them
  169. tmolitor can you paste an emoji from the site I posted?
  170. tmolitor like this one: ๐Ÿ˜‰
  171. euan Kwheezy is a highly customized, KDE centric, well configured, everything and ther kitchen sink live cd / installable distro
  172. euan I can see that one
  173. tmolitor can you also send it using copy n paste?
  174. euan Kwheezy is more of a customized installer than a distro, it's pure Debian under the hood. But with some change like swapping wodim for cdrtools (original and best)
  175. euan let me try
  176. euan
  177. euan nope
  178. euan it pastes into Kwrite ok
  179. euan i get a font based emote
  180. euan so it's a unicode issue I think
  181. euan here's a droplet:
  182. euan wouldn't let me paste it
  183. euan sorry, I could paste, but not hit enter
  184. euan so you see the rectangle on that site emojipedia, that what I get in Gajim when hovering over the emoticon
  185. euan I think my font doesn't support those in font based emoticons
  186. euan I'm using Droid Sans
  187. tmolitor no, I get all emojis correctly displayed in emojipedia...
  188. euan let me try one that renders
  189. tmolitor yes...its a font issue I think...try changing the font...
  190. tmolitor I'll have to go now...but keep me posted if you find a solution :)
  191. euan nope , I can't hit enter
  192. tmolitor then use the send button...
  193. euan I paste it to the chat input but can't enter it
  194. tmolitor and write some text before the emoji...
  195. euan here
  196. tmolitor can you see the emoji in the chat input box after pasting it in?
  197. euan OK, so it was pasted after teh "here" above
  198. tmolitor i can see the text but not the emoji...
  199. tmolitor very strange...
  200. euan yes, I saw it in the chat input, but not after sending it
  201. euan yes, very strange
  202. euan this one is called Face Screaming
  203. tmolitor try restarting gajim then...
  204. euan Face Screaming in Fear
  205. euan OK
  206. tmolitor maybe that is needed after a font change...
  207. tmolitor see you later :)
  208. euan I didn't change any fonts
  209. euan It's been Droid Sans all along
  210. euan I'll try again
  211. euan here:
  212. euan nope, doesn't work
  213. euan here:
  214. euan
  215. euan nothing
  216. euan this is strange
  217. euan I'm now on regular Twemoji
  218. euan I set it before I restarted gajim
  219. euan Now I'll try Kolobok
  220. euan restarting...
  221. euan here
  222. euan still not able to paste the unicode one
  223. euan ]:->
  224. euan that's a devil using Kolobok
  225. euan I like the animated ones, but Twemoji is best for Conversations compatability
  226. euan only my Gajim can't send them
  227. euan What's strange is that i can paste them and see a font emoticon, but they don't transmit to XMPP server
  228. euan halo smiley:
  229. euan
  230. euan
  231. euan Aha, now I can hit enter after selecting from the list (Alt-M), but still no emoticon transmitted
  232. euan I changed my Gajim font to DejaVu Sans
  233. euan โ™จ
  234. euan that one worked
  235. euan ???
  236. euan
  237. euan but not that one
  238. euan
  239. euan
  240. euan โคด
  241. euan some work, some don't
  242. euan 5โƒฃ
  243. euan
  244. euan
  245. euan
  246. euan 6โƒฃ
  247. euan
  248. euan
  249. euan โ„น
  250. euan
  251. euan
  252. euan nope, changed font back to system default, no joy
  253. euan this is very strange, I'll try on another machine, maybe this install is problematic
  254. euan anyways, thanks for you help tmolitor
  255. euan It's promising to get it working between Conversations, at least I can see them in Gajim now
  256. tmolitor euan: no're welcome :)
  257. euan it's the same on my ejabberd conference
  258. euan doesn't send it
  259. euan I think I found a pattern
  260. euan the ones with 4 hexidecimal characters work
  261. euan the ones with six hexadecimal characters don't
  262. euan so the ones that have a rectangle with 6 hex characters won't send
  263. euan I gues this may be a UTF8/16 issue
  264. euan maybe the UTF-8 ones work, but not the UTF-16
  265. euan โ†•๏ธ
  266. euan that is Unicode 1.1
  267. euan this
  268. euan is Unicode 6.0
  269. euan So maybe I am missing some python module for unicode support
  270. euan I'm using python 2.7.5
  271. euan interesting:
  272. euan Aha, that's it, from my python interpreter:
  273. euan >>> import unicodedata >>> unicodedata.unidata_version '5.2.0' >>>
  274. euan it needs to be 6.0 or higher for most of theose Twemoji emoticons
  275. euan that's a bummer, I'm on Slackware 14.1 with an old python 2.7
  276. euan hurry up with 14.2 Pat!
  277. euan does Gajim support python 3?
  278. tmolitor euan: yes...but only the default branch (not released yet, but quite usable)...see here:
  279. euan what version of python are you using?
  280. euan your emoticons seem to work
  281. tmolitor euan: you can clone the repo and build the default branch yourelf...most distros supply both, python 3 and python maybe you can run the python 3 version of gajim :)
  282. tmolitor I'm using the 2.7 version...but I don't know if debian added some unicode patches...
  283. euan Yes, but I don't want to run a dev branch, I need super stable for my corporate rollout
  284. euan exact version please?
  285. euan 2.7.?
  286. euan deabian 8?
  287. euan looks like 2.7.9 in Jessie
  288. euan so maybe they added support for Unicode 6.0 between 2.7.5 and 2.7.9
  289. tmolitor yes...2.7.9
  290. euan do you have Unidecode installed?
  291. tmolitor don't know...
  292. tmolitor Python 2.7.9 (default, Mar 1 2015, 18:22:53) [GCC 4.9.2] on linux2 Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> import unicodedata File "<stdin>", line 1 import unicodedata ^ IndentationError: unexpected indent >>> import unicodedata >>> unicodedata.unidata_version '5.2.0'
  293. tmolitor that's my python output...
  294. euan hmm, so it's also Unicode 5.2.0
  295. euan can you use all of the Twemoji emotes?
  296. euan I can only use some, the older Unicode version ones
  297. tmolitor no...seems to be the same as for you...but I don't know if this is related to you or me...
  298. tmolitor which one doesn't work?
  299. euan let me switch back, 1 min
  300. euan OK, I'm using regular Twemoji, not the resized one
  301. euan โฌ
  302. euan so that one works
  303. euan
  304. euan but that doesn't
  305. euan
  306. euan nither does that, it's a big red dot
  307. tmolitor you have to describe it...I want to send it myself...
  308. tmolitor ๐Ÿ‘
  309. euan second from bottom row
  310. tmolitor did that one work (should be an eye)
  311. tmolitor ๐Ÿ›…
  312. tmolitor this one?
  313. euan well I can just see the rectangle with hex
  314. euan the second one I can see, luggage with lock
  315. euan the first I can't see image, only unicode rubbish
  316. tmolitor the eye is not in the twemoji set but my fond renders's an unicode 7.0
  317. euan 01F441
  318. tmolitor so which of this can't you see:
  319. euan that's the code in the rectangle
  320. tmolitor 1f441? that's strange...such an emoji isn't in the twitter set I think...
  321. euan what font do you use?
  322. Zash U+1F441 EYE ๐Ÿ‘ ?
  323. euan nope, only the code in rectangle
  324. euan nothing resembling an emoticon, not even in font mode
  325. tmolitor ah...okay...yes...that one is new...and only rendered by my font...that's right...
  326. euan aha, we're getting closer
  327. tmolitor but this one should work:
  328. tmolitor ๐Ÿ‘Š
  329. euan yes
  330. tmolitor 1f44a
  331. euan ouch
  332. tmolitor that's the code of the one I sent you...
  333. tmolitor can you send me that hand back?
  334. euan yep, confirm, and I see it as a Twemoji icon
  335. euan :
  336. euan here
  337. euan nope, I can't send it
  338. euan let me try from the menu ALt-M
  339. euan
  340. euan nope
  341. euan this is weird
  342. euan I can see yours, but not send it
  343. tmolitor okay...that's what I thought...seems to be a problem of your software system...
  344. euan what part, Gajim?
  345. tmolitor I can send it using the emoji menu just like intended...
  346. tmolitor I don't could try the 0.16 nightly version of gajim...but I would suspect its a python issue...
  347. euan yes, maybe
  348. euan maybe 2.7.5 is just too old
  349. euan I'll try on another machine
  350. euan I do get a strange error when using twine on this machine
  351. euan but not on my other machine a thome
  352. euan ^at home
  353. euan but I have not done anything silly package-wise on thsi machine, it should be the same as the other one, same corporate rollout, same install bits
  354. tmolitor strange...
  355. tmolitor just try to build gajim from source...maybe that helps:
  356. tmolitor I'm afk again...
  357. euan maybe my home one has some slackpkg updates this one doesn't, but they should only be security patches
  358. tmolitor and/or try the default branch (python 3 version)...
  359. tmolitor and change your font...maybe its font related...
  360. euan OK thanks, will try when I get some time, thanks
  361. euan what is your font?
  362. euan I've tried Droid Sans, Deja Vu and Tahoma, same issue on each
  363. tmolitor I'm apparently using dejavu sans...
  364. tmolitor see you later..
  365. euan OK, thanks
  366. euan l8er
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