Gajim - 2016-03-05

  1. Asterix when installing python-axolotl, it has to be installed for py2 to work with gajim 0.16.x
  2. Asterix SouL: not very well ...
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  5. Hiker Hi. Plugin "Clients Icons" can't be installed with Windows 7 - any hint?
  6. Asterix hmm no ...
  7. Asterix any error in C;\Users\Login\app data\roaming\gajim\gajim.log
  8. Hiker Will check - but when trying to install it - gajim freezes
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  10. Asterix Hiker: ha ... and when you restart, isn't it installed?
  11. Hiker I'am just trying again :-)
  12. Hiker It downloads all the files...
  13. Hiker ... and then it crashes - no entry in the log.
  14. Asterix and is it now listed in edit -> plugins?
  15. Asterix in installed tab
  16. Hiker no, it isn't in the list
  17. Hiker There is a error in the log - but I didn't install or enable omemo (E) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: Please install python-axolotl.
  18. Asterix what plugins are in C:\Users\Login\app data\roaming\gajim\plugins
  19. Hiker Strange - folder "clients_icons" is here - but not in the list of installed plugins.
  20. Asterix what does it contain?
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  22. Hiker Asterix - here
  23. Asterix and inside the clients_icon folder?
  24. Hiker These
  25. Asterix strange. manifest.ini is there, so that should work
  26. Hiker are there missing *.py files?
  27. Asterix hmm yes
  28. Asterix some files are missing
  29. Asterix, .ui file and .png file
  30. Hiker Is it possible to download a zip with the files for this plugin?
  31. Asterix they are here
  32. Asterix
  33. Asterix I'll check later why d/l fails
  34. Asterix I have to go for now
  35. Hiker Ok - manual installation worked now for this plugin ... but strange.
  36. Hiker Bye.
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